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Since we moved recently I thought I’d share a quick review of the movers we used, especially since they were amazing!

For the past several years, any time I have moved, I’ve used movers. I just don’t want to put my friends or family through that, we have a lot of stuff, and so much of it is heavy. The last time we moved we used Herman Movers, but when we went to schedule our movers this time we read some of the reviews for them, and they were a little nerve wracking, so we decided to try someone new, Zito Movers. I am so so glad that we did some investigation, the reviews for Zito Movers were really great, which put my mind at ease and they charged a flat rate, which so many movers do not.

Right from the very first moment of working with Zito, I was impressed. When we decided to work with them, it was a Saturday, but I gave them a call anyway to see if they were open. They were closed, I left a message, an hour later I received a phone call from them. It was awesome! How often do you have a business that is closed still call!? We got the ball rolling, the owner (Lou) let me know what information he needed from me, and I got to work on that.

Review Zito Movers

All I needed to supply Lou was list of the large items I’d need moved, and an estimate on the amount of boxes we’d have. I gave him both, and let him know that we needed a morning move. Three days later I had my AFFORDABLE estimate, and we quickly booked them.

On the day of the move the movers were scheduled to arrive at 9 am. They arrived promptly, and without a single delay got to work. Joey, was the lead guy on our move and was personable, efficient and informative. As soon as he had the truck situated, he was back into the house taking inventory of our large items, while he was doing that the other two guys started moving boxes on out. They were so so skilled that we were done at our old house in 1.5 hrs. I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked!

Now, once we got to the new house, things slowed down a bit. It wasn’t their fault, though. We were moving onto the second floor and they ran into some trouble with our full-sized couch (I’ll get into that in a second). Here’s something else that impressed me, they beat us to the new house! When we moved with Herman, they would always take ages to get to the new location and you’d just sit there waiting for them to show up, it was so odd. Once they were all set, they got to work moving things in. Despite the two floors, they were still really quick! Our bed was in, and set up before I even realized it.

Then we got to our full-sized couch, it wouldn’t fit. 🙁 They tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. They spent nearly 45 minutes trying everything to get that couch in, and they were fully skilled movers. They twisted, flipped and flopped and it just wouldn’t fit. Joey came in a few different times to stop and really think if there was a way to get it in. They even went out and brought it up the stairs a different way, and nothing worked. Our windows that can be removed aren’t wide enough to get a couch in, so we were stuck. I had no doubt that they had tried everything, though. I was disappointed, but not in Zito, they did EVERYTHING and I don’t blame them, I blame our low ceilings and bulkheads.

After that, they finished up with the boxes and then were done. Before they took off, they shared with us that they had TWO more moves that day. TWO MORE! I cannot imagine having to do moves like ours twice more, but two of the 3 guys told us they do it 6 days a week. That’s pretty impressive!

So, if you’re moving, I would absolutely, 100%, without hesitation, recommend Zito Movers to everyone!


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