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Reemergence – Where Have I Been?

Hey there, friends!

Reemergence - Baby Doodah

I haven’t been posting much, actually outside of the link-ups I participate in, I haven’t posted at all. I’m not going to apologize because I just don’t feel guilty. Life got busy and I let the one thing slide, that I could. While I’ve missed writing and sharing my daily ins and outs, I had no option but to put something on hold, so that I could actually manage things in my life.

So, you might be asking yourself, what exactly HAS been going on? (Am I right?) We’re all a little nosy, nothing to be ashamed of! 🙂

  1. Emmett has been sick on and off the past couple of weeks. Not life-threateningly sick, but fever, sniffles, other such toddler things. And when he’s sick, he wants his momma, I am 100% okay with this. We spent a lot of time cuddling and watching TV.
  2. Seamus totaled his car. He’s totally fine, no injury to him or the other driver (thank goodness), but still it required us (mainly him and his dad) to figure things out. It was an extremely stressful situation, that seems to be over with. Seamus will be a proud new owner of a Buick Lucerne. Seamus is tall and we eventually want to have more kids so this will suit him perfectly.
  3. Work has been extremely stressful. Since my amazing boss left at the end of September, I’ve been assigned a few of her responsibilities and then I’ve also been training some new staff. So, I’ve pretty much been doing the work of 2.5 people. Yah. Stressed!
  4. (This is the worst.) We found bed bugs in Emmett’s bed. Uggggh! Let me start out by saying that I debated coming onto my blog and essentially telling the whole world (if they were to read it) that we had bed bugs. For whatever reason, having them and dealing with them, just feels so dirty and shameful TO ME (I stress the TO ME part). I then decided, that since this is the place where I like to share the good, bad and ugly – this would be the perfect place to tell our story, and I will. I plan on writing a couple posts surrounding the topic. My hope, like most things I write, is that it will help someone else down the road. Plus, I was inspired by Katy of Chaos and Kiddos’ brutal honesty in a recent post of her’s Surviving Infidelity.

There you have it. To an outsider, it might seem like not a whole lot and I get it, but to me, I struggled with this really hard, especially with the bed bugs. Doing 40 loads of laundry over the span of 4 days and then having to put it all away, is pretty time consuming.

With all that going on, I just didn’t have the energy to also spend a lot of time writing, though I’ve missed it terribly!!!

You might be asking whether the bed bugs are gone? Well, we hope so. We had pest control come to our home on Friday morning to treat, the guy that came in stated that it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 (or even 4) treatments to get rid of them all. However, he DID say that our situation wasn’t that bad compared to others he had seen and dealt with. We check Emmett’s bed on a daily basis, his stuffed animals, the things he brings home from day care – all of it gets checked. I’ve kind of become obsessed with it, but after going through last week, I want to be as diligent as humanly possible. Like I said, more to come in the coming days.

If you’re still here, thank you!! I appreciate you all having faith in me and sticking around. I promise some really good content is to come. I just need to slowly get back on the horse!!

Your turn!

Have you ever went MIA on something that you loved dearly, but just couldn’t handle at that moment?


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