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20 Tips for a Killer Monday

Sometimes Mondays can be a real bummer, here are 20 tips to help get the day off on the right food!

I think most of us can agree that Mondays can be difficult. Whether it’s because you spent the entire weekend curled up on the couch watching movies, or outdoors at the beach, getting back in the work mindset can be difficult. Here are 20 tips to make your Monday better!
Photo Credit - License - Photo was Edited

Photo CreditLicense – Photo was Edited

Set your coffee maker up so that it starts brewing a few minutes before you wake up. This way, when you begrudgingly crawl out of bed you’re delicious hot coffee will be waiting for you. Sometimes that’s all the motivation you need to get moving.

Choose to wear your favorite outfit, shoes, or favorite hairstyle. When you look hot, you feel hot – this will help put you in a better place to start the day.

Favorite breakfast healthy breakfast on Monday morning? Yes, please! Maybe there’s a new oatmeal that you’ve been dying to try or a new crusty bread to dip in your eggs, whatever the breakfast is, making it on Monday morning will make you look forward to waking up and getting your day started.

Be sure that on Sunday evening, you take the time to get yourself organized for the week ahead. Starting the week, not knowing what you’re in for can be extremely overwhelming and would put anyone in a bad mood.

Wake up a few minutes earlier than normal. Having the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, will lead to a much more relaxed day.

When it’s time to hit the shower on Monday morning, why not make it an aromatherapy shower? A personal favorite of mine, is the citrus scent. The scent of citrus can help you feel refreshed, happy and ready to take on the world. Sounds like a good place to start.

Love to workout? Do your workout first thing in the morning. It will leave you feeling energized, plus you won’t need to worry about doing it once you get home from work/school/running errands.

Start looking forward to your next weekend, by making plans. We really shouldn’t rush our days by, but if the only way you’re going to make it through Monday is by making plans for the next Saturday, there’s definitely no harm in that.

If you work outside the home, sitting down at your desk and diving right into the hardest work for the day, can lead to some serious stress! Why not start your work day by going through email, reading any outstanding articles or newsletters or networking? It might seem like you’d get less work done in a week, but by taking it easy on Monday morning, you start your week relaxed with low stress, which leads to a more productivity for the remaining week.

I think a large majority of people who work outside the home, schedule any fun lunch dates for Fridays (myself included). Why not schedule lunch with that friend you haven’t seen in ages on Monday? It will give you something to look forward to and make your transition from lazy weekend, to busy work day, easier.

Does your week start out with a tough meeting or an intense deadline? Try moving those dates to later in the week, this way you aren’t starting your week on a stressful foot.

Roll with whatever Monday will bring. Sometimes even the best laid plans get screwed up, so don’t beat yourself up for what you can’t control, accept it and move on.

If you’re a stay at home mom, or work at home mom – try taking the kids to a playground early in the morning. They’ll get the opportunity to run and get some energy out, and you’ll have the chance to take a deep breath and prepare for everything the week holds for you.

Make a gratitude list. Some days, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to focus on anything but the negative. Try to take 15 minutes and make a list of everything that you have, that you are thankful for.

Be positive! Even if you’re not totally feeling it, put on a happy face and spew positivity. I can almost guarantee that after acting this way for a few hours, you’ll start to actually feel this way.

Make someone else happy. Plan to do something thoughtful or generous for another person, the satisfaction you’ll feel from making someone else’s day will definitely lift even the most rotten of moods.

Get in a few good laughs. When you’re feeling awful and super stressed, take some time to talk with a funny friend and get in a good belly laugh. Just the act of laughing will help lower your blood pressure (thereby lowering stressful feelings) and will lift your mood.

Take small breaks throughout your day. Sometimes going from the relaxing vibe of the weekend, to the stressful one of Monday can be too much to handle, by taking a 5 minute break here or there to take a quick walk or get some fresh air, you’ll be helping your body to relax.

Read some inspirational quotes. There’s is nothing more motivating than popping onto Instagram (you can follow me here) and reading some motivational quotes to make the Monday blahs go away.

Figure out why you have Monday blues. Is it time for a career change, or time to take on a new assignment?

There you have it, 20 great tips to have a killer Monday!

Your turn!

Please share your tips or tricks to make it through even the toughest of Mondays, in the comments below.

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