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Emmett’s Second Christmas

Most children have to wait a whole year before they get to celebrate Christmas again but not Emmett. His paternal grandparents visited us today and brought along with them tons of fun new goodies.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon with them, spending time visiting and opening presents at our house and then heading to a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. It was a beautiful day and Emmett got to spend some quality time cuddling with his grandma and grandpa.


christmas-2Emmett’s Grandma gave him this amazing new gift called, Tickle Monster Laughter Kit. It is a kit with a pair of gloves that look like monster hands, they’re furry and look like paws and your fingers stick out (so that you can tickle) and a book. You are supposed to read the book together and tickle your child when it says to. It is absolutely adorable!! Emmett and I were playing with the monster gloves tonight but I really can’t wait till he can understand the story and the tickling.


Tickle Monster Laughing Kit

Tickle Monster Laughing Kit


Look at that smile!

"Haha Grandma! I snuck a piece of tissue paper when you weren't looking!"

“Haha Grandma! I snuck a piece of tissue paper when you weren’t looking!”

Reading a new book with Grandma

Reading a new book with Grandma

Emmett is a very lucky boy because he just has so many people that love him so dearly! This makes me endlessly happy!

Merry Christmas (again)!

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