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What a Sunny Wednesday!

The sun is just stunning right now! If Baby Doodah weren’t napping, I’d be getting us dressed and ready for a walk. Maybe he’ll wake up soon and we can still enjoy the morning sun.

I enjoy walking at any time but really LOOOVE walking in the mornings. There’s just something about how much cooler it is and the way the sun plays off everything. It’s just beautiful!

Here’s breakfast for today…

2 over-hard eggs – with the yolks left whole for dipping (Yum!)

2 slices of Panera’s sour dough bread with Earth Balance Soy-Free spread

cup of decaf coffee

Breakfast is a little light on the veg/fruit (as you can see). Today is grocery shopping day in the Doodah household so we’re pretty much out of most things. I also wanted to note that Panera’s sour dough bread is to die for! We’ve been buying a loaf once a week because it’s THAT good. I’ve also taken a huge liking to the Earth Balance spread over butter. I switched when I thought Emmett was having issues with me eating dairy products (he’s breastfed but we’ve since found out this isn’t the case) and I haven’t switched back, I probably won’t. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth it!

And a little cuteness…because everyone loves cuteness!

For whatever reason, for the past week or so, whenever we’re getting Emmett ready for bed he just loves being nakey (he’s still wearing a diaper, so there aren’t accidents). He’ll just lie on his changing table and do his version of a baby dance, last week the hubster got some pictures, this is one of them. I just adore it and him!!

So what are some of your favorite and filling breakfasts? I’m always looking for new ideas.

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