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My Favorite Big Game Snacks

Delicious Big Game Snacks

big game snacks

I’m not the biggest of football fans, I’ll occasionally watch the Bills play, but no matter what I always watch the Superbowl. When I was a little kid it was always an event, we’d be allowed to stay up and watch the big game (our bedtime was 8:30 at the time), but we had to take a nap in the middle of the day so that we weren’t so tired or cranky come Monday morning. It was always so much fun!

I remember a couple of years in a row that we ordered pizza (for delivery) and it never showed up, and when you’d call the pizza place they’d say they lost the order. Great business, right!? This year, so that we don’t have to wait for delivery, we’ll be making snacks at home!

My Big Game Snacks

  1. Seamus’ Guacamole – Number 1 on the list for any superbowl is this guac. I LOVE this stuff! It’s a fairly simple recipe that hopefully I can share in the future, but it is a MUST for during the game.
  2. Cheese and Crackers – Another old stand by. If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t enjoy cooking cheese and crackers are a great choice. I remember my mom always having different kinds of cheeses, pepperoni and crackers out.
  3. Blue Cheese Ranch Dip – I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t love dip, I’m sure they exist, I just have yet to find them. Anyway, for all those dip lovers in your life, why not give this delicious dip from Lemons for Lulu, a try.
  4. Football Deviled Eggs – I honestly never thought of deviled eggs as a football appetizer, but when made this way they totally work. Yum!
  5. Pizza Bites – So that you don’t have to order out, why not try these delicious pizza bites?
  6. Pizza Dip – A personal favorite of mine! We make this frequently, but it would fit in perfectly at your Big Game party.
  7. Cheese Steak Dumplings – I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE dumplings, so making them with cheese steak filling just seems like a completely genius idea!
  8. Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites – Oh my drool… These sound absolutely out of this world! The spicy sour cream dipping sauce kind of puts this recipe in the range of most delicious thing EVER.
  9. Loaded Baked Potato Rounds  – If you know me, it’s no secret that I love potatoes. These are are quick and easy, and the perfect accouterments to your game day menu.
  10. Chicken Bacon Artichoke Dip – Three wonderful recipe ingredients, that will make one amazing dip!

And then to combat all of those calories, try this Super Bowl Workout put together by Skinny Mom.


Your turn!

What are your favorite snacks to have at the Super Bowl?

My Finds Friday – Exercise

Exercise is the best medicine!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful week and have some really fun plans this weekend. This has been a weird weather week, it started out really warm and very humid and today it’s rainy, windy and cool. I’m not complaining because I love Autumn and I’m ready for the leaves to change and fall, but it’s crazy how dramatic the weather in WNY can be in just a few days. I’m really hoping that we can take Emmett to do all sorts of things this Fall. I’d like to do pumpkin farms, corn maizes and drive around NY looking at all the beautiful colors that exist in this season. Plus, can you imagine the amazing pictures that we’ll get with him and the colors!? I just love Fall!


Alright onto My Finds Friday – Exercise edition

  • First up this week is Hungry Runner, she has created a 25 minute upper body strength workout, it looks like it is a serious muscle builder if done regularly. You should also check out all of her other workouts, she has a huge selection of them and they vary from running, strength training to yoga.
  • Fall is the season of skinny jeans and tall boots, so why not work those legs hard and firm them up. Skinny Mom has a fantastic leg workout  full of moves that will take your legs from flabby to firm
  • If you’re in Buffalo and are interested in trying out CrossFit, Living Social has a great deal on a week’s pass to classes at CrossFit Amherst. I have not personally gone, but I have a friend who works out there and does nothing but rave about the workouts, the gym and how she feels afterward. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
  • Along with working out comes healthy eating. I found this great article on BuzzFeed that provides some great ideas on what foods to eat post-workout.
  • And finally for my blogger friends, a quick read about the importance of No Follow Links in your blog articles. I’m seriously learning so so much as I blog more and more and it’s really exciting! I love sharing my new found knowledge with all of my readers.

You can read some of my other My Finds Friday’s here.

Your turn!

Share some of  your Finds, on this My Finds Friday! Feel free to link up below!

My Finds Friday

What. A. Week.

It flew by, but at the same time it seemed to last forever. Either way, I’m glad it’s the weekend and that we get an extra day. More time for family!

Today was Emmett’s last day of day care at his current location. I went in thinking it wouldn’t be sad at all, and when I dropped him off this morning it wasn’t. Everybody was being super sweet to him, but no tears were shed. However, when I was picking him up, that’s a whole other story. I went in and right away people were saying how much they were going to miss him and giving him hugs and how important he had been to them, it made me feel good to know that these people cared so much for my sweet boy. They also wrote some very sweet messages in his log book that they keep, which made me cry even harder.

It’s hard as a mom to feel completely comfortable with where you are leaving your child for 8 or 9 hours a day, but I never questioned his day care. I knew he was safe and very well cared for. I’ll miss his teachers and his director, they were just so wonderful to him. If anyone of them should read this, please know you were loved and appreciated by the Baby Doodah! family.

Now on with the show…

My Finds Friday!

  • Ice cream and summer – one of the best pairs ever dreamed up! However, sometimes you don’t want to use all your calories and fat on a big bowl of mint chocolate chip, here’s a yummy alternative from The Fitnessista, Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
  • If you’re a blogger or an aspiring blogger you need to check out Daniel’s entire site, Reviewz ‘n’ Tips. I was going to pick a single article but after I paged through a few of them, it’s impossible to pick one, they are all chock full of fantastic tips for bloggers. Trust me, check it out!
  • As a parent, I’m continually learning. There is no way that I can know everything, I’ve only been doing this for 13 months. This article has some amazing information for new parents, and maybe even for some veteran parents. Read the article, here.
  • We’re not traveling with Emmett yet, but we will eventually and this article provides some really practical tips for traveling with kids.
  • Do you pee during workouts? It’s a real thing and apparently common enough to create a viral video. Check out the article here and the video here.

And just for the fun of it, an adorable picture of my little Color Runner. My Finds Friday - The Color Runner Also, for anyone who is a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (like I am), they’re back early!

Your turn!

Do you have any great My Finds Friday, this week?

My Finds Friday

On a day to day basis, I find or read things that I find enjoyable/informational/useful and I almost always will Tweet it, Facebook it or Pin It, but one thing I haven’t done is share some of my favorites right here on my blog. Silly me! My goal is to share out some of these articles in a new series that I’m calling, “My Finds Friday. ”

(These are in no particular order.)

  • Everyone loves a giveaway and this one is particularly awesome because it’s for KIND bars and I love KIND bars. They’re a super healthy, filling and completely delicious! Check out Oatmeal after Spinning, who is sponsoring this giveaway, it expires on Monday Aug 5th, head there now!
  • I’m a pretty honest and direct person, I’m not good at sugar coating things and often I speak before I think. This leads to me saying things that not everyone agrees with, when one of Dana Sitar’s recent blog posts, “It’s Hell Being a Sinner” I fell in love. In the article she talks about the sensitivity to words and how they may come across to others, this is what hit home with me. I am always saying that words are just words, that WE put the negative (or positive) meanings to them. Whether you agree or not, check out her blog, she has a lot to say and it’s a good read.
  • If you often wonder why you’re not reaching your fitness or weightloss goals, you may be making some mistakes. Check out 6 Fitness Mistakes Keeping You From Your Goals.
  • One of my favorite all around blogs is, Carrots ‘N’ Cake. When I’m looking for a dose of motivation whether it be for food or exercise, I quickly jump on her blog, I can find both there.
  • I don’t know about you, but right about now the clothes in my closet start looking stale and I start wanting to shop. Like most people, however, I’m on a budget so I have to be careful about what I spend, enter the blog, Outfit Posts. I have seriously saved at the very least, 50 of her outfit posts. She has inspired me time and time again and I want you to have access to that inspiration.

And finally a very cute picture of my baby boy!

My-Finds-FridayNow it’s your turn…

What information or posts have you found helpful this week?

Skinny Mom

Readers! I have some very exciting news to share with you…


My Skinny Mom profile pic

I have been chosen to be a Resident Mom on the website, skinnymom.com. I am so honored and excited!! If you click on this link, Skinny Mom Resident Bloggers and scroll down to the “J’s,” you’ll see my lovely face and my bio, along with any articles I’ve written that have been published.

Skinny Mom is a website where moms can go to get the “Skinny” on “fitness, food, fashion and family.” I will be writing about all sorts of different things for them and I’m thrilled to be a part of their site.

So far two articles of mine have been published, “Limiting Screen Time in a Connected World” and “Take Advantage of the Extra Day Light with Post-Work Workouts,” lots more to come.

Please check out my articles and then bookmark the Skinny Mom website. There is an endless amount of information on the site! One of my favorite features, is the monthly dinner meal plans I get directly in my email box. The meals are delicious and definitely family friendly.

Thanks for all of your support!

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