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Our Movie Night & Popcorn with Family

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my opinions are all my own. Pop Secret now has an app called Perfect Pop (more about this in the my post).

family-movie-night---baby-doodah-1Seamus and I are movie lovers through and through. Before we met, we’d separately rent movies from Blockbuster (so sad that it’s no longer around), and then once we started dating one of our most common dates was to the movies, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Emmett is totally into movies. 🙂 He loves them! We’ve watched a handful of different ones, kind of testing out what he likes, but I’m ecstatic that he loves them too. Movie night in our family will rock!!

It should also go without saying, that the snack that you eat along with your movie is AS important as the movie you choose to watch. We’re purists, so our number 1 movie night snack of choice is popcorn. We love it! The hotter and fresher the better!


Here’s the problem – so many times when you go to pop your popcorn, you’ll hit the popcorn button or just listen closely, thinking you’re timing it just right. You’ll stop the microwave, open the bag of pop corn and sure enough, the kernels are burnt! Ugh! Am I right!?

I have a solution for you!

family movie night - baby doodah5

The Perfect Pop app created by Pop Secret. Who knows popcorn and how to cook it better than the popcorn company themselves?

Anyhoo – it’s super simple, you download the FREE app onto your phone, place your un-microwaved bag of popcorn in the microwave, place your phone by the micro (with the speakers facing it), hit start on your microwave and app at the same time, and watch it work.


It’s seriously so cool! The app listens to your bag popping, but also provides you with fun trivia and an image of your bag slowly popping. I know it’s not magic, but it seems almost magical! LOL The image on your phone has little kernels that pop at the nearly the same time that your real bag is popping. The app told me specifically when it was finished, but I was still apprehensive, it’s really hard to get that perfect bag of popcorn, but it was perfect! Literally! Not one burnt kernel, and nearly all of the kernels were popped, leaving very little to be thrown out (other than the bag).


Even Emmett approved!

Please excuse our messy house and the booboo on his head (he fell at day care).

Please excuse our messy house and the booboo on his head (he fell at day care).

Needless to say, as Emmett continues to get older and more into movies, I’m sure we’ll be sharing more and more of our popcorn with him (the kid loves it).


Here’s my advice, if you love popcorn and you love free apps, try Perfect Pop and prepare yourself for delicious popcorn, and be sure to add in your favorite movie too, for a family movie night.

Your turn!

Did you try the Perfect Pop app? Did it work for you?

What’s your favorite movie of all time? We need some new ones to add to our mix!

signatureThis post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but all opinions are my own. I love popcorn and I love the new Perfect Pop app.

Additionally, if you’re interested in completing a survey about popcorn, please click here!

Trader Joe’s – Some of Our Favorites

If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I am deeply in love with Trader Joe’s.

Lucky for me, Trader Joe’s finally made it to Buffalo and opened in early October. I skipped going the first couple of weeks to avoid the crowds but I couldn’t resist any longer and made my first trip towards the end of that month. Since then, we’ve gone several more times and I can now safely admit to having many favorites from TJs. I can ALSO admit that there are only about 3 or 4 items that we have flat out disliked, everything else is so so yummy!

I know some of you are pretty familiar with Trader Joe’s and what an awesome store it is, but for those of you who aren’t, I wanted to share some of my favorites. I’m thinking, from time to time, as I come across new and different items, I’ll share them here, with you. Thoughts?

Okay, now, on to my current list of favorites from Trader Joe’s.


Fair Trade Organic French Roast 

Since I start my day with it every single morning, I figured I better start with my favorite coffee from them, so far. Yum! Like it says on the canister, it is a dark roast, rich, bold and bright. If you like dark roasts this is the one for you. I’ve been making it and drinking it for well over 3 months and have yet to get sick of it.

If you’ve never been to TJs, zeroing in on your favorite coffee is tough. They have about 4 shelves filled with so many different kinds of brews and knowing where to start is near impossible, though, somehow I managed it (yay!).

I typically will set my coffee maker up to make 8 cups at a time (that’s because I have the perfect measurements down for that amount). 🙂 I put in a 1/4 cup, and then an additional 2 tablespoons and it is perfection! Pour that into my cup in the mornings, add a splash of milk and I am good to go!

trader-joe's-favsGarlic Fries 

These are a new find and I’m so glad we came across them. They start out just like normal frozen fries, but you also get a pouch of garlic and butter that you thaw in some warm water. Once the fries are cooked, you dump the pouch over the fries and mix it up. Super yummy (but not super healthy).


Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches 

These are so so so so sooooo good! They don’t really need any further description.


Jumbo Raisin Medley 

These are a favorite of Emmett’s. Seamus and I aren’t really fans of raisins, but since Emmett loves them so much, we keep buying them. They really are huge raisins, and just a small handful at a time suits him just fine.


Dark Chocolate Covered Carmels 

I’ve mentioned these before, in a previous What I Ate Wednesday, but oh my goodness are they good! Since they are dark chocolate it is easy to eat just one and feel satisfied. Honestly, if you’re going to make a trip to TJs, and you plan on buying only one item, buy these!

That’s about it for tonight. I have a ton more favorites, but I’ll share those in future posts. Now get on out to Trader Joe’s and get yourself some delicious food!

And because I love my family so gosh darn much…


We all decided to cram on the couch this evening and cuddle, it was THE best. Emmett only lasted a few minutes, before he was off and running again, but Seamus and I had a wonderful time sitting and watching Baby Doodah play. <3

Your turn!

What are some of your Trader Joe’s favorites?

Review: Active by Old Navy

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to workout and get into shape, pretty much forever, but more immediately since having Emmett. It’s also no secret, to those who know me well, that I love shopping and clothes. So it makes sense that when it comes to working out, just like with anything else, I like to be clothed well.

Since I am considered plus sized, finding workout clothes that fit the way they should and that are made out of wicking materials, is hard. Most items in my size are just essentially big bags that cover you but offer no style or comfort when sweating hard, and when I workout I workout hard, sweat is typically dripping off of me.

With that said, I had heard really good things about Old Navy’s Active line and decided to try it for myself. I can’t say I was surprised (because Old Navy has served me well through the years), but I was seriously impressed with how well everything fit. I bought, Women’s Plus Active by Old Navy Tanks (in black), Women’s Plus Active by Old Navy GoDRY Tanks (in neon green, which is sadly no longer offered), Women’s Plus Cropped Wide-Leg Yoga Pants (in black), and Women’s Plus Active by Old Navy Compression Shorts (9″) (in black) and I loved each and every piece.

Since Old Navy no longer carries their plus sized line in stores, I placed my order online and excitedly waited for everything to be delivered. Once it arrived I immediately tried everything on and was so pleasantly surprised to find that everything fit perfectly and had the look that I desired while working out (which is not a big giant t-shirt). I have to be honest, I read the reviews for each I item I bought because I knew that some of the items were considered “compression” and would be tight. I wanted to ensure I gave myself enough leeway, so as to be comfortable.

Women's Plus Active by Old Navy TanksThe Women’s Plus Active by Old Navy Tanks (image above), fits tightly and has compression support but because of the reviews, I ordered a size up and it fit perfectly. The first time I wore the top, it was tight under my arms but it has since loosened up and literally fits perfectly. It does not roll up around my waste and it covers well too. The first time I worked out in it, I was anxious to see whether it would wick the sweat away like it says it will in the description and it absolutely did!

Women's Plus Active by Old Navy GoDRY Tanks

The Women’s Plus Active by Old Navy GoDRY Tanks, is one of my all time favorite workout tops. It was so soft and so comfortable from the moment I put it on. I’ve worn this shirt a bunch of times and the quality of it hasn’t changed. I got my normal size in this item because it is not considered compression and it fit perfectly.

Women's Plus Cropped Wide-Leg Yoga Pants - Black Jack

 Love the Women’s Plus Cropped Wide-Leg Yoga Pants! They are so comfortable and I wear them constantly. They are perfect for working out, for anything from jogging, to spinning, to yoga but are also great for just lounging and relaxing around the house, I use them for both.

Women's Plus Active by Old Navy Compression Shorts (9") - Black JackWomen’s Plus Active by Old Navy Compression Shorts are another compression support item, because of that I paid close attention to the reviews again and decided to go with a size larger than my normal one. This was the right decision, the shorts fit perfectly and aren’t so tight that they feel restricting. I love these alone or underneath another pair of shorts and do a really great job of keeping the sweat away from your body.

There are several more pieces from the Active line that I want but for now, what I have is, is doing a really good job of motivating me to workout because I get to look cute and feel comfortable while doing it.

**This is NOT a sponsored review, I just really REALLY love Old Navy’s Active line and want any plus sized woman out there to know that they can be comfortabl, while working out.


Trader Joe’s

I’ve had a not so secret obsession with Trader Joe’s since I went to one in Atlanta while visiting my sister. Unfortunately, up until the beginning of October, there weren’t any nearby, so I was forced to live vicariously through friends…but NOT ANY MORE!  Seamus and I headed out to Rochester with the baby for their first trip to TJs. Seamus never quite understood my excitement and used to just kind of laugh and shake his head when I would talk about the store. I mean, I can kind of get it, it’s just a grocery store, except it isn’t, it’s like no other grocery store I’ve been to. They have such an amazing selection of goods that it would make you crazy if you didn’t love the store (I’m only kidding, I realize not everyone shares my obsession).

I thought I’d shared some of the super duper awesome goodies we purchased!

A Sweet Treat

THE most important reason for going to Trader Joe’s!


This is just a small portion of what we bought, I’m really hoping we can start making a monthly trip out there. It’s a nice weekend day trip for us!

Your turn, what are some of your favorite TJs finds?





That’s what I got last night, well it was really this morning but it was still phenomenal! Emmett went back down around 8 o’clock PM and woke up for the first time around 2:30 and went down pretty quickly. His second wake up was at 6, which works out because I’m usually waking up with the hubby at 6:30, anyhow. After I fed him at 6, he decided he wanted to sleep more and ended up sleeping until just before 9. Normally, I will get up and do stuff around the house while he’s sleeping but I just felt so worn out that I took that opportunity to catch some extra Zzzz’s, and boy were they great!

Breakfast was more of the same…

2 eggs over-hard, I added some goat cheese today.

sour dough toast with earth balance spread



HUGE bottle of water

Yesterday I shared a picture of a little device called the Avo-Saver, seen below.

Well folks, it works, it really really works!

It was only on the Avo-Saver for one day but since I usually can polish off an avocado pretty quickly, I don’t know that it will ever need to be on there for more than one day. I also promised a picture of what it actually looks like without an avocado on it. Here yah go!

Okay, so I’m obsessed with Etsy and I swear you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for (or not looking for) on it. Well, I’m always perusing Etsy looking for ironic onesies for Emmett because Emmet’s dad has an ironic t-shirt collection and I just think it would adorable if E had his own collection to wear.

While searching the other day, I came across this…

I’m pretty sure you can’t get more ironic (or odd) than that so I ordered one. That is actually my own picture because it came in the mail today and I just think it’s hilarious. Emmett won’t be able to wear for a few more months, the smallest size they had for babies was 6 months and he’s only going to be 2 months on Sunday.

I found it at Crawl Space Studios for $18.50. The quality of the onesie is really great and the actual screen print itself is very well done! I was very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be shopping with them again. The best part is that they don’t just do onesies, they do men’s and women’s shirts as well as a few different types of bags. Some of the designs are super fun!!

I’d definitely recommend this shop based on quality of the product, quick shipping and friendly service.

Hey! Christmas is coming, why not get someone an ironic Tee! 🙂

What has been your greatest find on Etsy?

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