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Dear Emmett,

You are two months old now and you have no idea how much this blows my mind. I can still hear your very first cry as if it were yesterday and it still brings happy tears to my eyes. I love you little boy, we’ve had quite the month!

We moved from month 1 into month 2 on a cranky, colicky note. You were often unhappy and we tried so many different things but nothing worked, you were just a fussy baby. The first thing I tried was to stop drinking coffee or any other caffeinated drink but your mood didn’t change. Then I gave up dairy for a couple weeks because some of your reactions were similar to those I’d read about when babies are allergic to dairy, but your mood remained the same. We finally came to the realization that you were just a fussy little guy.

I looked for some pictures of you fussing and crying but could only find one. I guess because, well, we just never thought to take pictures of you being cranky.

That’s your one month birthday picture, we plan on taking one every month on the 23rd. You’re leaning up against your measuring monkey that your Grammy and Grampy M gave you. I can’t wait to see how you grow!

So many people told your dad and I that the fussiness wouldn’t last, that by month 3 you’d be a happy guy. Well guess what!? Around week 5, you were just happy! You literally went from one day to the next as a completely different baby. It was exciting to experience and I was ecstatic that you were finally content. I’m sure you enjoyed not screaming! 🙂

You’ve become a pretty independent guy. You love laying under your Baby Einstein gym and looking at the dancing and singing sun and wiggling to the music. You’ve started to hold onto things that we put in your hand. You still don’t quite understand that they are YOUR hands but you’re getting closer!

We moved you into your own bedroom at the beginning of the second month, up until then you had been sleeping in your cradle at the side of our bed but after a month we thought it was a good idea to be in your own room. You didn’t seem to have any trouble adjusting to being alone but you definitely didn’t like sleeping in your crib, so we just moved your cradle into your bedroom and you’ve been sleeping in that. I have a feeling it is because of the incline of it. Hopefully you can adjust to your crib before you grow out of the cradle.

I remember one night that was particularly difficult. You had decided to wake up several different times and wanted to stay awake for quite awhile. Mommy was so tired and just wanted to sleep but you weren’t having it, instead you rewarded me with your first real smile! You made mommy so happy that night, well let’s be honest, you make me happy every minute that you’re alive.

You have become so talkative! You coo and gurgle all day long, you and I talk a lot and you seem to really enjoy it.

Another one of my favorite things that was new this month was your recognition of my voice when I come near you or enter a room. So many times in the past you would be freaking out and I’d walk in and say “I’m here Emmet” and you wouldn’t skip a beat, you’d go right on screaming but now, I walk in and say the same thing and you actually stop. You know you’re mommy’s there and going to comfort and take care of you. It warms my heart!

Well Doodah, we’ve had an amazing month and I am most certainly looking forward to seeing what the next one brings!

I love you baby boy!

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