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Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure

We recently visited Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure, it was such a great time!

We decided in early October, shortly before Halloween, that we would get a real tree. Our original reason for that was that the fake tree we have is much larger than the space we wanted to put it in, and I really don’t want to feel any more squished then we already are. I immediately started looking for places to get our tree, sure you can go to Home Depot or other local stores around us, but I really wanted to create a memory for us, and possibly start a new tradition.


Then – BAM! I was driving to work, and on the highway was a billboard for Erways’ Christmas Tree Adventure. I wasn’t sold at first, the billboard was kind of silly and the name was really long, but I drove by the billboard again the next more and decided I’d look it up later that day. I’m really glad I did! It is such a fantastic tree farm, filled with loads of things to do with your kids, beyond just getting a Christmas tree.


When you visit Erways’ Christmas Tree Adventure, and buy a tree, everything else is included in the cost. That means that things like, Tree shaking, Trunk Drilling, Tree Bale, Secure Car Tie and admission to their lodge, are all included. The lodge is great! There are snacks and hot drinks, and Santa on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6. They also have live animals that you can buy feed for, several deer, bucks and goats and one cute little zebra.


Seamus and I both took off on Friday so that we could go to Erway’s early and avoid any crowds. It worked! There were people there shopping, but it was a nice pleasant amount. We got to slowly meander through the one of the greenhouses to look for our tree. We stopped at a few different ones, thinking it was THE one, but we kept on walking, we weren’t completely smitten. Then, as we continued, we found it and it is perfect! I’ll definitely share pictures of the tree we chose and how it’s decorated in a few days, but it’s not quite ready. We placed the lights on the tree, but haven’t put up the star or the ornaments, I’m sure I’ll get to that over the next few days.


While our tree was being prepared for the ride home, we went into the lodge and looked around, and then wandered through the animals. Emmett had a really fun time looking at all the different animals and kept wanting to reach in and touch them. They all had signs to be careful because they could bite, so we kept Emmett back, but close enough so that he could see them move around. He was having so much fun, he really seems to love animals!


The prices of the trees are affordable and right on par with Home Depot, or any other tree farm. Our tree is very fresh, and once placed in the tree stand, barely drank any water because it was still so fresh. Oh! And it smells amazing! I can’t stop sticking my face deep into the needles and huffing it. Mmmmm…

Because of the lighting that day, we were able to get some really really cute photos!

erway's-1 erway's-2If you’re located in Western New York, and are looking for a place to get your Christmas tree, I highly recommend Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure. We made some great memories this year, and will likely return to Erway’s next year.

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Your turn!

Real or Fake Christmas Tree for you?

Do you have a special tradition that you follow for getting your Christmas tree?


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