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14 Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Activities for Toddlers


I know to some Valentine’s day can be hokie or some may even call it a “Hallmark Holiday,” but I don’t agree, I think it’s a day to give extra kisses, hugs and cuddles to the ones you love. Granted, you’ll find that I give extra kisses, hugs, and cuddles on a normal day, but it’s fun to go over the top. To get our house ready for Valentine’s Day, I started shifting through Pinterest for some fun activities for toddlers, and I figured, since I am looking for ideas, others probably are too.

So without further adieu…

14 Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

(I chose 14, because Valentine’s Day is on the 14th) 🙂

Heart Shaped Pancakes

Why not start Valentine’s Day right off with some delicious pancakes in the shape of hearts?!

Transferring Pink Pom Poms

I love this idea from Natural Beach Living, Kimberly’s entire post is full of all sorts of Valentine’s Day Activities but my favorite is separating the poms poms from one container to another. I love that this works on sensory skills, visual skills and tactile skills. Emmett would get so much out of this!

Valentine’s Water and Sponge Play

Emmett is a very tactile baby, so touching the wet sponges and splashing in the water would be a perfect activity for his little hands.

Valentine’s Tissue Paper Suncatchers

Seriously, this idea is brilliant! Angela from Teaching Mama, cut out hearts from contact paper and let your kids stick tissue paper to it. There’s almost no mess! This is the perfect apartment toddler activity.

Microwave Puffy Paint

This activity would require some help from mom, but I would be thrilled to oblige. It looks like so much fun!

Word or Alphabet Love Bugs

Emmett is slowly getting better and better with words, I want to help grow this and his literacy. Sitting down with all the letters of the alphabet on hearts and then gluing love words together is a great idea.

Potato Stamping

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was use potatoes as stampers. It was always so much fun creating different shapes and then using them to make pretty art pictures.

Heart Prints

Take those chubby, cute toddler feet and trace them, cut them out and make a butterfly out of them.

Valentine’s Day Sponge Painting

Emmett loves to paint, when we decorated a birdhouse for my mom, he was in heaven. Being able to take full sponges and not just brushes and dip them into paint, sounds like a toddler’s dream come true.

Freestyle Valentines

Sometimes just drawing or cutting out a heart, and letting your kid go to town is the way to go. We did this with Emmett in the picture above, he loved it and it kept him occupied for a good long while.

Hand print (or foot print) Valentine Card

Another activity for those chubby little hands or feet. Take some paint and let them smoosh their hand into it, and then place against a paper plate with some loving words above or below it.

Message in a Bottle

This looks like a great activity to create and give as a present. Decorate the bottle, put a love message inside and then give it to the gift recipient.

Valentine’s Sensory Play

This looks like it would be a lot of fun – just make sure that if you do this with a younger toddler, who likes putting things in his or her mouth, you choose items that are safe for them.

Heart Doily Shirt

I am such a sap, I love holiday themed outfits for my boy. I did get him a fun one from Old Navy but this would be a blast for us to make together and for another Valentine’s themed shirt for him to wear.

I am so so excited to get Emmett involved with all this Valentine’s day fun!

Your turn!

What activities do you enjoy doing with your children? 

Have you done any of the above activities with your kids? How did things work out?


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