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Munchkin Meals #1

Since I’m not the only one who eats in my house, I thought I’d start a new series, titled Munchkin Meals. I got this idea from another of my favorite blogs, A Health Slice of Life, she blogs about all the different Munchkin Meals she serves her daughter, check it out.

Emmett loves eating and on most days will eat anything we give him, it might take him awhile to get to everything, but he’ll try it at least once. I truly believe that we did so much good by having him follow the Baby Led Weaning approach.

For breakfast, Emmett had some toast with sunflower, blueberries and half of a banana. munchkin-meals-blueberries munchkin-meals-sunflower-butter

He has had a banana for almost every breakfast since he’s started eating solid food and he just doesn’t get sick of it. He takes after me, I love, bananas and eat one almost every morning too.

Munchkin-Meals-Yogurt Munchkin-Meals-sandwich Munchkin-Meals-plumsLunch consisted of, a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich, plums, blueberries and yogurt. I kind of overdid it with this Munchkin Meal, I made way too much. Sometimes I get carried away, trying to be creative and including every possible healthy food item, that I make too much. The beauty is that Emmett just stops eating when he’s full, so even if I make too much he never stuffs himself. I love this since it’s something I struggle with often.

And I have to rave about the jelly on the sandwich, my mother-in-law makes it by hand and it is just so so delicious! This particular one is Strawberry, but we’ve had mixed berry and apricot too and all were equally yummy, plus Emmett loves it.

munchkin-meals-smiley-boy munchkin-meals-baby-smilesIt looks like someone really enjoyed his lunch, huh?!

For dinner my little munchkin had, salmon, Israeli couscous, blueberries and some garlic naan.

munckin-meals-naan-and-babyHe loved it all! I’m telling you he’s a really fantastic eater.

Now your turn…

What fun meals have you been feeding your Munchkin?

Saturday Eats

I love Saturdays because we are all home together as a family. We typically all get up about the same time (thanks to Emmett) and get to enjoy E’s happy playful time!

I had a breakfast that has become the norm for me lately.

2 Eggs over-hard but this time I actually just mushed up the yolk

2 slices sour dough bread with (delicious) Earth Balance spread


Muller Yogurt (not pictured)

That may seem like a lot but it holds me over for quite some time which often becomes necessary because I don’t get a chance to snack or make lunch if E and I are playing or he’s fussy.

I’d also like to state for the record that I have begun enjoying Muller Yogurt more than Chobani.

Shock! Awe!

Yep! It’s true! The texture and taste is just so smooth, I highly recommend it. I’ve had the kind with candied almonds and also blackberry/raspberry, both were delicious.

Lunch was some frozen chicken fingers and blue cheese, which I totally forgot to get a picture of but I’m sure you can use your imagination. 😉

Dinner was a recipe that the husband found during a web search, it’s called Grilled Mexican Naan Pizzas. We made some edits to the actual recipe but it came out tasting absolutely delicious!

Instead of grilling we just cooked it in the oven. Our grill is a little touchy so we didn’t want to take the risk of the meal being ruined and the oven worked just fine. I also am not a fan of chorizo sausage so I left that off my pizza and of course we forgot to buy fresh cilantro so that was skipped too. I had mine with some sour cream, not because it needed it but because I just love sour cream with Mexican food.

It was seriously so good! If you’re looking for a quick easy meal, I would give this a try.

Today was also an exciting day because I finally was able to go out and get a haircut and highlights… More on that tomorrow!

Any new recipes you’ve tried lately that you’d like to share?

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