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Preparing Your Toddler for a Move

Tips for Preparing Your Toddler for a Move

Preparing Your Toddler for a Move

I don’t know about any of you, but I get super unsettled when I know I’m moving in the near future and won’t feel “at home,” for several weeks. While you pack your clothes, or in your toddler’s case, their toys are packed up, they will know things are changing. You at least have the ability to comprehend the changes that are occurring around you, your toddler likely has no way to understand without your help.

Emmett’s pretty bright, but I could tell that he was feeling a little off yesterday when we first started cleaning, throwing things away and putting stuff into boxes. He seemed a little on edge and was more cranky than normal. Plus, he refused to go down for a nap, which rarely happens. It got me thinking, I have NO idea how to prepare him for a move, so some research was in order.

Since the whole point of my blog is to share my experiences as a first time mom, here are some of my tips for preparing your toddler for the upcoming move.

Ways to prepare your toddler for a move

  1. Fill Your Little One in – They’re more perceptive than you might think, so take the time and get down to their level and explain what’s going on in short sentences they’ll understand. We did just that!
    As soon as we found out that we would have to move, Seamus spoke with Emmett and told him we’d be living in a new place soon, but that we loved him so much and would do our best to make it easy for him
  2. Involve the Little One in Viewings – I know some folks may disagree with me here, but I think it’s a great idea to bring your child along to go visit the homes they may be living in. It’s their home too, and they deserve to see it.
    We took Emmett with us to the viewings we had the other day, and intend to include him each time. I really want him to know how important he is.
  3. Comfort Immediately – With all the changes that are bound to be going on, your toddler is likely to have some rough days where they just need a long hug and some kind words. Don’t hesitate with these! Yes, you are busy and there’s a lot going on, but nothing is more important than the care and needs of your toddler. Hug them, talk to them, heck, even play with them if they need a change of scenery.
  4. Stay Happy and Upbeat – I totally get it, maintaining a positive attitude when you have eight thousand different things going on is tough, but around your toddler hide the anxiety and put on a happy face. Toddlers mimic the behaviors of you and the other loved ones in their lives, so keep everyone happy.
  5. Keep the Consistency – Your toddler craves consistency. That means, if at all possible keep them to the same routines. So if the bedtime routine starts at 7:30 each night, stick to that. Try not to flip around too much or the changes already going on, mixed with a sleep-deprived toddler, will lead to some massive meltdowns.
  6. Share the Details as They’re Happening – Your child may not understand every word that comes out of your mouth, but they really can understand much more than they can communicate, so as you find a place or as you book the movers, share those details with your toddler. It will encourage them to adjust faster, by knowing that no surprises are coming.

Moving is rough, but being armed with these tips you can ease the transition for you and your family.

Your turn!

Have you moved with little ones? What are some tips you can share? Share in the comments below!!


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