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Wonderful Weekend

What a seriously wonderful weekend!


There are just some weekends that stick around as one of the best in memory. They’re those weekends that you think about when you’re kids are long gone and out of the house, and are home visiting again for the holidays. This was SERIOUSLY a wonderful weekend! So what made it so wonderful, you might ask? All the family time, time spent being a family and creating memories.

I’ve mentioned our weekend morning routine few different times on this blog, and we started that same exact way this week. I wish we had time to do that on weekdays, it really does put you in a great place mentally, when starting the day. Either way, once we rolled out of bed and began our day, we had our breakfast, watched our usual 8:30 am episode of Bob the Builder and had our Trader Joe’s Strawberry Toaster Pastries. I think I love Saturdays because there’s no pressure to get any chores done, and we can just spend time playing together.

After Bob the Builder, we did just that, we played and played and played. Emmett was being incredibly silly, but we had fun together. Eventually Seamus went to the gym, and I got Emmett bundled up to go outside to take some snowy pictures. This didn’t go so well – E had on a snowsuit, hat and mittens but still after only about 10 minutes, he’d had it and melted down. I felt terrible, but of course I had to snap a few photos of the meltdown before we headed in for some mommy cuddles and love.

He had been wearing mittens, but insisted I take them off. Oh Emmett!

He had been wearing mittens, but insisted I take them off. Oh Emmett!

I was supposed to go to a concert Saturday night with a good friend, but the weather was pretty messy, and no plow had come down our street. If I had even managed to get out of my parking spot, I would have had to deal with slippery roads, so I unfortunately had to cancel. In the end, I didn’t even leave the house, except to take pictures, all day on Saturday. Instead of going out, I finally decorated our tree. We got the tree last weekend, and had placed lights on the tree, but had not yet put on any ornaments, now it looks beautiful!

Today, we woke up, partook in our normal weekend routine and then eventually hit the showers early. We wanted to grab brunch, and grocery shop before the crowds hit. Unfortunately, when we went out to my car the plow had gone down our street (this is a good thing) but had essentially blocked me in, so we had to spend a great deal of time shoveling out. Eventually I managed to get out of my spot, and off to The Original Pancake House we went. The food was delicious and it wasn’t that crowded yet, AND Emmett wasn’t the loudest kid there. Typically he’s the loudest anywhere we go, but there was another baby who was yelling/crying louder than Emmett was. It was a relief, but I feel for those parents, because I know what it’s like to have a yelling toddler.


After that we headed to Target to gets some odds and ends, then Wegmans for groceries and then back home, where we stayed for the remainder of the day and evening. Emmett took a nice nap and I was able to get a couple of Christmas presents ordered, and got some blog stuff done. While Seamus got dinner ready, Emmett and I played with my iPad. I have a bunch of fun toddler games on there and you tell how much he is growing and learning. He can now recognize some animals, when it asks him to point to the “cow,” or it will ask what an animal says, and Emmett’s able to respond to it. It is such an amazing thing watching him grow. We ate dinner, had a little time to play, had a bath and then it was (sadly) time for bed.

As you can see, nothing major happened to make this weekend stand out, but it was FULL of family time, which is so very important to me. Every possible moment that I get to spend with both Seamus and Emmett, makes my life just THAT much fuller.


Your turn!

What fun things did your weekend include?


Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends that I want to catch you all up on.

Happy Saturday, all! I have a few odds and ends that I wanted to make sure I shared out on the blog, none of them are really long enough for their own post, so I’m just going to combine it into one big update.

  1. I’ve been live with the new blog design for about 2 weeks now and I am finally getting the hang of all the different pages, and widgets I now have. With the new blog design I’ve been able to set up a sponsorship program through Passionfruit Ads. What this means, is that if you like my blog and would like to have your ad placed on my sidebar, you can do so by clicking on the Sponsor Me! at the top of my blog (or click here). All of my monthly stats are listed there, so you know what you’re paying for, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or comment.
  2. I also now have a blog button. Yay! You can find it on my right hand panel. If you love my blog and want to grab my button, please feel free to do so. This is MUCH appreciated!button250
  3. I was recently contacted by Mark of Kairos Life, they’ve created this fantastic website where you can save digital memories and heirlooms, and have them set to release on a specific date, essentially a digital time capsule. I’m really excited to share with you, that Kairos Life is currently in “Beta” testing and is offering my readers the ability to have a free membership, simply by signing-up to assist with some of the testing. Stop on over today and sign-up, who doesn’t love free stuff?
  4. A friend of mine recently opened Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue, they are a volunteer run, foster-based, no-kill dog rescue serving the Wisconsin area. Since they are just newly opened, they are working hard to raise money for any medical costs or supplies that may come up. If you are able to, why not stop over and donate and help save a dog’s life. Also, be sure to visit their Facebook page and like Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue.

Alright! That’s about it, I think I’m all caught up now – I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends.

Your turn!

Have you come across any new websites giving out free trials, or any new places to donate?


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