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How to: Keep Your Floors Clean for Baby

You may have considered cleaning the floors one of the easiest activities, however, when your baby starts crawling, you will soon realize that there are more details of the floor cleaning that you need to take into consideration.

As a parent, you are will be aware with the moment when the baby is ready to start crawling and you’ll immediately start looking over all the parts of the floor that may have stains or any kind of dirt. No matter how often you clean them, you cannot escape from the irritating feeling that your infant may somehow come into contact with thousands of microbes and bacteria.

The best tactic is to stay calm and to charge yourself with some effective cleaning strategies. Babies really adore crawling on the floors, so you cannot deprive them from that pleasure. Thanks to this article you will learn how to keep your floors clean, and allow your child to roam the house freely.

How to Keep Your Floors Clean for Baby - Baby Doodah!

Cleaning Your Floors

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The Family’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you for helping to support my family.

As a mom, one of the most important things is keeping your children safe and healthy, right? Maybe you don’t have health care yet, or maybe you’re not sure where to get started. I mean, we hear all about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the news and media everywhere, but do you really know what it means for YOU, or where you can get more information, or to start the enrollment process?

If not, you’ve come to the right place!

Understanding the Affordable Care Act - Baby Doodah

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. I want to help you realize what is available, so that when you go to the enroll you know what you’re looking for.

Since, our concern is our children first, let’s look at what is available to them with the ACA.

When it comes to the ACA, where you fall when it comes to coverage is based primarily on your income. So depending on what you (& your spouse) make, your child(ren) could be eligible for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP, or you may also hear it referred to as Child Health Plus) or Children’s Medicaid. The bottom line here, your child should NOT go without health insurance.

Children’s Health Insurance Program and Children’s Medicaid

The rules for qualification for CHIP are pretty straight forward, your child must be under the age of 19 and fit into the income brackets that are set forth by the government.

Children’s Medicaid does not have a monthly premium associated with it, so the income guidelines are lower, however, even if you make more than the Medicaid guidelines, your child will be eligible for CHIP.

See the income bracket below to determine where your child would fall.

CHIP and Medicaid Income Guidelines

Click on the picture to view larger.

When you apply for CHIP or Children’s Medicaid you’ll be doing it directly through the New York State of Health Exchange, and if you don’t live in New York State you can actually start the whole application process through websites like UnitedHealthcare’s. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward process –  You begin by entering your age and zip code, and then it has you fill in some additional identifying information, as well as allow you to add on additional people (so, your spouse, and/or your children).

One note, this is not the formal enrollment process. It does ask you for an estimate on your household income. This is because it will provide you with the information where you should fall, based on that income you’ve provided. However, once you get into the formal application, you will need to provide concrete information, which could lead to a change in what you’re eligible for. It shouldn’t fluctuate much, I just wanted to give you a head’s up (unless your estimate is hugely off).

Medal Level Plans and Adult’s Medicaid

Now that we have your child(ren) covered, we need to you get insured as well. Thankfully, if you’ve already been following the application process so far, you don’t need to do much else in order to determine what you’re eligible for.

The medal levels are, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – The cost and benefits associated with each go up from bronze.

When you enter your income, the system will take that into account, as it does for you child. If you are eligible for Adult’s Medicaid, it will advise you of that. However, if you are above in the income brackets for Medicaid, the choice is yours!

Obviously if you visit the doctor frequently, or believe that you will need to, the higher the medal level you will want to go. You may pay more each month for your premium, but you won’t have high copays / co-insurances / deductibles.

Below are the income guidelines for Adult Medicaid

Affordable Care Act - Adult Medicaid Income Guidlines - Baby Doodah

Click on the picture to view larger.

 You can read more about each medal level by clicking here.

The goal here is to get everyone affordable health insurance. If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, there are still credits available to you via the government. My recommendation is to start the enrollment process now, to learn what you’re eligible for.

Health Insurance can be a highly confusing thing. If you don’t understand the terms or just aren’t really sure where to start, I want to help! I’ve been working in health insurance for the past 8 years, and have a pretty wide knowledge – so please feel free to ask away in the comments.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act - Baby Doodah (1)

Additional Resources:
Health Insurance Exchange 101
Shopping for Health Insurance
Health Insurance Definitions and Terms

Your turn!

Have you personally enrolled in health insurance via the Exchange? If so, what was your experience?

When in comes to health insurance, what other questions do you have? I’d love to help you understand all there is to know!

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Macy’s – Back to School with Radio Disney

This is a sponsored post, but the excitement and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my family!

Can you believe that schools are already back in session?! I know some of you sent your kids back to school in mid-August but in Western NY most schools don’t go back until a day or two after Labor Day. But, believe it or not, we’ve already hit that mark!!

My Facebook feed is chock FULL of posts from all of my friends who are sending their kids back to school. It’s an exciting time, even for those who were not quite ready to send their kiddos (this will be me in a few years). Kids are loving that they get to show off their new clothes, backpacks, pens or paper, and parents are excited to experience some peach and quiet. 🙂

With the start of the new school year, Emmett’s day care decided to switch kids around – some got moved up to the older grade and others moved to a new classroom. Emmett was one of the ones who got to move up! I know he can’t express himself perfectly, yet, but I’m pretty sure he was excited. He is going to be with more kids his age and have a whole new room, with a whole new lot of toys!! Who would complain about that!?

Emmett-Day Care

Also, with the new school year brings the very first school year weekend, which just so happens to fall on September 6th & 7th this year. September 6th is going to be a very fun and exciting day for us, because we were invited to attend the Macy’s Back to School with Radio Disney event at the Walden Galleria. It’s a FREE event that Macy’s and Radio Disney are joining forces to put on. It’s an event just for kids (obviously parents are invited too), and there will be crafts, games, lots of other fun stuff, plus a look at the coolest kid’s styles.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 5.38.38 PM

So, even though Emmett isn’t officially in school yet, we’ll be heading to Macy’s to take part and have some fun. It’s sometimes hard to find things to do on weekend afternoons that are free (because we’re on a budget) and are kid friendly. This fits both!! I cannot wait!!


Your turn!

Have you ever attended a Macy’s back to school event? If so, what was it like?

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing on this first weekend of the school year?


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Happy 400th Post!

Holy guacamole!! Can you believe that this post is my 400th post?? 400!

I know we’re approaching my 2 year anniversary (in September), and while that seems like an achievable feat, somehow 400 posts doesn’t. I feel like there is just no way that I’ve shared 399 different blog posts with you, my readers. I mean obviously I did, wordpress doesn’t lie 😉 but it’s just such a crazy thought.

I thought it would be fun, in honor of my 400th post, if we went on a little time travel journey, back in time. I want to highlight my best posts from the last 100 and maybe a few others. Are you ready to buckle-up and join in on the journey (I feel like I need to play the Back to the Future music here. haha)!?

Top Baby Doodah! posts from the past 100

1. We moved! Do you remember that?? I do. The move was pretty smooth, but we were sad to find out that the neighbors below us were rude and selfish. We’ve since adjusted, but we rarely spend time in our living room because of their noise. It kind of stinks, but there’s not a thing we can do about it, so we’ve grown to accept it and our lives are so much better off.

Lessons learned moving - 400th post

2. Are you interested in reading all about 33 little known facts about me?? Well here yah go!! 🙂

3. Since the beginning of the year I’ve shared many different posts about Binge Eating Disorder, my coping, what it looks like to an outsider, I even wrote an open letter to a woman struggling with binge eating disorder. Each and every one of them has been tremendously important to me in my journey to healing.

4. I’ve shared a couple of awesome recipes, our delicious guacamole and our ooey gooey meatloaf. Mmmmmm


5. One of my biggest posts to date, in terms of traffic, was the one I wrote about being frustrated with blogging. I got a lot of advice, encouragement and commiseration. Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone in your struggles.

6. Eating right and exercising can be a difficult thing to stay motivated to do. My post about rewards and how they can help you stay focused, was a pretty big hit!


7. It’s easy to have a killer Monday when you have this list!!

8. It is no secret that I love my little boy beyond all measures, so I wrote a little blog post about the 10 reasons why having a boy rocks. I know girls are just as awesome in their own right, but I have a boy – so I wrote about a boy!

Reasons-Boys-Rock-Baby-Doodah9. I rode 33 miles in support of Cancer Research for the Ride for Roswell. No simple feat, I assure you! But, I am proud that I accomplished something so great for a cause so good.

10. I don’t use my phone or iPad to keep Emmett entertained much, but when I do, I’ve come up with a fool-proof list of toddler apps that keep him happy and focused, while I get things done around the house.

11. And finally… Emmett turned 2!!! It’s because of this boy that I have this blog and I’m so thankful for him, he lights up every single day of my life.

Happy birthday baby doodah 7

Well, that about rounds up my top posts from the last 100. I’d love it if you checked them out and shared your thoughts in the comments.

I’m excited to see what the next 100 posts brings!!

Your turn!

If you have a blog, do you celebrate the 100 post milestones?

What were some of your favorite posts from the last 100, or since the beginning? Share in the comments below!

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Fitness Fridays – A Slightly New Direction

Fitness Fridays is BACK!!

Last week, I took a very short hiatus from Fitness Fridays. I decided to take the time to regroup and refocus on what I wanted out of these posts, because what I previously had wasn’t really working. Well, it was working, but it wasn’t what I had in mind when I decided to revive these from the dead.

I find my Fitness Friday posts to be very motivational and inspirational because I am forced to come here and report to the internet at large, what my goals are and whether I met them. There is nothing that holds me more accountable than not wanting to report a failure to my readers (or anyone, really).

I decided to keep these weekly posts light on the advice (with the occasional advice post, when I have something I really want to share) and heavy on how the week went for me, what worked, what didn’t, etc. I don’t want that to be relegated to the very bottom of the post. For me, the whole purpose of this is to be like an online journal where I share my trials and tribulations, keep myself motivated and maybe inspire someone else in the process.

So, I’m hoping you’ll join me on this new and improved expedition!! There won’t be a link-up at this time, but I’ll re-evaluate that as time marches on.

For now, I hope that you can except my brutal honesty towards myself and support me as I do so. Ready? Set… GO!

Fitness Fridays-BabyDoodah 8-1-14

Fitness Fridays…… Renewed! 

Week of 7/26/14 – 8/1/14

This was a hell of a week! It was my first full week back since being on vacation and I wasn’t happy about that, so I was really caught up in the emotions of work and not really paying attention to my eating or exercise. However, I did manage to keep my nutrition to at least a 7 (out of 10), for the majority of the week.

I got back into drinking my Shakeology, which keeps a lot of my cravings at bay, but I was still wanting salty / carby foods, thanks to PMS. I did manage to eat lots of veggies all week long, which helped keep me full and away from the junk. I didn’t weigh-in this week, because I just didn’t want to face the music AND I’m considering taking the scale out of my life, at least for the near future, (more to come on this in future posts).

But, while my eating was around a 7 all week, my exercise was a big FAT 0. 🙁 I felt low in energy all week, and just couldn’t find the get up and go to get a workout done. I did walk with Emmett a lot, but no intense sweat sessions. I do realize, that if I had worked out, that low energy probably would have gone away, I’d have felt amaze-balls (yes! I did just say that). 🙂

I do want to say one thing, and it is a REALLY important thing. I refuse to beat myself up any more, for anything. Whether it be a lack of motivation to workout, or the way I naturally react to a situation. I’m sick and tired of always hating the way I am, or the way I look. In order to overcome that I need to change my mindset, and realize that I am okay the way I am. I’m not saying no to self-improvement, but I am saying no to beating myself up for not being 100% amazing RIGHT NOW.

Fitness / Food Goals for the next week:

  1. Complete the 3 Day Refresh! I start on Monday! I’m kind of nervous, but I can do anything for 3 days, right!?
  2. Workout 4 times. Beachbody recommends that you do light to no exercise during the refresh, due to the lower number of calories you’re taking in, because of this, I am aiming for 4 workouts, instead of 6 or 7.
  3. I will keep my nutrition at a 7 out of 10.

Your turn!

What do you think of the new (again) format of Fitness Fridays?

Share one or all of your goals in the comments below, let’s hold each other accountable!!



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Social Media Mixer – #9

Welcome to the 9th week of the Social Media Mixer, a brand new social media link-up started when the Weekday Mixer and Social Media Sunday joined forces. Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 8 – we had 135 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

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And welcome your guest hosts for July!



Bonnie from LadyBlogger | Chelsea from That’s So Chelish… | Tara from Anything & Everything | Aysh from Words n Needles | Amanda from Old House to New Home | Krissy from Hot Commodity | Jen from Twenties Chic | Victoria from Giveaways 4 Mom | Maria from Simple Nature Decor | Breanna from Brepurposed

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Victoria chose…

Maniac Mom

Maniac Mom

Hi! I’m Kristen! I’m a stay-at-home mom of one stupendous little boy, Chase (August 2012), and one stunning little girl, Skylar (February 2014). My favorite by far is my current occupation. I’m married to a wonderful man, Kyle, who makes it possible to do so. This was started as a memento for my children, so when they got older, they could learn more about me and the person I was as well as the mother I grew into. As time went on, it morphed into something much more. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I also show signs of a developing bi-polar condition and have gone through two stays at a mental health hospital. Through this site, I will share my journey though being a depressed mother and how I handle life. I’ve become an advocate and a supporter of making depression less taboo, less hidden, and I challenge people, not just moms, everywhere to break the silence. I’m also starting a campaign to bring it to the attention of the general public the massive amount of work needed to make the mental health care system better.

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Real Housewife

The Diary of a Real Housewife

Hi! I’m Jennie, a wifey, mommy, and a child of God. And the girl behind the blog The Diary of a Real Housewife. Welcome to my little part of the world. I’m a stay at home mom who loves to write, cook, and spend time with my littles. I spend my days reading books to my boys, changing lots of diapers, folding loads and load and yeah more loads of laundry. And I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I love dancing around the kitchen with my kids, and hanging out at home with my hubby watching Netflix. I started this blog originally to keep family and friends updated with the boys (boy at the start) since my family lives hours away. My goal for my blog is today is to be a place for other moms to feel encouraged. I post super easy recipes that will hopefully help getting dinner on the table easier and try and post encouraging words to help moms understand that they are not alone in this journey!

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Holly chose…


Speaking of Everything

Speaking of Everything is a digital space designed to aid and inspire women everywhere to be fearless, dazzling and fabulous while finding the delicate balance between dreams and reality. We encourage our readers to blur the lines between affordability and extravagence, family and friends, and work and play in order to live a more fulfilling life.

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Tiffany chose…


Domain of the Mad Mommy

My name is Echo and I am the Mad Mommy. I am a 32 year old wife, mother, homeschooler, blogger and partial lunatic. I lost a bit of my mind years ago and then, lost the rest when I had children!

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Krissy chose…


The Rustic Willow

My name is Cat: The Cooker, Crafter, and Blogger over here at The Rustic Willow. I’m a twenty-something-year old living in New Orleans. I’m a huge believer in traveling to the unknown, exploring new places, and dreaming big–I’m currently doing all of those things while living down here in the bayou. I started this blog after I had some success with my Etsy shop where I sell hand-painted signs and photographs. After I began the shop I was taking over the house and kitchen table with wood, paints and crafts–shortly after, my sweet, sweet boyfriend devoted a room in his house to my crafts. A whole room! Since then, I haven’t wanted to stop crafting.

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Crazily Normal

I started this blog back in June 2013 as a way of keeping touch with family and friends, both near and far, and as a way to write down my thoughts, feelings, and memories of our days as a family of 4 (of course I’m
including our first baby, Leaf). Life has been going in full speed since Palmer was born, and I don’t want to forget anything! So, I’ve picked up a (new) hobby; Photography! I try to capture our special moments, milestones, and everyday memories on camera.

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Maria chose…


North of Something

Hello, I’m Jamie! I currently live in Hawaii with my husband, who is in the Army, along with our three year old son. This blog is for people who love to travel, or haven’t traveled much but want to start, and also the reluctant traveler that may be moving to new parts of the world courtesy of the U.S. Military. As a military wife, I get to move around a lot to different homes in different cities, but no matter where we live, we are always north of something – always close enough to explore the culture and nature that surrounds us. And a big trip to a dreamed about destination every once in awhile is pretty great too! I write to inspire other travelers (and those who hope to) to explore the world and encounter the unknown with open hearts. This is the only life we get – let’s get out there and really SEE this beautiful world we live in.

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Teresa chose…


My Creative Days

Welcome to The Sassy Southerner, where life is sassy and full of adventure! This is a lifestyle blog about all the things that make me excited: love, travel, wine, food, lip gloss and everything in between. I ‘ m N i c o l e : a born and bred fiery Texan, college student, and wanna-be travel/food blogger. I believe in living life to the fullest, giving sweet kisses, star gazing often and soaking up the sun as much as possible. I am completely and utterly captivated by the ocean and the great outdoors. Fresh flowers and a good adventure make my heart sing, and I never leave the house without mascara and a good pair of earrings!

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Jen chose…


The Art of Sipping Coffee

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Katelyn, the person behind all the writing. The Art of Sipping Coffee is a lifestyle blog about anything and everything. Whether it’s about health, art and design, travel, or my personal life, you can always expect great ideas and tips as well as something funny or interesting. I started The Art of Sipping Coffee lifestyle blog because it allows me to fulfill two of my many passions, writing and designing. This blog started out as a way to track our time abroad in Taiwan allowing our family and friends to share in our experiences. Then I changed my mind (like always) and decided that I didn’t only want to write about travel, but that I have many other things I would like to share with the world. I also wanted a blog that could evolve with me as time goes on. I wanted something that could change with my age and interests. Thus, The Art of Sipping Coffee.

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Shana chose…


Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

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Tara chose…


21 Random

I’m Chrissy – mom of 3 boys, Coastie wife, Design freak, handmade business owner, & coconut rum enthusiast.

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Aysh chose…



Finding Crystal

Hey y’all! My name is Crystal and I’m from the Upstate of South Carolina. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two furbabies. I have a degree in English and Psychology and had all the intentions in the world to be an English teacher. However, God had other plans for my life. I have lived with chronic health problems all of my life. These include several open heart surgeries, asthma, and depression with anxiety. Recently I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and chronic anemia. I have also struggled with losing weight and food addiction. I am an amateur blogger with a love for learning, animals, movies, a little too much TV, couponing, spending time with family, and writing. I am also a book devourer, Lupus warrior, social media addict, among many other titles.

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Natasha chose…

_MG_0859 (1)


Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

Welcome! I am Shaunacey. Wife to Brent (aka Mr. B), first-time mom to Annabelle (aka mini-me) and mom to fur-child, Lilo. I work full-time, love to cook and bake (and eat), love to shop, like to (try) and be crafty and LOVE to laugh. I am a fast-talker, deep-thinker and loud-laugher. It seems that I am either taking life too seriously or not seriously enough. As a first-time mom I feel like I don’t know what I am doing a lot of the time and I am learning ALL of the time. Even though I have no clue what I am doing, I love EVERY second. She makes it easy. Like everyone, I’m trying to find the perfect balance and I’m not there just yet. I want to be a great wife, mom, friend and employee and I want to look good doing it. That shouldn’t be that hard, right?

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Fitness Friday – 5 Things Friday

It’s Friday!

I know most people are super excited that it’s Friday, but I’m not. That means the majority of my vacation is done and over with. I don’t go back until next Thursday, but I am not looking forward to that. Either way, here we are again at my Fitness Friday post.

Fitness-Fridays,-a-blog-link-up-Baby-Doodah-and-The-Panda-PostThis week I thought I’d shake things around her up a little and go with 5 things from the past week, that I thought you should know about.

  • Yesterday I weighed-in for a work incentive. If I had lost 15% of my body weight in 6 months I would have been eligible for a $250 prize. I didn’t get it. 🙁 I was .9 over my goal weight. SO frustrating! I did have 6 months to complete the loss, so the fault lies completely with me, but I’m still frustrated with myself. However, I have the opportunity to lose an additional 15% by January of 2015 to earn $250, so I’ll be focusing on that and I WILL get there.
  • This vacation has been anything BUT productive. I got done the things I absolutely needed to do but getting ahead on my blog, or getting things with my Beachbody business scheduled pretty much did NOT happen. Honestly, though, I’m not all that disappointed. I work my tail off all the time, I deserve some real genuine down time.
  • My sweet baby boy Emmett is going to be TWO YEARS OLD on Tuesday. Can you believe that!? No big parties this year. Since my sister and her family is in town visiting, we’ll have a small dinner at my parent’s house on Saturday. On his actual birthday we’re planning on going to the zoo and then to Friendly’s. I’m hoping my little boy enjoys his special day!! Dear Emmett
  • My eating hasn’t been the greatest this week, but it has not been as bad as vacations in the past. We’ve gone out for lunch a few times and, get this, I’ve actually STOPPED eating when I was full. Like legitimately left 1/2 a sandwich on my plate, because I was full. I felt strong and empowered and in charge of my life when I did this. GO ME!
  • My husband surprised me with a new mouse yesterday, it’s super cute and blue. I’m loving it!!

 Now Onto the Goals

Amount of Weight Lost

I actually didn’t weigh myself this morning. After yesterday’s disappointment of not losing enough to be eligible for the $250, I didn’t want to see what the scale would say this morning.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up, or quitting, or any other such thing. I simply took a vacation from everything for the week (and it felt good!!!).

Exercise Goals

Last week, I said I wanted to workout 6 days and also run or bike twice. Well, I stuck to part of this. I worked out about 4 times and went on a couple walks with Emmett. Not terrible!

Next week, I want to get back into my focused 21 Day Fix practice. So, 6 days of working out with that and 2 run/walk or bike days.

Food Goals

My plan for this past week was to stick with the Shakeology and 21 Day Fix meal plan. I stuck with Shakeology, but I veered a bit from the actual meal plan. I had some food that doesn’t fit BUT I ate it in moderation and I do not feel guilty.

Next week I’m back on track!! Shakeology and clean eating!

Fitness Friday - Joint Pic

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Jillian at Baby Doodah!|Bloglovin’|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Google+

Your turn!

What are your 5 things from this week?

Do you ever eat “off your meal plan” while you’re on vacation?


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