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Weekend Meal Planning

Howdy! It’s Sunday again and that means we’re meal planning here in the O’Keefe household. However, after shopping today, I’m really beginning to wonder why we torture ourselves on Sundays. It was SO busy!!

Weekend Meal Planning - Baby Doodah!

Before I get into my meal plan, I wanted to tell you about my weekend – It was GREAT! I’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Thanksgiving day is always spent with Seamus’ parents and usually my mom will have her dinner the Saturday or Sunday afterward, but since I have some busy siblings, we had to adjust. This actually worked out, because now when we get back from CNY next week, we won’t need to travel to my parent’s the next day. Thanks busy siblings! 😛

Anyhoo – I got up early and headed to Panera to do some of my virtual assistant work, I always seem to think better there. After working for about 3 hrs, I came home to the cuddliest of boys. Emmett just wanted to be held, cuddled or nuzzled by me and who am I to say no. So, while daddy got ready to go we hung out on the couch wrapped in each others arms. I just love that little boy!!

Eventually we hit the road, and made it to grandma’s in plenty of time! We were a little worried because of all of the snow that had fallen between where we live and my parents (in case you haven’t heard or seen the images, here’s a good synopsis), but there was no need for worry. We got there quickly and easily!!

Emmett was so excited to see my mom, sister and brother. He’s not positive who everyone is yet (because he doesn’t see everyone all the time), but he sure does love being around people who shower him with attention. That’s pretty much all you need to do in order for him to like you. LOL There were 3 dogs there, which is weird for Emmett because he’s not used to any, but by the end of the night he was lightly petting and playing with the dogs. Yay!! Once we eventually move, I’m sure Seamus and I will want to get a dog, so I’m glad E adjusted easily.

Dinner was delicious, my brother made some amazing mashed potatoes (yes, seriously!) and then for the rest of the evening we just visited, joking and chatting with one another. It’s times like those that I treasure most! I really wish we all got together more frequently, when we do we have such a good time.

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was up early, worked and then made us all a yummy breakfast, I’ve done some laundry, cleaned out the fridge (YUCK!!) and we’ve gone grocery shopping. Emmett is quietly napping now, Seamus is playing his video game and I am blogging away. THIS is what Sundays were meant for.

Our Meal Plan

It will be a pretty easy week because we have Thanksgiving on Thursday and then will be traveling home on Friday, so we’ll just grab something on the way. LOVE easy weeks!

Sunday: Homemade Pizza (carry over)

Monday: Rotisserie Chicken & Potatoes

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday (with Seamus famous guacamole)

Wednesday: Fettuccine Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

Thursday: Thanksgiving!!

Friday: On the road

Saturday: Scrounge

Quick and easy!! We don’t host Thanksgiving, maybe one day when we get a house, but for now I am lucky enough to enjoy the cooking of my mom and Seamus’ mom. Yummy in my tummy!!

I’m joining and linking up with Laura from Mommy, Run Fast! and Jill from jillconyers.com.

Your turn!

Do you host Thanksgiving, or do you just bring a dish to pass? 

Anything fun on your emal plan this week? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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Husbando Grande’s Garlic Guacamole

Happy Belated Cinco De Mayo! I’m super excited to share my family’s delicious guacamole recipe.

In case you’re wondering about the title of the post, this is my husband’s recipe that I just can’t get enough of. He requested that the name be Husbando Grande’s Garlic Guacamole, who am I to say no!?

I’m a wee bit late, getting this posted for Cinco De Mayo, but let’s be honest, is there ever a bad time for guac? I love the stuff and this right here is my FAVORITE recipe. I thought, why should I hoard it, share for all to enjoy, so here yah go!

best-guacamole-ever---baby-doodah-2We make this as frequently as possible, and it gets devoured in pretty much one sitting. I wish I could remember the very first time that Seamus made this for me, but I don’t. What I do remember is falling instantly in love. It was so garlicy and oniony that my mouth did a little dance. Then when you add in the salt from the chips, woo-wee is it good! This is probably why we don’t make it on a weekly basis. Ha!


Any time we’re celebrating anything, or there’s a reason for snacks, I recommend that Seamus make his guacamole. There was one year that my mom was having a New Year’s Eve party, I wanted to help with the food, so we made this guac. It was a hit! My sister and mom still talk about how good it was. Which makes me think that we should make it again next time we’re visiting.


So I should probably stop yapping and get to the guacamole, right?  🙂 Here you go!



I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for hosting WIAW, Jenn!

Your turn!

What’s your favorite Mexican food?

If you’ve tried the guacamole recipe, what do you think?

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Saturday Eats

I love Saturdays because we are all home together as a family. We typically all get up about the same time (thanks to Emmett) and get to enjoy E’s happy playful time!

I had a breakfast that has become the norm for me lately.

2 Eggs over-hard but this time I actually just mushed up the yolk

2 slices sour dough bread with (delicious) Earth Balance spread


Muller Yogurt (not pictured)

That may seem like a lot but it holds me over for quite some time which often becomes necessary because I don’t get a chance to snack or make lunch if E and I are playing or he’s fussy.

I’d also like to state for the record that I have begun enjoying Muller Yogurt more than Chobani.

Shock! Awe!

Yep! It’s true! The texture and taste is just so smooth, I highly recommend it. I’ve had the kind with candied almonds and also blackberry/raspberry, both were delicious.

Lunch was some frozen chicken fingers and blue cheese, which I totally forgot to get a picture of but I’m sure you can use your imagination. 😉

Dinner was a recipe that the husband found during a web search, it’s called Grilled Mexican Naan Pizzas. We made some edits to the actual recipe but it came out tasting absolutely delicious!

Instead of grilling we just cooked it in the oven. Our grill is a little touchy so we didn’t want to take the risk of the meal being ruined and the oven worked just fine. I also am not a fan of chorizo sausage so I left that off my pizza and of course we forgot to buy fresh cilantro so that was skipped too. I had mine with some sour cream, not because it needed it but because I just love sour cream with Mexican food.

It was seriously so good! If you’re looking for a quick easy meal, I would give this a try.

Today was also an exciting day because I finally was able to go out and get a haircut and highlights… More on that tomorrow!

Any new recipes you’ve tried lately that you’d like to share?

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