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7 Ways to Love Your Spouse Again

After having children, the love between spouses can change.

It can even, at times, feel strained. You now have someone other than the two of you to focus on, and finding time for your child AND your spouse can be difficult, but it is VERY important. In order for your relationship to continue to grow and thrive, you need to foster the love between you and your significant other. It NEEDS to be a priority!

To have and want a strong relationship, you need to work on it. Even the most connected of couples has to put some work in, behind the scenes. Trust me, I understand, after baby, all you can think about is that baby, nothing else seems to matter. But, then years have passed and you realize that your spouse is now a stranger. Why not head that off, and make a few small tweaks to your relationship, now – so that you can go back to being best-friends.

You have to think…. I’m with this person for a reason, I made the choice to create life with this person. Remind yourself of those ideas, when things get tough and you’ll both come through with just a few scratches.

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I want to provide you some easy tips, to help grow the love between you.

7 Ways to Love Your Spouse Again - Baby Doodah

Simple Ways to Grow Closer to Your Spouse

Creating a loving environment for you and your significant other doesn’t have to be all about grand gestures, sometimes even the smallest things mean the most.

  • Write love notes to one another. If you’re both too busy to stop and say I love you, why not leave a cute little note, or send a text, telling your significant other how much you love them. Taking time, each day, to remind each other of the love you have for one another is one of the BEST ways to grow and foster love between the two of you.
  • Create routines, and do them together. What I mean is, if you are able to wake up at the same time, you’ll be able to spend a few minutes in bed just talking to one another, maybe sharing your dreams, talking about your plans for the day, or simply just quietly holding one another. That time in the morning, before the kids are awake or other obligations take over, is a precious time. Use it wisely!
  • Communicate. I think this one is the most forgotten methods to build a stronger relationship. We get so busy with everything else going on, that we just forget to sit down and talk to our spouse. Telling them about your day, listening to them tell you about their’s will cause great growth. You’ll grow to feel safer and more comfortable, talking about everything going on in your life, without judgment.
  • Have a Date Night EVERY Week. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way you could afford to go out weekly. I agree and I’m in the same boat. But, a date night doesn’t have to cost a thing! You can sit on the couch and watch a new movie, curled up next to each other with popcorn (and no kids), or what about leaving the kids with a trusted neighbor and heading to the park for a walk? The possibilities are endless, and don’t need to be overly time consuming, either – I know we all have other responsibilities.
  • Let Go and Forgive. I understand, we all have situations or things that occur in anger, that may be difficult to forgive or forget. But, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to forgive and forget the negativity of your past. Now, I am not saying that you should forgive and forget any form of abuse, or other extremely hurtful behavior. For those other smaller instances, try to understand where the other person was coming from, before holding onto that anger.
  • Appreciate them for who they are. Yes, I know times in a marriage can get tough, you disagree, argue and fight – but, at the end of the day, you need to take a second to realize who you’re fighting with. This is the man or woman you chose to be with because you LOVE them. Talk things out. Appreciate who they are, not what they do for you.
  • Remember that you’re both human. Finally, remember that you’re both human, you make mistakes… Yes, even YOU! Let the small things go, and don’t waste time bickering about each one. Your relationship will grow to be something you had only previously imagined.

There are times in a relationship, that can span months, sometimes even years, where the love between the two of you feels missing. It takes work, to build the love you want. The love is almost always there, you just need to put in effort to feel it again.

We are so often willing to work hard for everything else in our lives, why don’t we put the same level of effort into our relationships.

If you find yourself stuck, take some time and journal out ALL of the reasons why you fell in love with your significant other, and then really think – Did any of that change? Can we work together to bring that *SPARK* back?

Your turn!

What things do you do with your significant other to foster and grow the love between the two of you? What’s worked, and what hasn’t?

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Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! Just a really quick post to let you know that I’m going to be taking the remainder of the year off. I have a ton going on to prepare for Christmas and then we have family flying in mid-week. I want to be able to truly enjoy our time together, during the holidays!

Happy Holidays Image for Baby Doodah

With that said – in the New Year, you can expect some changes (good ones) to be happening.

Things like…

  • A more reliable post schedule
  • Better Content
  • Themes
  • A more cohesive site
  • Better ease of navigation
  • A better flow

All of these won’t happen at once, but you’ll definitely notice the changes as the year goes on. I cannot wait for the new year and everything that it will hold.

Please have a wonderful holiday season and be sure to enjoy every possible moment with your family and friends. For me, that’s what it is all about – forget the presents, bring the love and comfort!

Take care!



Dear Emmett – 23 Months


23 Months!? Seriously!?

I find it really hard to believe, but you’re officially 23 months old! We’re nearing the 2 year mark, and I just don’t know how that is possible.

The very first thing I want to say is that you can count to 10!!!! Yes, seriously! You are not even 2 years old and you can count to 10. And I don’t mean, I say the number and you repeat after me, I mean I say one, you say two, I say three, you say four, ALL the way up to 10. This may be totally normal abilities for a 23 month old, but I’m pretty darn impressed. You went from an adorable little lump to a baby who doesn’t need his momma quite as much any more.


You’re also pretty awesome with your colors. For the most part, when I hold up a crayon, you’re able to name it accurately. There are a few times when you aren’t entirely focused on what we’re doing, that you’ll say the incorrect name, but it’s obvious that you know what you’re doing. Impressive my son!

We’ve had an exciting month, so much going on!  We’ve spent a good majority of the month, both on weeknights and weekends, outdoors. No couch potato here! You love being in your own backyard or at the playground. Most recently, you’ve gotten a huge affinity for swinging, so we’ve been making loads of stops to the park down the street so we can oblige you. 🙂

You’re a huge fan of your Aunt Bridget and you got to spend some time with her before she goes off to work at camp for the summer. We all went out for frozen yogurt, you wanted nothing to do with the dish I bought for you and I to share, you only wanted Aunt B’s. I ended up going to get you your OWN bowl, which you still just picked at and wanted Bridget’s. It was pretty funny!


Aunt Bridget also took you out for your first experience splashing in the big puddles on a warm day. When she came out to visit, she took you out and you guys walked around look for puddles to jump in. For the next couple of days after that, all you could talk about is “PUDDLES!” Little Cutie!

Since your birthday is towards the end of July, and we asked your grandma to get you a sandbox as a gift. She sent it to you early so that you could enjoy it before the summer ended. Your daddy filled it up with sand, and I took you in the backyard to see it for the first time. Your reaction was priceless!!

However, the downfall is that you are not a huge fan of touching the sand. It was getting in your shoes, so I figured the solution would be to just take your sandals off, but you refused to touch the sand with your feet, cringing at the feeling. You’re the same way with grass, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We’ll work on it! In the meantime, you do like dumping water into it, and shoveling it around… You just don’t like touching it. 😉

We also went to our gym’s outdoor pool for the first time. It. Was. AWESOME! The water was so warm, and you were so happy to “jump in” and play with me. You’re still clinging tightly to me, not quite ready to do it on your own, but you’ll get no complaints from me. I get to enjoy holding you and smooching your chubby baby (toddler) cheeks. I’m looking forward to a summer in the pool with you.


We also, in all that we have going on, find a small amount of time for TV. Your show of choice nowadays is this creepy bunny called Harry the Bunny. Each episode is about 5 to 8 minutes long and it’s very simple. But I think that simplicity is why you like it so much, because if I turn it on when we first get home, so that I can change out of work clothes, you are sucked in within moments. Wonder what kind of subliminal messaging is involved… JUST kidding!


Having you as a child continues to be amazing! Watching you grow more and more aware of the world around you, and become more independent is just mind-blowing. I had no idea that having a child could be this moving, I’m so glad I get to experience it all with you!

I love you, my little 23 month old toddler!!



If you’d like to read any of the past Dear Emmett’s, just click here. 🙂

10 Reasons Having a Boy Rocks!

My little boy is my world! This is why having a boy rocks!


When I was a little girl, I always wanted a daughter. I’d think about how I would dress her, play dolls with her, put on make-up, etc, but then as I got older, I realized how much fun boys are. Girls still are awesome, but boys rock!

Here is 10 reasons why I love having a boy:

1. Rough and tumble play is the norm. I don’t think there’s a single day that passes, where Emmett doesn’t egg me on to chase him and push him to the ground and tickle him. I love this! I love the high pitched giggles that ensue while he’s being chased and then him begging with his sweet “again” “again,” every single time!

2. His toys are pretty awesome! I’ve definitely always been a doll person, but I’m realizing that there is nothing cooler than pushing a car down the track and hearing the mechanical roar of the engine, or seeing who can build the biggest spaceship with his legos. Seriously, so much fun!

3. The love we have for one another is very different than mother/daughter love. I can’t explain it, but the love I have for my own mom is very different than what I feel between Emmett and myself. Now, I do realize that’s partially because he’s my child, but boys need their moms in different ways and it’s really exciting to get to know this new aspect of love.

4. Realizing that there is a whole new realm of things associated with having a boy. Man, as I read more and more about what boys go through as they grow, develop and change, I realize how easy it was (at times) to be a girl. Being a girl definitely has it’s own set of pressures, but believe it or not, being a boy is hard work.

Boys are mischievous and energetic!  They need to move, and can’t just be still (unless you put in a good episode of Daniel Tiger). LOL That’s not something I’m used to. I remember loving to read and enjoying peace and quiet, as I was growing up. Emmett is the total opposite, he wants to move ALWAYS!

5. No need to do their hair. Sure, I comb Emmett’s hair every morning and after his bath, but I don’t spend any time making pony tails, or putting in bows. Not only does it save the time of needing to fix hair, but also the frustration of getting your toddler to sit still long enough to get their hair done. And, OH MAN! If there are knots (my mom used to call them snarls, anyone else?), the kid will be crying for mercy! Getting my hair done in the morning was the pits, until I did it myself.

6. Dresses are cute, but a well dressed little boy will knock your socks off! I won’t lie, there have been a few moment when I’ve wandered over to the girly side of Carter’s and wished I had a little girl to put in one of those adorable dresses, but then I put my son in a button down shirt, tie, and sweater vest and WOOO-WEE!! I’m in awe of his handsome-ness! There’s just something about a well dressed man. 🙂

7. I love dress shoes, but in order to keep up with Emmett it’s flats, preferably sneakers ALL THE TIME! As I mentioned earlier, Emmett’s a busy busy boy, it is absolutely necessary to own several pairs of good flats. When we’re out in the backyard playing, I opt for sneakers, they keep me quick on my feet and ready to move about. If we’re shopping, I’ll wear a cute pair of flats, or in the summer, flip flops. Heels and dress shoes don’t really have a place in my wardrobe, except for in the office.

8. Little boys love their mommies like nothing else. There’s no doubt that Emmett loves his dad, but (not to brag) he’s totally hooked on me. I’m the one he comes to for comfort, to cuddle or to kiss it better and I wouldn’t trade that for ANYTHING. There’s just something very special about the bond that Emmett and I have.

9. I don’t stress about whether Emmett is chubby or not. Granted, any child at the age of 2 should not be worried about what they’re eating, so long as it a mostly balanced diet, but as he gets older, he is less likely to have body image issues than a little girl. I’ve dealt with weight issues and self-esteem issues since I can remember, I’d love for my child to never have to suffer through that and just enjoy every minute of his beautiful life.

10. Watching him slowly grow into a sweet, gentle and loving boy warms my heart. Seamus and I do our very best to ensure that Emmett gets a plethora of hugs, kisses and cuddles whenever he needs them. Our hope is that he turns into the a kind gentleman to whoever comes into his life as he gets older.

Your turn!

What are YOUR favorite things about having a boy?

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5 Awesome Gifts for the Tech Dad

Gift Ideas for the Guys in your Life that Love Tech (technology)


My husband loves technology, anything he can get his hands on. He’s not obsessive, but if there is something new that comes out on the market that he wants to try out, he’s very persuasive and has reasons why we may need an item. With Father’s Day around the corner, what better day to spoil him (or your tech lovin’ guy), than Father’s Day?

Top Tech Gifts for Dad

1. A New Big TV

Most guys love TVs, whether they use it to watch their favorite sporting events, play their high action video game or watch the newest comic book remake. If you have the means, why not splurge and get your dedicated dad a brand new high tech TV. I’m sure he’ll be grateful, and then even you get to benefit from the new beautiful TV. 😉

2. A Micro 3D Printer

Okay, so it’s not quite ready for purchase yet, but how cool would it be to buy your husband/dad/brother/uncle this printer? I’m not as into technology as my husband is, but I think this would be so awesome to have in the house. “What’s that Emmett? You’d like a new ball to play with? Sure! Give me just a bit and I’ll MAKE one for you!” HAHA So awesome!

3. JLab Ear Buds (affliate link)

My husband loves listening to music or different talk radio shows, but the typical iPhone buds drive him crazy. They fall out and the sound quality is just alright, enter JLab. We came across these one time when they were on sale through Woot.com years ago, and we gave them a try. We’ve been in love ever since! Any time we lose or break a  pair of head phones, we replace them with some version of the JLab buds.

4. Google Chromcast (affliate link)

Seamus ordered this for himself for Christmas, but I would highly recommend you buy this for the tech dad in YOUR life, if you don’t already have it. It is awesome! You blog it into the USB drive on your HDTV and connect through your home’s wifi and will allow you to stream online videos or music, through your phone to the TV. It works with iPhone, Android and Windows phones. This works especially well when Seamus wants to show me a YouTube video he came across and we don’t feel like staring at the small screen on his phone. Get this (plus it is super inexpensive)!

 5. Philips Wireless BlueTooth Speaker (affliate link)

I’m a huge fan of the Philips company, whether it be their electronics or their Philips AVENT line, they never disappoint. Seamus has been wanting a wireless speaker for our house for a long time, there’s just no where to safely plug-in a strereo. This would be a great item to fill that void!

I’m really excited about Father’s Day being right around the corner. It’s always nice to be pampered on Mother’s Day, but I want to return that favor to the love of my life, the best husband and father around… Seamus!

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite tech gifts?


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Dear Emmett – 20 Months

**This is a month late, Emmett will be turning 21 months tomorrow, but I wanted to get this posted, despite the delay.**

We are well into April and Emmett celebrated 20 months a few weeks back, however I still wanted to write and get the memories out there.

Oh sweet sweet Emmett, I am beyond shocked that we’ve hit the 20 month mark. You continue to grow and change on a daily basis and are slowly becoming a little boy, and not my tiny baby. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that you are growing so well and developing, I just can’t believe how quickly time continues to go.

Your Yellow Duck School Picture

Your Yellow Duck School Picture

I love you so deeply, and staring at you while you read or play has become one of my biggest hobbies. You have such a particular way of doing things, and I don’t quite understand what that way is yet, so it’s such fun to just watch you, as you learn. There were several times this month where you’d leave the room we were all in and go to your bedroom, when we would peek in to check on you, you’d be surrounded by your books, with one in hand, flipping through it. Or you would climb into your rocker and read to yourself there. It makes me so happy that you love books so much!

We all went through quite the upheaval this month, we spent the majority of it packing and despite any boredom you may have been experiencing, you were such a good little boy. We had to remind you to stop touching something, or to stop climbing, but overall you were so good considering your life was changing all around you. There were even moments when you would be so interested in what your dad or I were doing, that you’d help. There were several times when I’d be packing a box of your stuff and you’d come over and start handing me things to put in the box. You’re often so helpful!


However, I have to be honest, this month can’t be mentioned without sharing that you had some major meltdowns this month. You’re definitely getting to an age where you want to be independent on some stuff and when your dad or I keep you from expressing that independence (usually because it would harm you), you get very angry. At this point, I still think your tantrums are pretty cute. You stomp your legs, cry very hard and occasionally throw yourself on the ground. It ends pretty quickly, and has yet to happen in public, so right now, when they happen I let them run their course and then give you a hug and explain why you can’t do what you want to do. By then, your anger is usually forgotten. Like I mentioned, your’e a really good boy!

Food-wise, you’re still a great eater on the majority of days. Certain days you won’t like what your dad or I cooked, or you just won’t be in the mood to eat, but overall you’ll try anything we give you, at least once. St. Patrick’s Day fell in this month and you just LOVED corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. You went to town on ALL of it, (you can read about your other favorite foods here).


You’re still loving day care, and actually can say a couple of the other children’s names. It’s so fun to hear you repeat them, and I love that you still enjoy going to day care. It makes taking you so much easier! You adore your teacher, and she’s so kind to you. I will be sad when it comes time for you to move up, but we have a little while, yet.

Hugs and kisses are still your thing, and you give them to your dad and I pretty freely, which makes us endlessly happy. There’s nothing better than when you run around the house say, “Ugg, ugg, ugg.” (That’s how you say hug right now.)


You’ve also learned a ton of new words, but Emmett I’m really sorry, I kept terrible track of which words were new this month. I promise that I’ll start keeping better track, because it will be really fun to read these facts when you’re older.

Well Emmett, I think I’ll hit publish now because I’m a late posting this. I love you so so soooo much, and wish loads and loads of happiness for you!

Love, Mommy!

Happy 300th Post to Baby Doodah!

I’ve hit a huge milestone, this is my 300th post!

Readers! Can you believe it? We’ve made it 300 posts, I’m so so excited to be celebrating this. I’ve started blogs in the past but they quickly fizzled, but I have found a passion in writing this blog and love every single minute of my time spent here. I also want to thank all of my readers because, writing everyday is more fun, knowing I have a dedicated audience. So…THANKS!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought that I’d share some of my favorites from the last 100 posts and also share some of your favorites!

300th post

Happy 300th Post Baby Doodah!

I think I’ll start with the most popular posts because many of those were my favorite too.

First up, the most important to me has been my admission to suffering with Binge Eating Disorder. Since coming clean on the blog, I have become more conscious of choices I make with food. I’m in no way “cured” but I am working slowly but surely, to that point.

You can read the posts that I’ve published so far, by clicking here, but start with this one, it’s my original post.


Another recent favorite of mine, and of my readers has been my series on Moving with a Toddler. Just a brief description – We found out that our landlord was selling the house we’re living in, and that we’d need to be out by the end of April. We immediately started looking for a place to live, which spurred me to write about moving with Emmett. Moving as an adult is tough, so adding a toddler into the mix is very different and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. I came up with some great tips, though.

You can read my moving with a toddler post, here and my packing with a toddler post, here. There are more to come, as our move continues!

Preparing Your Toddler for a Move

I’m always a sucker for my Dear Emmett posts. If you haven’t read one before, typically I write them monthly, and they’re a letter to Emmett, sharing everything that he did over the past month. Any developments or changes that he’s made, things like that. I love looking back on them already, I can’t imagine what it will be like when he’s 18 and going to college.

Dear Emmett – 15 months, {16, 17 and 18 months}, 19 months


Another fun post was my list of Valentine’s Activities for Toddlers.


 I was pretty excited to roll out my new format for my link-up, My Finds Friday! Lasts week’s is still open if you’d like to link-up.


And finally…

My absolute favorite most recent post would have to be, this one. The video still makes me laugh and smile!

Your turn!

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite posts have been from my blog! Share in the comments below! 

If you’d like to read my post celebrating 200 posts, check it out here.


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