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Friday Fitness

Amount Lost:

0 – gained 2 lbs.

I’m very disappointed in myself. The week of Thanksgiving really threw me off and unfortunately I let it spiral into this week. No excuses, just getting back on track!

Amount Remaining to Lose:


Goals for 11/16/2012 – 11/22/2012:

Food Goals:

  • Continued consistent tracking

This was actually not a problem. I tracked 6 out of 7 days, my problem came with what I was eating.

  • Eat sensibly on Thanksgiving.

I definitely ate sensibly. I had only one helping and didn’t pig out! This was easy to do because I’m not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving, I prefer Christmas food.

  • Increase my veggie by 2 additional servings a day, this will put me at 5 a day.

I struggled here. I got maybe 2 servings of veggies most days and 1 serving of fruit, no where near enough.

Fitness Goals:

I all around sucked at my goals for fitness. I did continue to park further away at work and take the extra walk to get water from the cafeteria but I didn’t do any additional workouts nor did I ever hit 10,000 steps. The closest I got was 7,000, not bad but that was only one day, not all week.

“Mommy, I’ll keep your seat warm for you.”

Goals for 11/30/12 – 12/6/12:

Food Goals:

  • Keep the consistent tracking going
  • Bring lunch from home and cook dinner at night

Fitness Goals:


Seriously stop making excuses and get off your butt and do something!! I’m so sick of reporting laziness.

  • Earn 10,000 steps on at least 3 days
  • Go to the JCC and swim at least once.

I need some tough love because I really am sick of posting this talking about how lazy I am. I want to write about successes and possibly inspire someone else who may be struggling.

Let’s help each other work towards our goals! 

Weekend Recap

It was a pretty good weekend in our household!

Before Emmett was born, Seamus and I would go for dinner every Friday night, it was our “date” night.  Since Emmett’s come around we haven’t been able to get out much for dinners because that tends to be the “witching” hour for E, meaning he starts going crazy and crying. We’ve had to adjust our plans and have been ordering in instead. It works out because by the time Seamus gets home from work I’m pretty pooped out and not really in the mood to get dressed (in something nicer than sweats or yoga pants). This Friday we did yummy steak pizza from Just Pizza. One of my FAVORITE local pizza places!

We spent some time watching TV and then Seamus went to play WoW and I messed around on the computer. Nothing exciting but I kind of like it that way lately.

Saturday was some bumming around where this cuteness happened…

and then this…

We were at Target getting some things for him and other stuff for us and he was just being so unbelievably happy and adorable. I couldn’t take it! I wanted to take him out of his car seat and snuggle him but knew as soon as I did that he wouldn’t go back in without a fight so I left well enough alone.

Sunday we pretty much didn’t leave the house. I went to the JCC for a tour and came right back home, it was nice to be completely lazy. We did watch some of the Bills game, where they lost horribly to the Patriots, but other than that we didn’t do anything.

Later in the evening Emmett was being Mr. Cutie again so I snapped another adorable pic.

He’s really taken to wanting to be very independent! He loves to just lay on a blanket or under his baby gym and look at the toys or the things around him. I usually just lay next to him and chat while he plays, I just love watching him change each day.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Anyone do anything more productive than me?

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