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Sunday Meal Plan – Week #23

What an awesome Sunday we had!!

We’ve had an exciting several days! My sister and her family are in town visiting and since I had off at the same time we’ve spent a lot of time together, allowing our children to play and have a good time.

Friday we went to Midway Park in Beamus Point, NY. I’m really glad we did too, it’s a really small park, perfect for 2 year olds and with very few people there. The kiddos were pretty much allowed to run from ride to ride with us following behind. They had such a good time and used up a TON of energy. I’m not much of a ride person, I prefer to people watch so I wasn’t sure what to expect with Emmett. He LOVES rides! Ones that spin, especially! Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for taking Emmett on several rides that I wouldn’t do (me and spinning just do not mix).

Then on Saturday we celebrated my mom’s retirement and Emmett’s birthday. My siblings and I got together and hired a photographer to come to my mom’s house to take family photos of all of us. We hired J. Lee Photography and she was awesome to work with! She arrived promptly and never rushed us. She was open to us taking as many different poses as we wanted and was eternally patient!! If you’re looking for someone in the Dunkirk/Fredonia/Buffalo area who is affordable, I highly recommend her. As soon as we get our prints, I’ll be sharing with you.

Since the photo shoot was late, Emmett and I stayed the night in Dunkirk. Emmett was excited to wake up and know he got to see his grandma again and play with his cousin. He really had such a blast with her! Once we got back home Emmett and daddy did some cuddling, we had some lunch and then it was nap time for Emmett and I. You never sleep quite as well at someone else’s house, as you do at your own. After he woke up we grabbed some iced coffee, went to the playground, picked up pizza for dinner and then spent the evening playing together. This is what Sundays were made for!

This will be another exciting week for Emmett! It’s his birthday week! Tuesday I’ll be taking him to the Chautauqua county fair with his cousin, then Wednesday we’ll be going to the zoo and out for Linner (lunch + dinner). I am loving this time with him!!!


So onto our Sunday meal plan for the week:

Monday: Marinated Chicken and Zucchini

Tuesday: Dinner at the fair (yum!!)

Wednesday: Linner out for Emmett’s birthday

Thursday: (back to work) Hot Dogs and Oven Fries

Friday: Teriyaki Pork Loin & Cauliflower

Saturday:  Fish Tacos & Fresh Veggies

It’ll be a pretty easy week cooking wise, but we need to get back in the habit of shopping and cooking after a week off. I love vacation, but MAN it does a number on the waistline! 🙂

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Your turn!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Anything fun on your menu this week?


Sunday Meal Plan – Week #21

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a really great weekend!

It was an awesome weekend here, super active and a smidge lazy. It felt great! Yesterday, I rode 33 miles for The Ride for Roswell, which I’ll be writing about and sharing my story, tomorrow (be sure to stop by). When we got home, I showered and napped while Emmett napped and then we all went out to a yummy dinner at Friendly’s. Most definitely not the healthiest of food (by ANY means), but I feel like I deserved it after working so hard that morning and afternoon. It was delicious, and I don’t regret a bite!

Today, Emmett had us all up EARLY! We cuddled in bed for awhile and then made our meal plan for the week, showered and headed out the door for groceries. I love shopping early because there are few people in the store and you get through everything quicker. We got home, put the groceries away, watched a little Thomas the Tank Engine (Emmett’s newest obsession), had lunch and then Emmett went down for a nap.

While he was sleeping, Seamus pulled out his pool and the hose and we filled it up so it could warm-up for some play time in the evening. While it was filling I read and relaxed, and then went back to doing laundry. womp. womp.

I wrote a little bit, did some professional development courses online, cleaned (a wee tiny bit), and then Emmett was up. We went to Carter’s, then Target to get things for Emmett. Then back home to change and go play in the pool. He LOVED it! I was worried because last summer he was nervous and didn’t like it, but not this summer. This summer he nearly jumped right in! He was psyched!

Now, I’m here writing and getting things ready for the week ahead. I’m excited because it’s a four day week! WOOHOO!


This Week’s Meal Plan

Sunday: cheeseburgers & baked chips (we’re avoiding the oven, the humidity is insane)

Monday: Grilled chicken & Zucchini Salad

Tuesday: Teriyaki Pork Loin & Corn on the Cobb

Wednesday: Mexican Pizzas (I hope it’s a cooler day, because these require the oven)

Thursday: Steak, Chick Pea & Tomato Salad (YUM!)

Friday: Orange Chicken & Rice (carry-over & I hope it’s cool)

Saturday: Mom’s house for a cookout

We’re trying so SO hard to keep things out of the oven. We were stumped this week, probably because Emmett had us up so early and we were tired, but we ended up with a couple oven meals. We’ll just need to watch the forecast slowly.

I am super excited for the cookout next weekend, at my mom’s. It’s always laid back when we’re there, which I appreciate! Plus, Emmett will love seeing his grandma. <3

Here’s the video of Emmett sliding down the slide this evening.

Your turn!

What are you cooking (or not cooking) up this week?

What fun things did you do to keep cool?

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Sunday Meal Plan – Week 16

Happy Meal Plan Day!!

It has been an amazing weekend for us here in WNY, and we definitely got outside and enjoyed it!

Saturday we made our first visit to the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmer’s Market. There wasn’t much in the way of produce, but we did get some delicious looking asparagus and some locally made chicken sausage (both of which are on the menu for this week). I also was able to grab some of my absolute favorite goat cheese from First Light Farm & Creamery, I’ve been waiting all Winter for it! They do sell it at the local co-op, but I don’t get there enough, whereas the Farmer’s Market we go almost weekly.


Later in the afternoon, we headed out for ice cream and to play. We went to a playground that is right next to the hospital where Emmett was born. I love going there, and seeing the hospital, plus it’s fun to point it out to Emmett every time (we’ve been there before). Emmett had a good time running around and trying to jump in the puddles and it got some his super high amounts of energy out.

Today I went out on my first long bike ride of the season. I was aiming for 15 miles, I did 16.5, mainly because I got lost. Whoops! I was using Google Maps and it kept telling me to turn right, but I couldn’t. There were only dead ends. So I kept going straight, thinking I would eventually be able to go right. Eventually, I could but then I was thrown off so I had to call Seamus and he headed me in the right direction and I easily found my way home. I won’t knock Google maps for bikes, though, it does say they’re still in BETA. Now I know they’re saying that for a reason.

After that, I came home ate a yummy breakfast (GF bagel, goat cheese and eggs), and we headed out to grocery shop. Came home, unloaded the groceries, Emmett ate a small lunch and then went down for a nap. While he napped, I did some laundry, cleaned my berries, and prepped some food for the week. I also dozed for about an hour, and it felt so good! My body was tired. Once Emmett was up, we headed out for a walk. Emmett wasn’t really enjoying the stroller so we let him walk on his own, so long as he held Daddy’s hand. He really liked that!

meal plan 518 3Alright, enough jibbah jabbah, on with the food (AmIRight!?)


Monday: Cheeseburgers & French Fries

Tuesday: Homemade Steak Hoagies with veggies

Wednesday: Teriyaki Salmon & Asparagus

Thursday: Locally Made Sausage & Zucchini

Friday: Homemade Pizza (carry-over)

Saturday: Leftover Pork Loin & Veggies

Breakfasta for the Week: 1 scrambled egg with bacon on a piece of romaine lettuce. I eat it like a breakfast burrito and I don’t even miss the bagel.

Lunch for the Week: GF bagel with avocado mashed onto it, with cucumbers and Smoked Salmon (this is so Yummy!) I got the idea from Peas and Crayons.

That about does it! You know the drill, I’m linking up with Laura from Mommy, Run Fast! and Jill from JillConyers.com Be sure to stop on over and check-out their menus and link-up!

Your turn!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

Any fun new eats for the week?


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