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Healthy Living Blogs

My list of top healthy living blogs

I think it’s safe to assume that we all want to live a happier, healthier life. Most of us need outside motivation to do so, and I am no exception. Since I do need so much outside motivation, I have many MANY blogs that I follow that are considered healthy living blogs, all of which have provided me lots of motivation and new ideas to live a healthier life.


Here’s my list of top Healthy Living blogs:

  • One of my all time favorite Health Living Blogs is, Another Mother Runner. The authors, Sarah and Dimity, send out almost daily posts about themselves as runners and support a huge community of mother runners. When I’m feeling low on motivation, I almost ALWAYS make a visit to their blog.
  • I’ve mentioned Carrots ‘N’ Cake many different times on Baby Doodah, but there is no end to the motivation that Tina provides me.
  • I love Anne from fANNEtastic food. Her posts vary from her delicious photos of her food and recommendations for a healthy diet (she’s an RD), to some motivating exercise posts. She’s always going on runs around Washington D.C. and sharing photos of her journey, they are beautiful!
  • As always, Healthy Tipping Point, is one of my absolute favorites. HTP made it on my mommy blog list, but also fits very well on the Healthy Living Blogs list, because Caitlin is both a healthy person and an awesome mommy.
  • Run Eat Repeat, is another top healthy living blog for me. The author, Monica, is a sassy red head who loves running and living a balanced life. I really love reading her blog when I want something light and fun to read.
  • Hungry Runner, is a fantastic blog full great food, and exercise ideas.

There yah have it, my top Healthy Living Blogs. I check each of them almost weekly, so go on over and check them out!

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite Healthy Living Blogs?


My Finds Friday – Exercise

Exercise is the best medicine!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful week and have some really fun plans this weekend. This has been a weird weather week, it started out really warm and very humid and today it’s rainy, windy and cool. I’m not complaining because I love Autumn and I’m ready for the leaves to change and fall, but it’s crazy how dramatic the weather in WNY can be in just a few days. I’m really hoping that we can take Emmett to do all sorts of things this Fall. I’d like to do pumpkin farms, corn maizes and drive around NY looking at all the beautiful colors that exist in this season. Plus, can you imagine the amazing pictures that we’ll get with him and the colors!? I just love Fall!


Alright onto My Finds Friday – Exercise edition

  • First up this week is Hungry Runner, she has created a 25 minute upper body strength workout, it looks like it is a serious muscle builder if done regularly. You should also check out all of her other workouts, she has a huge selection of them and they vary from running, strength training to yoga.
  • Fall is the season of skinny jeans and tall boots, so why not work those legs hard and firm them up. Skinny Mom has a fantastic leg workout  full of moves that will take your legs from flabby to firm
  • If you’re in Buffalo and are interested in trying out CrossFit, Living Social has a great deal on a week’s pass to classes at CrossFit Amherst. I have not personally gone, but I have a friend who works out there and does nothing but rave about the workouts, the gym and how she feels afterward. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
  • Along with working out comes healthy eating. I found this great article on BuzzFeed that provides some great ideas on what foods to eat post-workout.
  • And finally for my blogger friends, a quick read about the importance of No Follow Links in your blog articles. I’m seriously learning so so much as I blog more and more and it’s really exciting! I love sharing my new found knowledge with all of my readers.

You can read some of my other My Finds Friday’s here.

Your turn!

Share some of  your Finds, on this My Finds Friday! Feel free to link up below!

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