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Emmett’s Birth Story (Part 7)

My migraine was gone and I was ready to hold my little boy. It still took the nursery about 15 minutes to bring him to me and I was beyond anxious to just hold and touch him. Remember, up until this point I had not touched my baby because I’d had a c-section.

If you are breastfeeding it is recommended that you allow your baby to feed within 2 hours of his life because studies show that newborns who have early contact with their mothers learn to latch on more efficiently than babies who are separated from their mothers in the hour or two following birth. This is also a time when the baby will be in a state of quiet alertness, the optimal behavior state for interaction with you. Her eyes are wide open, she is attentive and is looking for another set of eyes – and for the breast. (source)

I had decided that I would be breastfeeding Emmett so it was important that he and I be able to have some skin-to-skin contact within that two hour window to allow him to learn to latch. Seamus and I were concerned we’d fall outside of this time frame because of my c-section but the hospital did a fantastic job of ensuring he got to me well within that time.

For any soon-to-be moms out there, I want to recommend that you ask the hospital to hold off on bathing your baby (if you’re planning to breastfeed) until after he’s fed for the first time. Once they’ve done that, they will set him under the heated lamps to bring his body temperature back up, which takes a lot of time, this is time away from you and your breast. This is a critical time and not one that your baby needs to be spending under heated lamps, your skin against his will warm him plenty.

When they brought him into the room and handed him over to me, my breath caught in my throat. It hit me, he was mine and no one else would ever be his mother. It was such a moving experience that just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

We immediately had our skin to skin contact and worked on his latching skills. It actually went quite well, I needed assistance but Emmett was still alert and ready to nurse

If you’re breastfeeding, after the baby’s birth, all modesty goes out the window, you have nurses and lactation consultants grabbing your boob, showing you how to hold it and then placing it in the baby’s mouth, there’s just no time to be shy. I’d heard this ahead of time but I still figured I’d be slightly uncomfortable with it but truthfully, I wasn’t. I knew what they were doing was teaching me how to feed my baby the perfect food. And in the end, their advice was all VERY helpful!

After we’d had about a half hour with him, they took him back to the nursery. I was still in the labor and delivery unit and needed to be moved to my private room in the Mothers and Baby Unit. So they took Emmett back to get a bath and a few more tests, one being a blood glucose test. He was born with low blood sugar so they had to test it every few hours to see whether it was increasing.

When we got to our new room, the nurse came in and introduced herself and explained some important information to us. After she’d done all that she took my temperature and blood pressure, helped change the pad on the bed and assisted me in putting a pad on myself. If you’ve never had a baby, let me say that the bleeding you experience after a baby is far worse than any period you can even imagine, it’s gross but necessary.

Eventually they brought our baby back to us, we were “rooming in” with the baby. This is something new that the hospitals are suggesting to parents and I was fully on-board. Instead of the baby staying in the nursery, he stays with you (morning and night) so that you can adjust to sleeping together and so that you’re there to feed him as he needs. I’m very glad we did this, I don’t think I’d have wanted my baby down the hall away from me.

Time started to blur together because I was so exhausted. If you remember I hadn’t slept more than an hour or two combined the previous night and I’d just gone through surgery. I needed to rest but I was still riding on the high of my brand new boy.

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Emmett Birth Story (Part 2)

After our last sonogram, I had my weekly OB appointment the next day. I’m not sure how other doctor’s offices work but with mine, when they call your name they take you back and do your weight, blood pressure and pee test and then take you back to your room. While the nurse was doing my pee test she goes, “So you’re going in soon, huh!?” She kind of threw me off because at this point, I still assumed I was going to 40 weeks. I mean, my doctor and I had discussed going a week early because of my BP but nothing had been set in stone but sure enough, they were planning to induce me at 39 weeks, which fell on Monday 7/23/12.

From our last sonogram

From our last sonogram











 When you are induced you go in the night before hand so that they can insert Cervidil, which will speed up the ripening of your cerivix. Since Seamus and I knew this would be the last day that we would just be a family of two we wanted to mark the occasion with a special lunch/dinner. We decided to go to the Irishman, which is located in Williamsville, NY.

The Irishman isn’t just another restaurant for us! It is is where Seamus and I had our very first date back in 2007 and also where we had dinner the night that he proposed, so it was only fitting that we commemorate our last meal as two, here. After our meal, our waitress asked me when I was due and I shared with her that I was going in that evening to be induced. She congratulated us and remarked that we had chosen their restaurant to have our “last meal,” so we explained why to her. It may not have meant anything to her but it means a lot to us to know that we’ve kept the tradition of our oh so special meals there.

We were scheduled to be admitted into the hospital at 7 PM and so we had several hours to kill before then. We came home and I puttered around the house, ensuring that I had everything ready in my hospital bag and also making sure we had all of the things we’d need for Emmett. I know everyone tells  you that the hospital provides everything for baby but since I’d never had a child before I wasn’t sure so I wanted to be prepared. In the end, everyone was right, they definitely DO provide you with everything you need while you’re there.

Our hospital bags!

Even after spending time a ton of time checking and rechecking our bags, I had so much time to kill before we had to head to the hospital. I was FULL of nervous energy but eventually the clock ticked by and it was twenty after 6 and time to GO!

To be continued…

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