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Oh! Hey!

I totally forgot to share! I got a haircut about a week ago and have yet to show you a picture.

Here’s what it looked like after coming home from the salon.

I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. They never do a great job of styling my hair, I have no idea why, it might just be because they don’t know how my hair works best. Either way, they always do a fantastic job highlighting and cutting it so I’ll take the (small amount of) bad with the good!

Here’s what it looked like after I took the time to style it in the way I know works best for my hair.

I love it! I absolutely love it! It’s super easy and quick to style and very refreshing after having my hair hang on my neck for the last several months. I have no idea whether I’ll keep it this short for awhile or if I’ll let it grow out but I’m content with it for now.

Any other FTM (first time moms) out there who did the chop after having their babies?

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