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Emmett’s First Swim Class

A few months back I received a flyer from my gym advertising all the classes they offer, this included all of their swim classes. I had heard in the past that places offered mommy (daddy) & me type classes but wasn’t sure if my gym did. I was thrilled when I flipped through and found that there were indeed classes that Emmett and I could take together. I immediately signed-up! We went to our first class last weekend (and daddy came along to see another Emmett first and take pictures)…

swim-class-5When I was a kid my mom forced my sister and I to go swim lessons every single summer. I hated it, well, maybe I didn’t hate the classes, I hated the instructors. They were cold, nasty and forced you to do things before you were really comfortable doing them. However, it is because of them and my mom’s insistence that I am such a strong swimmer. I LOVE swimming and I’m really good at it, so it only makes sense that I would want the same for my son (minus the nasty swim coaches).

swim-class-6Last week was so fun! They had us get into the pool with the babies and just kind of bopped around to make sure they were used to the water and weren’t going to be scared. I was so proud of my boy, we got in and he was as happy as a clam, kicking his legs and splashing around. Not once did all that water, or even the temperature (it was pretty chilly at first) of the water scare him. Then we moved into some group songs, which believe it or not, were a lot of fun. Singing the songs and using Emmett’s arms/legs for the motions was just THE best (I know I’m a total mommy cheeseball).  After the songs they broke us into two groups because the “Water babies” class goes from ages 6 month – 24 months, so they split us into the older and younger baby groups.


He was this relaxed the entire time!

In the younger baby group we played with a pinwheel, blowing on it and letting the babies catch it or try to blow on it themselves. Emmett didn’t quite understand that he was supposed to blow on it, so I blew and he caught it. Then they taught us how to properly lay baby back in the water so that their ears went under. They explained that many children hate the way it feels when their ears go under water so it’s important to get them used to it early.  I’m totally bragging, but Emmett had absolutely no problem with this and I’m going  to take credit for that because ever since he’s been big enough to take a bath in the big boy tub (around 6 1/2 months), I’ve laid him back and let him feel what it’s like to float (obviously with my hands underneath him), so his ears would go under then. I’m telling you, I want him to be as comfortable in water as I am, it’s such a great feeling!



The rest of the class we spent playing with little water toys and talking with the other babies and mommas.  We ended the class singing, Happy and You Know It, but with a twist, instead of clapping or shouting Hurray! we would blow bubbles in the water or splash each other, so much fun!


swim-class-7I had so much fun and cannot wait for today’s class!!


Happy Birthday…


It was my first birthday as a mother and such an amazing birthday it was, thank to Seamus and Emmett. <3

happy-birthday happy-birthday-1 my-birthday

Emmett’s Baby Led Weaning

Around four months of age the topic of solids was broached at Emmett’s doctor’s appointment but we let his pediatrician know that we had no plans of introducing solids until he was 6 months old. We wanted his stomach to be as developed and ready for solid foods as possible. Plus I knew that he could sleep through the night without a “midnight snack” so solids seemed unnecessary for that reason. I will admit that he didn’t always sleep through the night but I knew that he was physically able to.

I have previously mentioned and did a book review of, Baby Led Weaning, you can see my review here. When I came across this method of introducing solids, it seemed like the best decision for us but I still had to convince Seamus that it was the right thing to do for our baby. I’ll be honest, I was concerned it would be tough to convince him but with my solid level of knowledge and armed with answers to all of his questions, it was pretty easy to sway him.

There’s nothing magical that happens on the exact date that a baby turns 6 months but we wanted to wait until that specific date. Well, unfortunately it had to be postponed for a couple extra nights because our power went out on his 6 month birthday and then again the next day. I was disappointed but also it just prolonged the excitement of giving my baby his first solids.


The book talks about what foods are best to start with and the one they recommend most frequently is broccoli, so we went with that. I was really curious on how Emmett would react to his first taste of food, he’s been breastfed since birth so he’s not used to the exact same flavored drink like formula fed babies are, so I wasn’t nervous but I couldn’t wait to see his facial expressions.


Seamus cut the head of broccoli into long stalks and we roasted it plain for about 10 minutes. Once it cooled, we placed a couple stalks in front of him; he almost instantly picked one up and put it to his mouth. He sucked on the florets and his face was instantly covered in the little buds, it was adorable but there wasn’t a single funny expression. He didn’t cringe or look grossed out, he just ate. I was shocked! I truly expected him to have even a slightly negative reaction but there was none. At that moment, I knew I had chosen the correct path for Emmett.

We continued to have success with each of the new foods we introduced to him. He didn’t turn anything away until we gave him plain chicken breast. I’m not sure whether it was bland or he just didn’t like it but he just would have nothing to do with it that night. The next time we gave him chicken we seasoned it and he was fine with it. Who knows, maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for chicken; I know I’m not always in the mood for chicken.  🙂


There were a couple of times where I almost called it quits with BLW because the gagging and choking was making me nervous. Seamus, being a wonderful and supportive husband, encouraged me to skim the book again to look for any tips on how to handle gagging and whether it was normal. Being the nervous first time mom I was, I had read AND HIGHLIGHTED the section all about how gagging was normal, but had forgotten I’d done this. After rereading and see that it was completely normal and even expected, I was right back on the BLW bandwagon. That has pretty much been my only time faltering.


We did hit a few roadblocks with Emmett eating this way while at day care, but we overcame them with the help of our center’s director. This was the first time they had ever heard of a baby being fed this way and because they needed to remain compliant with many different standards they were leery of how things would go. Seamus and I met with the director to explain the process and the reasoning behind Emmett eating this way and after a couple of weeks things were up and running smoothly. They ensured us that someone would sit and watch Emmett while he. As he’s become more and more proficient with food, they’ve begun feeding him while watching other babies at the same time. Not all day care centers may be willing to work with you if you choose this method, but I encourage you to at least check with them and fully educate them before completely writing the idea off. I promise you, that feeding a baby this way is as easy as feeding them pureed food with a spoon and sometimes even easier.


This method may not be right for everyone but it has been nothing but successful for us. Emmett eats pretty much everything and we rarely have to make a separate meal for him, so it saves time in meal prep. Plus, Seamus and I are able to eat our food when it’s hot since Emmett is feeding himself and we don’t need to take extra time to feed him separately. The benefits of a baby eating this way are pretty much endless and I absolutely would recommend this to any parent who will be introducing solids to their baby soon.



To date, Emmett has tried and enjoyed (in no particular order), broccoli, sweet potatoes, corn bread, bananas, rolled oats (prepared), plums, red potatoes, chicken, mini-meatloaf, mini-quesadillas, mini-hamburgers, sweet peppers, apples, avocado, spaghetti, yogurt, mum mums, pierogi, pickles, ham, sausage, eggs, bread, cheese, pizza crust (with a tiny amount of sauce and cheese left on it), asparagus, tomato, peaches, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, pears, cabbage, corned beef, pork tenderloin, grilled cheese sandwiches and applesauce (which he surprising did not like at all). There very well may be more but this is all that I can recall at this moment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!! Go ahead and use the ‘Contact Me’ button at the top of the page.

Happy Easter!

Happy (belated) Easter from our family to yours!





Mr. Bunny Butt

Mr. Bunny Butt


Peaceful and relaxed after a fun day at Grammy's and Grandpa's.

Peaceful and relaxed after a fun day at Grammy’s and Grandpa’s.


Baby Book – Part 2

If you missed it, I’ve started a series of blog entries where I will be answering the prompts in Emmett’s baby book so that at some point I can print them all out and glue them into the book. You can read my first entry here.

The next prompt in the book is:

Things you parents liked to do before you were born…

s and j

Well, Emmett, to an outsider your dad and I might seem like boring people but we are often quite content being in the same room while we do our own things. For instance, I’ll be reading or messing around on the internet and your dad will be reading or playing a video game.

When we would go out to do things we would go to dinner or go to see a movie. Actually, we used to watch a lot of movies before you came around. Now it’s tough because you need our attention and that doesn’t leave a lot of room to watch a 3 hour movie. That’s okay, I’d choose you over a long movie any day.

In our early days together, your dad lived in Buffalo and I lived with my parents about an hour away but we still made it work. I’d go over to visit him after work or drive up on the weekends and we’d do all sorts of things. We went to different museums, music concerts or would get into TV shows together but it was (and continues to be) so easy to be around your dad, we got on so well and we enjoy being together.

I hope that one day you find a partner that makes you as happy as your dad makes me!

Living in the Moment

I was laying on the floor playing with Emmett tonight and in my head I’m running down the laundry list of things I need to get done before bed and then stressing because it was already seven and we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. In the midst of all that mess, it hit me, I am not living in the moment, I am not taking the time to enjoy my son as he is right now. I am constantly thinking ahead to what I’m going to do next, never spending time enjoying what is actually going on around me. I’m beginning to think that one of the biggest sources of my depression is not actually ‘living’ and just coasting through. Trying to figure out how I am going to get to everything else.


Constantly focusing on what you are not doing would bring anyone down. So I need to look at it as, I am playing with Emmett, he is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, the (cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc.) don’t matter, he DOES. What could possibly mean more than time with him? In my effort to get happier this year, I want to learn how to live in the moment. To feel live, think and breathe each second as it is happening.

I’m looking for input on how you stay centered and focused on what is going on around you at that exact moment because I just do not know how to do this yet.

Please feel free to share ANY advice you might have that you think might help! I am open to all opinions!


My Resolutions

For the past five or so years I’ve said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions because I never keep them and figured what’s the point but I’ve decided that I want this year to be different. That’s not saying that the past 5 years haven’t been amazing, they most certainly have (getting engaged, getting married, having a beautiful baby) but I want to also do some things that are solely for me. Things that will lift my spirits and make my life feel fuller.

1. Be Happier

This is kind of a catch-all for a lot of things so I’ll kind of give a run down. I want to be more content with the things I have and to stop yearning for the things I don’t. I don’t expect this to one day just up and stop, I expect it to be work but I’m willing to work on it, I just need to figure out where and HOW to start. (Advice is welcome.)

I also want to be happier overall, it is no secret that I’ve been suffering with depression on and off since Emmett was born, so I want to tackle that and get my moods under control. I don’t need to be obnoxiously happy nor do I expect to never have a bad day but I want to feel happy the majority of the time, not down, like I have been lately (Again, if anyone has any advice, books or articles, please share).

2. Invest More Time In Me

I know that eating better and working out will make me feel better so I need to take the time for myself and for my family to make my lunch or get in a workout. There is nothing stopping me but myself and I’m sick of that being the reason. By investing in myself I will make myself feel more whole, I’ll also be a better mother and wife.

3. Stop Mourning the Past

I struggle with this beyond anyone’s imagination. I try very hard to live in the moment but even when I do I struggle with moving forward when big momentous things occur because I can’t seem to let them go. I’ll relive them over and over again or mourn the fact that they are over and it needs to stop.

Let me give you a for instance, I had a really hard time transitioning Emmett out of his newborn sized clothing. Eventually I did it and he started wearing his 3 month outfits BUT I can’t bring myself to box up and store his newborn clothes, they’re still sitting on his dresser, just waiting, because I am mourning the fact that my small baby has progressed on. The better response is to celebrate his health and growth but I struggle with this (obviously).

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? And if anyone has any advice or books they’d recommend reading, please feel free to leave a comment below…I am open to anything.

Here’s to the most amazing 2013 possible!

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