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Weekly Wishes – My Goals for the Week Ahead

Happy Weekly Wishes – my place to share my goals for the week ahead.

Weekly Wishes is a link-up started by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. It is a place where you can post and share you wishes and goals for the week ahead on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc and then link it up on Melyssa’s blog. I LOVE doing this because it holds me accountable for the week ahead. I’ve shared my goals with the world (through my blog) and I know people will read and wonder whether I stuck to my goals. It definitely keeps me honest!

We had an fantabulous weekend! It was relaxing, refreshing and giant hugs and cuddles were had by all. I absolutely love weekends with my guys. We didn’t do a whole lot of anything, other than hanging around the house, but it was just what we needed. I hope every weekend is just like this one. 🙂

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Now for Weekly Wishes

Last week I said I wanted to do some batch blogging (you can read about where I got this idea from, here), and batch blogging I did. I didn’t get a full week’s worth of posts written, but I did manage to get a couple written, putting me ahead for the week.

Next, I wanted to add some more posts to my editorial calendar. I did come up with a bunch of new post ideas, but haven’t yet added them to my calendar. I struggle with scheduling posts, because I never really know what I’m going to feel like writing. I need to set that aside and “Just Do It!”

I wanted to complete the book I am reading, A Story Unfinished (that’s an affiliate link), I haven’t finished it yet, but I am quite close to being done. I’ll definitely get it completed this week.

Finally, I wanted to get all my chores done ahead of time so that I could enjoy the weekend more – pure success here! I did laundry throughout the week, and kept up with the cleaning around the house. I was able to fully relax this weekend, and not stress too much about everything needing to be cleaned.

This Week’s Wishes / Goals

  •  Stick to my workout and meal plan for the weekyou can read about it here.
  • Keep up with my chores throughout the week. This has left me feeling awesome and relaxed over the weekends, that I want to keep it up. I seem to do best when it is one of my goals, so it’s on the list!
  • Finish my book, A Story Unfinished, and start a new one, just haven’t decided which one it will be yet.
  • Make time to start the class I signed up for almost a month ago. It’s an online course, one you work at your own pace, but I’m already 3 weeks behind, I need to get on it.

Alright, that will about do it. Be sure to stop on over and visit Melyssa, and The Nectar Collective.

The Nectar Collective

Your turn!

I’d love to hear some of your goals for the week. Share in the comments below!

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