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Friday Fitness – Restart

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO thrilled to be here again. It has been one heck of a week and I’m really excited for the weekend. A certain someone special in my life has a birthday on Saturday (Seamus), so we’ll be celebrating that, otherwise we’ll be doing some stuff around the house and some major relaxing.


Friday Fitness

I’ve been thinking, and I decided that my blog needs a new (old) series. For those of you who have been reading since I started, you may remember when I had a post that I did every Friday where I talked about my fitness goals, the weight I lost or didn’t lose, whether I was tracking my food, etc (you can read all of the old Friday Fitness posts, here). It kept me accountable, until it didn’t, and the reason it didn’t was because I began making excuses and then just decided to cancel the series because I hated sharing my failures each week.

I’m at a point now, where I truly believe that I am ready to lose the weight and that my mind is too. I’ve had a few different instances over the last week, where I was craving junk food (Tim Bits to be exact), and after really thinking about it, I realized I didn’t want them and that I didn’t want to feel like crap after eating them. It was easy for me to turn away! I hope this means that I am beginning my road to recovery.

 Steps to Better Health

I’ve begun taking steps to better health, I recently signed-up to be a Beachbody Coach, I’m really excited about this and will be sharing more as time goes on. Since I signed-up as a coach, I chose my first Beachbody program and went with the 21 day FIX. If you’re interested in learning more about Beachbody and their workouts and having me as your coach (for free – your only cost is that of the challenge pack) or are interested in becoming a coach for yourself (again more details on this in a few days), you can visit my page by clicking here.


So, how this is going to work, is that I will be sharing my weekly goals and in future weeks, I’ll be sharing my success/failure from the past week. My goal is not to cop out after a few weeks, even if I fail. Failure is a part of getting into shape, especially when you are as out of shape and overweight as I am, I want you guys to know me as a real person. So I will be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly!

Exercise Goals

I will be working out 7 days a week for 30 minutes, following the 21 day FIX schedule. I can do anything for 30 minutes!

Food Goals

I will also be following the 21 day FIX food plan, which I will share more in detail in future posts.

Here’s to a really great week of workouts!

Your turn!

I’d love to hear what your goals are, or what workouts you’re doing?

Has anyone ever done a Beachbody workout before? What are your thoughts?

If you want to start your Monday off on a generous foot and want to support cancer research, donate to my ride. I’m riding for Roswell Park Cancer Institute and their Ride for Roswell. Anything will help me reach my goal, and further advance cancer research. Just click HERE to donate.


Friday Fitness

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life but even at times when I’ve been overweight, I was in pretty good shape because I’ve always been so active. Unfortunately I can no longer say that. I did not gain much while pregnant, it was pretty much all baby and water weight. About two weeks after Emmett was born, I was back down to my pre-baby weight but I had fallen completely out of shape.

I started taking short walks with Emmett at about 3 weeks out and I realized what poor shape I was in. I was pretty disappointed! I say all this not because I am beating myself up, I realize I grew life inside me and then birthed it out, but because I want to get back to where I was, that felt good!

With that being said, I do my best when I set hard and fast rules for myself. I want need to get back into the shape I was in last September. I ran (with some walking mixed in) a half marathon, I was on top of the world, so I know I can do it. So I plan on posting my weekly goals every Friday under the heading “Friday Fitness.”

I’m hoping that by sharing on my blog, I will hold myself accountable for everything on here so that I can only report success. Each week I will share the amount of weight I’ve lost, the amount I have left to lose, my food goals and my fitness goals, and I want you as the reader to feel free to join me by sharing your goals below. We can hold each other accountable!

Goals for 9/28/12 – 10/4/2012:

Amount Lost:

Since this is my first week I do not have an amount to share for how much I’ve lost.

Amount Remaining to Lose:

119.6 (Yep! I have a ways to go!)

Food Goals:

  • Snacks are my downfall. I need to work on cutting out all the snacks that have no nutritional value.
  • Eat more fruit and veg. By doing the above, this one should come naturally
  • EAT. AT. HOME. I have such a habit of grabbing food out while I’m running errands. I will allow myself to go out for 1 dinner and 1 lunch a week.
  • Find some new recipes that Seamus and I can make for dinners

Fitness Goals:

  • Get my butt to a gym and open a membership with them. I have two gyms in mind, one of them has a pool which is the one I’m leaning towards because I love swimming but I want to ensure the rest of the gym is in good condition before actually joining.
  • Walk! There is NEVER an excuse not to put Emmett in the stroller and hit the pavement, even if it’s for a short jaunt.
  • Make my fitness goals a top priority!

Alright, so next week, I will report back with how things went. I will be reporting back with success, just an FYI. 😉

You’re turn! – What are you health and fitness goals?


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