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Fitness Friday – 5 Things Friday

It’s Friday!

I know most people are super excited that it’s Friday, but I’m not. That means the majority of my vacation is done and over with. I don’t go back until next Thursday, but I am not looking forward to that. Either way, here we are again at my Fitness Friday post.

Fitness-Fridays,-a-blog-link-up-Baby-Doodah-and-The-Panda-PostThis week I thought I’d shake things around her up a little and go with 5 things from the past week, that I thought you should know about.

  • Yesterday I weighed-in for a work incentive. If I had lost 15% of my body weight in 6 months I would have been eligible for a $250 prize. I didn’t get it. 🙁 I was .9 over my goal weight. SO frustrating! I did have 6 months to complete the loss, so the fault lies completely with me, but I’m still frustrated with myself. However, I have the opportunity to lose an additional 15% by January of 2015 to earn $250, so I’ll be focusing on that and I WILL get there.
  • This vacation has been anything BUT productive. I got done the things I absolutely needed to do but getting ahead on my blog, or getting things with my Beachbody business scheduled pretty much did NOT happen. Honestly, though, I’m not all that disappointed. I work my tail off all the time, I deserve some real genuine down time.
  • My sweet baby boy Emmett is going to be TWO YEARS OLD on Tuesday. Can you believe that!? No big parties this year. Since my sister and her family is in town visiting, we’ll have a small dinner at my parent’s house on Saturday. On his actual birthday we’re planning on going to the zoo and then to Friendly’s. I’m hoping my little boy enjoys his special day!! Dear Emmett
  • My eating hasn’t been the greatest this week, but it has not been as bad as vacations in the past. We’ve gone out for lunch a few times and, get this, I’ve actually STOPPED eating when I was full. Like legitimately left 1/2 a sandwich on my plate, because I was full. I felt strong and empowered and in charge of my life when I did this. GO ME!
  • My husband surprised me with a new mouse yesterday, it’s super cute and blue. I’m loving it!!

 Now Onto the Goals

Amount of Weight Lost

I actually didn’t weigh myself this morning. After yesterday’s disappointment of not losing enough to be eligible for the $250, I didn’t want to see what the scale would say this morning.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up, or quitting, or any other such thing. I simply took a vacation from everything for the week (and it felt good!!!).

Exercise Goals

Last week, I said I wanted to workout 6 days and also run or bike twice. Well, I stuck to part of this. I worked out about 4 times and went on a couple walks with Emmett. Not terrible!

Next week, I want to get back into my focused 21 Day Fix practice. So, 6 days of working out with that and 2 run/walk or bike days.

Food Goals

My plan for this past week was to stick with the Shakeology and 21 Day Fix meal plan. I stuck with Shakeology, but I veered a bit from the actual meal plan. I had some food that doesn’t fit BUT I ate it in moderation and I do not feel guilty.

Next week I’m back on track!! Shakeology and clean eating!

Fitness Friday - Joint Pic

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Your turn!

What are your 5 things from this week?

Do you ever eat “off your meal plan” while you’re on vacation?


My Finds Friday – Link Up

Happy My Finds Friday!


Who else besides me is super excited to be here again? At Friday, that is. I can’t even say it was a bad week, I just love the weekends so much. I love spending the time with my family, even if we’ll be spending most of it packing. 🙂 Tomorrow is also Super Saturday at Sears, so we’ll be spending part of our afternoon at Sears buying a new washer and dryer for our new home. I’m actually really psyched about this! I’ve never owned my own washer and dryer and for some reason I feel really grown-up going out to buy a set.

So what’s on our agenda for the weekend? Not much. We’ll be packing, going to Sears (as mentioned above) and then grocery shopping on Sunday. Despite the packing, it should be a pretty restful weekend… love those!

Now – Time for My Finds Friday!

Top Three Blog Articles I’m Lovin’

  • Emmett’s a pretty active toddler, flying from one activity to the next, but he doesn’t seem to be too out of control. However, one day he may need a break and a chance to calm down, this “Calm Down” jar by Daily Mom is a fantastic idea. One I will be keeping in my back pocket for the future.
  • It’s not secret around these parts that I struggle with my eating. Part of the problem is my all or nothing mentality, in this article on Science-Based Medicine, it talks about the book The Diet Fix, and the logic behind it. There are no gimics or quick fixes (which we all know), but there is also no reason to cut certain foods out if you don’t have negative effects from them. This is definitely a book I will be looking into.
  • In the same vain, this article on Mind, Body, Green, discusses the phases in which you can completely eliminate sugar from your diet. It’s a quick read and very comprehensive.

Top Video of the Week

A friend of mine shared this video with me earlier in the week and the end had me crying, I was laughing so hard.

Top Recipe of The Week

This delicious Paleo breakfast casserole is something you should make this weekend. I made it Sunday and split it up and took it all week long. Super delicious! It tasted great with some hot sauce sprinkled on top, as well.

Top Workout of the Week

Okay, this isn’t a specific workout, but it is a workout timer that has shown to be very effective over the last couple of weeks. Twice a day a few of my co-workers and I have been meeting to do a certain exercise in the Tabata Format, and this app, Tabata-Timer is awesome! It works perfectly and is so simple to use. I recommend you download it and go down some Tabatas right now!

Tabata Timer 1 Tabata Timer

Alright, that about does it for this week! Be sure to link-up below and share any great articles from your blog, or any other fun finds from the past week.


Baby Doodah

Your turn!

Have you ever done a Tabata? What exercises have you done using tabata? Share in the comments below!


My Finds Friday – Stress

Happy Friday everyone!! Today I’m focusing on stress and ways to deal with stress.

What a week! I have not looked forward to a weekend as much as I did this week, in a long time. I love my job but a lot of the changes that are going on are really getting to me, it’s all out of my control and most everything is completely unknown, and we’re all aware that the unknown can be pretty stressful. I apologize for being so vague, but I am not comfortable sharing all the nitty gritty of my job right now.

Anyhow, in an effort to try and decompress from the past week, I’ve found a bunch of great websites that offer helpful tips to manage stress and to overcome it. Stop in and give them all some love!


There has never been a LESS stressful moment.

Great Links for Ways to Deal with Stress

  • I love this article from the Huffington Post! It gives you 20 ways to de-stress, but the best part about it, is that most everything is easy enough to do anywhere, even the office. Considering stress, for most people, occurs at their job, being able to relieve it is a great thing.
  • There are ways in which we can de-stress our entire life, this article from Discovery Health, shares ideas on how to do that.
  • 12 Ways to Decompress after High Stress – couldn’t be more perfect! Some of them are repeats from the first article, but there some different ones on there are just brilliant. I think my favorite might be “love.” Being around Emmett and Seamus makes my whole day better, almost instantly.
  • This doesn’t directly have to do with stress (but it kind of does), I love pancakes and frequently ask Seamus to make them on the weekends. He’ll usually make them but it ends up being such a mess, then I found this recipe and I’m thinking this will be a great way to make pancakes without the HUGE mess. 2 Ingredient Panacakes! They may not take the place of regular pancakes, but they will definitely do in a pinch.
  • And because it’s Fall and I love anything apple cinnamon, check out Run Eat Repeat’s, Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins.

Alright folks, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a wonderful and stress-FREE weekend!

Your turn!

Share your finds for the week and link-up below!

My Finds Friday – Motivation

My have Friday’s changed…

I’m sitting on my porch typing this, while up and down my street are younger folks, on their porches (because tonight is gorgeous) having what I can only guess are dinner parties. Laughing loudly, drinking wine, plainly enjoying themselves. I’m sure they’re all having fun, but me? I’d rather sit on my porch and quietly write a blog post, that is fun to me. 😀

Boy do I have some great Friday finds for you this week, so much motivation! Be sure to click the links and give everyone some love.

(These are in no particular order.)

  • As I continue on my quest to find a healthy and motivational balance when it comes to working out, I love reading things about different workouts. Reading what others have done to lose weight and get on the right track to health is so motivational. This week I came across this post on Fitocracy about a guy (the author of the article) who lost 150 lbs, just by getting into running. Check the post out here, I swear you’ll be moved to put on your shoes and head out the door.
  • Carrots ‘n’ Cake made the list again this week, this girl seriously inspires me to be my best! Every single one of her posts is about working out hard and eating healthy, what’s more motivational than that?! Check it out here. Tina’s a crossfitter, so she is frequently writing about her WODs and her Paleo diet, both of which interest me to no end.
  • I think most of us are trying to live a full life but also save money in the process, one my favorite blogs that deals with issues like these is Living Well Spending Less. Recently the author, Ruth, made a post about a service that assists in meal planning called eMeals.com. I haven’t signed up yet, but from what I gather the meal plan and list are pretty comprehensive and will work with whatever kind of diet restrictions you have (including Gluten-Free and Paleo). If you’re interested, you can visit her post here, and use her coupon code to get 15% off your new membership.
  • If you’re looking for a serious calorie burner that you can do in about 30 minutes, check out She Rocks Fitness. She recently posted a workout that looks like an extreme calorie torcher, you can check it out here.
  • Finally, one of my favorite mom fashion blogs is Ain’t No Mom Jeans. She recently made a post with tips on how to layer necklaces, check it out here. I love the look of layered necklaces but am never really sure how to do it so it looks right, this post has some really fantastic advice on how to do it.

It’s your turn…

Have you worked with or used eMeals before? If so, weigh-in below.

What are some of your favorite fast workouts that get you moving and provide you motivation?


First Birthday Video

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m so glad the weekend is here and I get to spend time with my guys, but tonight I am tired and just going to make a quick post before relaxing on the couch with some TV.

We took this video on Emmett’s actual first birthday, when we were at Friendly’s.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt by the straw, it had just tickled him.

I’ll share more this weekend, but today was such an AMAZING day!

Question of the day:

How did you spend your Friday?

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