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Weekly Wishes – Animals

This week’s Weekly Wishes theme is animals.

Weekly Wishes is a link-up started by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. It is a place where you can post and share you wishes and goals for the week ahead on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc and then link it up on Melyssa’s blog. I LOVE doing this because it holds me accountable for the week ahead. I’ve shared my goals with the world (through my blog) and I know people will read and wonder whether I stuck to my goals. It definitely keeps me honest!

Is it really the start of a brand new week, again? I swear we were just here yesterday. Ah well, the days are just flying by, which reminds me to make sure I try and slow down some, and take in as much as I can about this time of year. It just zooms by and I really want to enjoy every moment with Seamus and Emmett.

Despite the last few days flying by, it has been an amazing weekend full of so much love, fun and a lot of great food. We had an amazing time with our in-laws on Thanksgiving and the day after, and then a lot of fun with my family on Saturday and Sunday morning. I’ll be sharing more about it, and all of the details in a future post, but it is no surprise that time flew by so quickly.

Weekly-Wishes-animalsAs I mentioned above, this week’s theme is animals. We currently do not have any animals in our house, so instead I used a picture of my animal from this weekend. Emmett was so hyper and all over the place at both my in-laws and mom’s house and this was just one of the many pictures we got of him being a cute little crazy person. Goodness I love him!

So how did I do with last week’s wishes?

My first goal was to get an oil change. Bam! I did it! Wednesday on lunch, I ran to Valvoline and got a quick oil change, I was in and out. I’m sure my car was happy.

Then, I made a goal to not eat like a glutton on Thanksgiving. Once again, a total win! I had one serving at both of my Thanksgiving celebrations and I am super proud. I only ate what I liked and took just enough until I was full, it felt good to not be disgustingly stuffed.

And now for this week’s, Weekly Wishes…

  • Do a couple loads of laundry throughout the week. Since we’re back into the swing of a normal week, I want to get back into the routine of doing a couple loads of laundry here and there, rather than all at once on Sunday.
  • Move 3 times. It’s no secret that I have gotten so terribly out of shape, I want to change that. Right now my back is in really bad shape, every time I stand up, it feels like someone is stabbing me on the right hip/pelvis area and I can feel it pressing on my sciatic nerve. This likely means I have a disc that is starting to bulge, because this is what I went through 3 or 4 years ago. I need to be very careful with my back, until I can strengthen it, because of that I would like to perform yoga 3 times throughout this week.
  • Check at least 2 more people off of my Christmas list. I’m done shopping for about a handful of people, but still have a bunch to go. I really don’t want to wait until the last minute to find gifts for people, so I’d like to check off at least 2 more this week.

And that’s it, those are my wishes for the week ahead.

Be sure to stop on over and visit Melyssa, from The Nectar Collective and link-up.

The Nectar Collective

Your turn!

What are some of your big goals for the week ahead?

Friday Fitness

Amount Lost:


Another fantastic Weigh-in!!

Amount Remaining to Lose:


Food Goals:

  • Continue to track all meals!

Tracked everyday except for today and that is because I give myself the day off from tracking once a week so that I do not become overwhelmed with “writing down” everything thing I eat.

  • Find a new recipe to make with Seamus

We found a new recipe but we  are holding off on making it until after Thanksgiving because it is a Thanksgiving-like crock-pot meal. I’ll share it after we make it.

  • Continue to slowly make the switch from processed foods to whole foods

I made a very conscious effort to buy more vegetables and to actually eat them and I plan on rolling that into next week. I still struggle with cutting out frozen lunches because I have so little time to make a lunch that I go for something low fat and and fast but I don’t want to beat myself up too much over this. I’m making the journey slowly but surely.

Fitness Goals:

  • Get in extra steps!

I’ve been parking farther away from the door at work and when I go to stores. I’ve been take the extra walk during the day to fill my water bottle in the cafeteria instead of just the nearby water fountain. It feels great to get up and move more during the day.

  • Complete at least 3 workouts.

I only did 1 “official” workout over my steps. I need to start working harder at this goal.

  • Find time to do some stretching breaks throughout the day. It feels good and assists in the recovery of sore muscles.

I can check this one off! I have a great stretching routine that I am doing at least twice during the day. I do it right after I finish pumping before I walk back to my desk. It’s really perking me up and putting an extra pep in my step.

Goals for 11/16/2012 – 11/22/2012:

Food Goals:

  •  Continued consistent tracking
  • Eat sensibly on Thanksgiving.

No need to be a pig but no need to be completely restrictive either.

  • Increase my veggie by 2 additional servings a day, this will put me at 5 a day.

Fitness Goals:

  • Continue to fit in more and more ways to get in added steps throughout the day.
  • Get in 3 workouts
  • Continue with my stretching breaks.

They make me feel good, so why quit!?

What are your goals for the next week?

Friday Fitness

Results for 11/2/2012 – 11/8/2012

Amount Lost:

1.4 lbs

I felt so great when I stepped on the scale this week!

Amount Remaining to Lose:

122.6 lbs

Food Goals:

  • TRACK! Track Track and Track some more! I did a really great job of it this week, I want to continue on into next week.
I tracked ALL week, the good, bad and the ugly, it all went into my tracker and I am very proud of myself!
  • Keep on packin’ that lunch. I’m alright with going out to lunch one time, on Friday.
Packed my lunch all week and ONLY went out on Friday.
  • Make healthy and mindful choices.
There was only one instance this week where I let my emotions get the better of me when making food choices, otherwise I did very well at ensuring I took the time to think about what I was going to put into my mouth.
Fitness Goals:
  • Since I purchased a yoga mat yesterday (and it should be arriving Monday), resume practicing of yoga. Yay!
Check!! I only used it once but once is better than none!
  • Continue to try to get at least 10 minutes of movement in 5 out of the 7 days.
Another check!! I made sure to park my car further away and walk more, even if it was just a light walk. I just wanted to ensure I moved more.
  • Stick to my workout schedule. I’m only asking for 3 days for 30 minutes a day, this go around. I can do it!

I worked out twice. My yoga workout I mentioned above and also a brisk walk. Not 3 but I am heading in the right direction!

Goals for 11/10/2012 – 11/15/2012:

Food Goals:

  • Continue to track all meals!

When I am consistent with my tracking it eventually becomes a hobby and becomes second nature. On top of that, being mindful of what I am putting into my body helps me eat better.

  • Find a new recipe to make with Seamus
  • Continue to slowly make the switch from processed foods to whole foods

Fitness Goals:

  • Get in extra steps!

I purchased a FitBit and it’s really motivated me to walk further to work towards making 10,000 steps a day. In the past week I’ve begun parking further away from any place I’m going into and I’d like to continue this and maybe add in some walks during the day at work. Quick walking breaks around the building.

  • Complete at least 3 workouts.
  • Find time to do some stretching breaks throughout the day. It feels good and assists in the recovery of sore muscles.
I’d love to hear all about your goals for the week! 
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