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Our Favorite Things – 3 to 6 Months

It’s kind of mind blowing that another three months has passed. Seriously! After I had completed the last “Our Favorite Things” post I said to myself, that it would be ages before I’d be writing another one of these but that is just not the case. Time has FLOWN and it’s time to write another post.

But, without further ado, Our 3 to 6 month favorite items:

1. Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Emmett has enjoyed this from the moment we purchased it but in the beginning he’d just sit and look around at all the different items on its tray. Now the second we place him in the jumperoo he goes crazy, jumping and squealing. It is THE cutest thing! Seamus and I find ourselves frequently laughing at him when he’s jumping away.


2. HALO SleepSack

We have about 4 of these and Emmett loves them and so do I. It is a great way to keep him warm in the Winter months without having to use blankets. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone for when your baby has grown out of the swaddler and is ready to have their arms free while they sleep.


3. Bumbo Floor Seat

I know there was a recall a few months back on this seat but when used properly this thing is THE best! We have ours pretty much permanently placed on the floor in the kitchen, so that we can put Emmett in it while we’re cooking or doing other things. This way he’s in the room with us so we can keep an eye on him and he can see us and doesn’t get lonely, it’s the best for both of us. The one thing I would recommend is waiting until your baby can support his/her neck before using the seat, otherwise I think they’d be pretty uncomfortable all squashed down.


4. Boppy Pillow

I know I mentioned this in our last favorite things post but it continues to be one of the best gifts we were giving. I use it multiple times a day and it has made nursing Emmett such a breeze. This is a fantastic gift to give to someone who’s baby shower you will be going to soon. They’re useful even if you don’t use it for nursing because the baby can use it for supportive sitting until they are strong enough to sit alone.


5. Vtech Move & Crawl Ball 

This ball is a lot of fun. From the moment you turn it on and touch a button it moves and sings right along. It wiggles all around every time you touch a button and since it has flashing lights too, it really holds Emmett’s attention for quite awhile. I actually have to admit to sitting and playing with it to hear all it has to say because it seems endless.

6. Blankets

Blankets have been so useful, they have multiple purposes now. We use them for when Emmett spits up but also to lay on the floor for him to play with. I don’t have a specific brand that I would recommend, I’d just say that you should have a ton on hand with a baby at this age.

**Not a paid review**

A Visit With Santa

This past weekend Emmett and I went down to visit my parents and go to a local club’s children’s Christmas party. I remember going to these parties as a child and always getting really awesome toys so I was excited to take Emmett and see what sort of surprises he’d get. Plus I wanted the opportunity to take some adorable pics of him and Santa and not have to go to a mall to do it.


Emmett was in a fantastic mood which was quite a relief because with the trouble sleeping he’d been having I was concerned that he’d have a meltdown but he was an absolutely perfect little boy! I think he knew that Santa was there and was checking his list. 😉

santa-3 santa-4 santa-5 santa-6 santa-7 santa-8 santa-10

This photo makes me giggle. I love my mom's eyes above Emmett's head.

This photo makes me giggle. I love my mom’s eyes above Emmett’s head.

When I have the camera, I get kind of carried away and take all sorts of pictures. I never want to miss anything so I get a lot of goofy faces but as you can see, in the end, I get some great shots too and I also end up deleting a bunch too. Ah, the beauty of a digital camera!

How the luncheon works is you go in find a seat and help yourself to some “orange drink” (that’s what it’s called) which is just some super sugary drink colored orange, that I suppose has a taste that resembles oranges, either way, I avoided the orange drink and just had water, then you’re served lunch which was chicken fingers and french fries. Then FINALLY it’s time for Santa!!!!

They call each child from a family all at the same time so that all of the siblings get their gifts together and so that the parents can have their photo op. There weren’t a ton of kids there but enough where some had to wait for awhile, thankfully we didn’t have to worry about that this year, Emmett was content to just sit and play, or have a blow out, as the case may be.

While Emmett waited for his turn, he fell asleep on my shoulder. I love when that little guys falls asleep on me because his teeny tiny baby snores are just the perfect sound ever. Once he woke up he went back to my mom and sat on her lap, that’s when he decided that it was a good time to poop and blow out his adorable (new) outfit. What a kid! Ha! So off to the bathroom we went to change it quickly because his name hadn’t yet been called for his gift and we weren’t sure when it would be, though we did have his Aunt Bridget out there to let Santa know what happened and that we’d be back. I’m glad we did because we weren’t finished cleaning Baby Doodah up, when they called his name. Once he was all set, we took him on out to meet Santa for the first time and get his very first wrapped present.


santa-20 santa-12 santa-15 santa-11santa-16 santa-14 santa-13

Finally Meeting Santa!

Finally Meeting Santa!


santa-109 santa-18

I think he ended up liking the paper on the gift better than he liked the gift but it was a really awesome gift for a 4 1/2 month old boy.

The Wonderment on His Face Warms My Heart

The Wonderment on His Face Warms My Heart


Posing With His First Christmas Present

Posing With His First Christmas Present

It was a really lovely weekend that lead into a really crappy early week (post to follow).

Does anyone have any great Santa stories to share?

Weekend Recap

It was a really great weekend in the Baby Doodah household, lots of family fun was had!

Fisher Price is located about 20 miles from where we live and they have a toy store on premises. We’ve been trying to get out there for a couple weeks but it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another but we FINALLY made it out there this weekend.

You’re not allowed to take pictures in the store so the above picture is the only one we have but this is good enough!

The store itself was no more special or unique than going into a Toys ‘R’ Us or even the toy section of Target. Obviously the toys are all Fisher-Price or Mattel Brand (FP’s parent company) but it wasn’t exactly like I expected. I’ll be honest, I was hoping to walk into this wonderland of toys, kind of like when I walked into F.A.O. Schwartz in NYC. But that’s alright, we had a purpose for going, we wanted to get Emmett a jumperoo/exerc-saucer and they had the exact one we wanted!

Emmett’s New Toy! “Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo”

A baby shouldn’t use the toy unless their feet touch the floor (as per their instructions), since Emmett’s didn’t quite reach, we improvised and now it’s perfect! Right now he loves it in small doses but just like with his Fisher Price Swing, I believe he’ll work his way up to LOVING everything about it for longer and longer.

Just an FYI – we did not find the prices at the actual Fisher-Price store to be any cheaper than any other department store or even online but like I said earlier, we went more for the experience.

After we wandered around the toy store for awhile we headed to Five Guys in Hamburg. They just opened up a new location there and Seamus and I wanted to give it a try. It was pretty busy but (as always) their burgers were delicious!

Sunday was a super relaxing, lay around in your jammies, kind of day. Neither Seamus nor Emmett left the house at all yesterday and I only left for about 30 minutes while I made a bagel, orange juice and coffee run. It was a very restorative day!

Here’s to everyone having a fantastic Thanksgiving week!

How was your weekend?

The Week in Pictures

Emmett Love His Blanket

Random Heart on our Drying Mat

Reading with Aunt Bridget

Having a Chat with Mommy

Our First Trip to the Fisher Price Toy Store

Holding His Own Bottle

Finally New Phones at Work! Voice Over IP!

“I just needed to cool off mom.”

Our Favorite Things – 0 to 3 Months

We were very fortunate to receive a number of gifts making the transition from no baby to baby, relatively easy. With that said, I wanted to share some of our favorite items, my hope is that someone will find this list when they’re looking for a review of an item and it will make their decision a tiny bit easier.

In no particular order…

1Consumer Reports Online Website

Seriously! This might seem really silly but it was one of the BEST purchases I made. I was able to go onto their website and search for items to determine their safety and assembly rating.

When I was registering for our gifts, I had the toughest time making decisions because the reviews for multiple items would be great and the colors would be perfect but this made it easy. I’d find the top two or three rated items on their site, compare real people reviews of those 2 or 3 items and make my decision from there. It really simplified how certain items were chosen. The website isn’t all encompassing but things like cribs, car seats, strollers, are all there and with the trusted Consumer Reports review.

If you’re expecting a baby, I HIGHLY recommend you get a membership. It was $6.95 a month when I was a member and it’s a month to month subscription, so you can cancel at any time.

2: Fisher-Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper

The experts recommend that a baby sleep in the same room with their parents for the first 3 months of life to reduce the risk of SIDS. The issue for us is that we live in an apartment with VERY small bedrooms so fitting a full sized pack and play in with our bed, would have been quite a squeeze.

One day while searching for a portable bassinets on Amazon, I came across this baby and I was immediately sold! It is approved for infants to sleep in, is 100% portable and fit perfectly on the side of our bed without taking up so much room that we were crawling over it. Emmett loved it and we had a hard time transitioning him from sleeping in this to his actual crib.

3: Boppy Pillow

Not everyone will need or want a Boppy pillow, however for myself and Emmett, it was absolutely necessary. I am nursing him and putting this pillow around my waist and laying him in front allows everything to be much more comfortable.

There are other brands of pillows on the market for nursing mothers but I am unable to compare because I’ve only ever used the Boppy and I love it!

4: Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

When Emmett was first born he roomed with us (in his own cradle). Seamus and I use an air purifier as a white noise machine for ourselves, so we knew when we moved Emmett to his own room he’d require something similar. This machine has worked perfectly for us! It is small, lightweight and affordable. It plays a bunch of different sounds and music and you can also connect your mp3 player or iPod/iPhone to it and play music from it through the sound machine’s speakers. It also has a night light which I like because we leave it on all night long, so that when I go in to nurse Emmett in the middle of the night it’s not pitch black in there.

5: Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing

There have been days when I could not have lived without this item. You can read the product description but it is just phenomenal! It swings 3 different ways, has 6 different speeds, plays music has a mirror above the baby and some birds/leaves that float around, so perfect. Emmett has taken many a nap in his swing on days when he would just not sleep in his crib. Not much more to say other than it’s a life saver!

6: Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer

At first glance it may seem as though you might not need both the swing and the bouncer but in my opinion, you do. The swing is great for calming a baby when they’re screaming or need a nap but the bouncer is mobile and you can bring that with you to the bathroom when they won’t let you out of their sight and you so desperately need a shower.

7: Summer Infant Swaddleme Blanket

Swaddling a baby is easy and can be done with just a blanket but using one of these is even easier and doesn’t come undone like a regular blanket will. Emmett has slept in one since the day he came home from the hospital and will continue to until he starts rolling form back to belly (it is no longer safe for their arms to be swaddled up at this point). These are great at keeping baby warm and for soothing them, making them feel as though they’re in the small enclosed space of their mother’s womb.

8: Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

This item has come in handy countless times when I’ve needed to put Emmett down for a quick minute and no where is really safe for him other than on the floor, the mat is slightly padded so it’s not like placing him on the hard wood. There are also numerous little toys that come with it and tons of little notches to place them on. When Emmett was new, this was great for him to just lay under and look at and work on his eyesight, as well as do his tummy time but now he spends hours on it between back and belly. The center star lights up and plays music so that catches and holds his attention and then reaching for the items has now become his favorite activity.

9: The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling

Best. Baby. Tub. Ever! Seriously!

When you first bring the baby home from the hospital you can’t give them a full bath because you’re not allowed to get their belly buttons wet and if you’ve had a boy and had him circumcised you can’t get that wet either. The sling that comes with this tub hooks to the top and allows you to lay the baby in the tub without them getting wet. This way you’re able to give them a sponge bath and let the water drain into the tub instead of all over your counter. Now that Emmett is older and able to get wet he sits right in it on the reclining side and loves it. It supports him well and he’s able to sit, kick and play and enjoy the sensation of the water without me needing to constantly hold him in place.

10: Avent Bottles and Pacifiers

Emmett is exclusively breastfed but since about 6 weeks old he’s been given at least one bottle of pumped breastmilk a day so that he could get used to it before going to day care. He’s responded very well to all of the Avent bottles, we’ve never had any trouble.

And the same goes for their pacifiers. Emmett has used one since his first week of birth and has enjoyed them on and off without any trouble with his latching to my breast or to his bottles.

11: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Before going to our breastfeeding class, Seamus and I had tossed around the idea of getting an inexpensive pump but after going to the class and hearing the lactation consultant explain what can happen to your breasts and nipples if you do not use the proper pump, we decided to go with the Medela pump. Yes it is $300 but it is so worth it! I’ve had 3 different lactation consultants, who were in no way affiliated with Medela tell me that they’re the best and well worth what you pay for (I tend to agree).

If you happen to live in the Western New York area, I recommend purchasing your pump at The Care Connection. It is a locally owned small business that specializes in breastfeeding and breastfeeding supplies. If you purchase your pump there, they will ensure you are given the proper sized phalanges and will show you how to use it. You can certainly purchase the same one at a department store but you won’t receive the personalized attention that you do at The Care Connection.

Okay, so that’s the list so far. I’m sure as the months tick away we’ll have a new list of favorites and I’ll be sure to share with you then.

I’d love to hear what you found most useful or couldn’t have lived without. Or you can even feel free to share items that you found were completely pointless!

*Not paid reviews*

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