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Baby Book

When we first brought Emmett home from the hospital, we realized that we didn’t have some of the things that would be most helpful for a 4 day old baby so Seamus went out to buy what we needed. One of his stops was at Target, where he found THE most perfect memory book for Emmett. It’s a “just one you” brand by Carter’s, here’s a similar version since they don’t seem to be making the monkey one any longer but I did find the same version on Amazon.

baby-bookIn keeping up with this blog and other life events, I just haven’t had the time to fill out the baby book. Obviously I don’t want to forget any little detail because I’d love to eventually have it completed for E baby, so I’m going to use the different “fill in the blank” sections as prompts for some blog posts. Then I can always print out the post and paste it in his book when I find time and I won’t have forgotten anything.

The Day of Our Engagement

The Day of Our Engagement

The very first prompt is, “all about mommy and daddy,” “how mommy and daddy met.” Well my sweet boy, your momma and daddy met in a rather nontraditional way, we met through Match.com. Momma had joined for only a month, to see who was online with maybe the possibility of a few dates but nothing serious happened in the first 30 days. The day AFTER my membership ended I received an email from someone, who in his pictures was handsome and whose profile was interesting, so I rejoined for another month so that I could see his full email and get his contact information. Your dad and I emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and spoke on the phone to get to know one another and eventually met in person. We were both pretty smitten with one another right off the bat and spent a lot of our first date talking and flirting.  Momma spent a good chunk of the date talking about which vegetables she likes cooked and which vegetables she likes uncooked. Super exciting, right!? 😉 Your dad still picks on me about it to this day but it’s all good natured fun.

I really enjoy telling the story of how we met, so when you’re older I’ll tell it to you in more detail.

Emmett Birth Story (Part 2)

After our last sonogram, I had my weekly OB appointment the next day. I’m not sure how other doctor’s offices work but with mine, when they call your name they take you back and do your weight, blood pressure and pee test and then take you back to your room. While the nurse was doing my pee test she goes, “So you’re going in soon, huh!?” She kind of threw me off because at this point, I still assumed I was going to 40 weeks. I mean, my doctor and I had discussed going a week early because of my BP but nothing had been set in stone but sure enough, they were planning to induce me at 39 weeks, which fell on Monday 7/23/12.

From our last sonogram

From our last sonogram











 When you are induced you go in the night before hand so that they can insert Cervidil, which will speed up the ripening of your cerivix. Since Seamus and I knew this would be the last day that we would just be a family of two we wanted to mark the occasion with a special lunch/dinner. We decided to go to the Irishman, which is located in Williamsville, NY.

The Irishman isn’t just another restaurant for us! It is is where Seamus and I had our very first date back in 2007 and also where we had dinner the night that he proposed, so it was only fitting that we commemorate our last meal as two, here. After our meal, our waitress asked me when I was due and I shared with her that I was going in that evening to be induced. She congratulated us and remarked that we had chosen their restaurant to have our “last meal,” so we explained why to her. It may not have meant anything to her but it means a lot to us to know that we’ve kept the tradition of our oh so special meals there.

We were scheduled to be admitted into the hospital at 7 PM and so we had several hours to kill before then. We came home and I puttered around the house, ensuring that I had everything ready in my hospital bag and also making sure we had all of the things we’d need for Emmett. I know everyone tells  you that the hospital provides everything for baby but since I’d never had a child before I wasn’t sure so I wanted to be prepared. In the end, everyone was right, they definitely DO provide you with everything you need while you’re there.

Our hospital bags!

Even after spending time a ton of time checking and rechecking our bags, I had so much time to kill before we had to head to the hospital. I was FULL of nervous energy but eventually the clock ticked by and it was twenty after 6 and time to GO!

To be continued…

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