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My Finds Friday – Holidays

Happy Holidays and My Finds Friday!

Hi readers! I’ve had THE best day, I’ve had the day off and spent the morning cuddling, playing and rough housing with Emmett. It was so much fun, and something I wish I could do everyday. I do not hate my job, but being a stay at home mom would be such an amazing thing. Ah well, no use dwelling on that, let’s share what else made this day so great…

We got our Christmas tree! It’s our first real Christmas tree as a family, and actually, it’s Emmett’s first Christmas tree in his home. Last year I was just so worn out from going back to work and being a new mom that I decided not to decorate. This year, I am going all out, nothing gaudy or over the top but our house will feel like Christmas. Heck, it already SMELLS like Christmas, because of this delicious Christmas tree.

my-finds-friday-holidaysMore about our trip to Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure in another post, now it’s time for some great finds for the holidays.

Alright, those are my finds for the week!

Your turn?

What are some of your finds from the past week? Link them up below!


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