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Happy Thanksgiving & an Update on Emmett?

Since there is no greater time to be grateful than Thanksgiving, I decided that I wanted to share an update on Emmett, since he is one of the top people I am MOST thankful for, day after day.


When I originally started my Dear Emmett series, my goal was to capture everything that I could, while Emmett was an infant, and early toddler. It eventually became a big hit and quite a few people looked forward to those updates. Since he’s turned two, his major milestones have slowed a bit, which doesn’t really give me enough to write about every month – however, I don’t want to forget the developments that he IS hitting. So, I decided to started a semi-regular series to track what Emmett is into every few months or so & to update you on his progress. Plus, I love sharing stories about my little!

Every morning when he wakes up I feel like he is doing something new and different that he hasn’t done before, or something that he has done before but is now better at. He amazes me!

He’s been talking for awhile now, but it continues to develop. Back in Sepetember, Emmett and Seamus were on the phone with his grandparents, he was getting bored, so Seamus told him to look out the window. He did, and a few seconds later he turns around to us, and very seriously says, “Oh my gosh!! This moon!” We laughed so hard!! It was just one of those moments that you couldn’t recreate, even if you wanted to.


On that note, he does say oh my gosh and oh my goodness A LOT! That’s the phrase they must use at day care, or maybe I use it a lot (but I feel like I’m a bit more direct with, oh my god), because everything is an oh my goodness. The other day we were sitting on the couch watching TV And his little car fell between the cushions, he looked up at me with wide eyes and said, “Oh my goodness, Momma. My car felld.” I couldn’t help but grab him and cuddle, because he is just TOO cute!

So, yes, he is speaking mostly in full sentences. We don’t always understand everything he’s trying to say, but eventually we can figure it out. We’ll either ask him to point to what he wants, or he’ll repeat the phrase until we get it. It really doesn’t take that many tries. I am MUCH better at translating Emmett, than Seamus is. I have no idea why that is, though.

Halloween was a lot of fun this year! I talked more about it in my post a few weeks back, but Emmett was Flint Lockwood. It was the perfect costume for him, because he hates putting things on his head, and this didn’t require a head piece, just messy hair. And then Seamus found him a tuxedo t-shirt at Kohl’s, so he wore that with jeans and the white lab coat we got him.

Flint Lockwood and a Meal Plan - Baby Doodah6

We got out to trick or treat, but our first house pretty much brought an end to the fun. When they brought the candy out for Emmett, their dog snuck out, too. Very nice dog, he was just interested in sniffing us and Emmett, but since Emmett isn’t often around dogs, he got startled and very upset. We calmed him down, but that was pretty much it, every house after that he would get scared and say no doggie, no doggie. After about 6 houses or so, I asked if he wanted to go home, he said yes, so we called it a night. No big deal! It was his first Halloween out, there will be plenty more!

Oh man! He is SO into cars and trucks right now and has been for quite some time. It started with trains, and has now progressed into cars and trucks. He has SO many matchbox cars for a 2 year old (don’t worry he’s never left alone with them, because of the small parts). He loves holding them, looking at them and racing them around his track (that’s meant for trains, but works for cars).

I don’t mind him being into matchbox cars, because they’re a pretty cheap prize for him. Lately Wegmans has been having them for 99 cents, so we’ll grab a couple to keep on hand. I’m thinking, if he sticks with the cars, it will be a great reward when it comes to potty training. Which will have to come eventually, but I’m in no rush! We’ll do it when E’s ready.

Emmett’s been going in phases with his night time routine. We always do bath, lotion, PJs, book, bed. But every so often, Emmett will switch and not want a book, and just want his bed. I was really surprised when this started happening because he has always been a cuddler. But, his likes and desires so going to change frequently. An example of this, is that 2 weeks later, he was done going right to bed, but was ready to read again.


Oh yeah! And with his bed time routine, we used to do a cup of milk while we cuddled and read books. I was beginning to worry that he’d never give that crutch up, and I was going to start researching ways to wean from a night time bottle (he wasn’t sleeping with it, just having it before bed). When, low and behold, he didn’t want it any more and hasn’t since.

This kid amazes me with his ability to just wean himself from things. He knows what he does and does not want. It started with breastfeeding, he had no desire to nurse after 14 months. I offered him my boob on a couple different occasions and he whined and pushed away, so we just stopped. Now with his milk at bed time, it was the same thing. It is because of these two situations, that I don’t worry whether he’ll ever give up his binky, or whether he’ll ever be potty trained. He’ll tell me when he’s ready. I trust him.

We have begun letting him watch a bit more TV in the evenings, but ONLY educational. His current favorite is Team UmiZoomi, if you don’t know what it is, it’s a Nickelodian cartoon, with these 2 kids and 1 robot that go around “behind the scenes” and fix things that aren’t working or are causing problems. It’s super cute!! I thought it would be a little advanced for him, but he gets it, based on his answering of their questions that they ask. Previous favorites have been Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Handy Manny, Bob the Builder and Chuck. I would say that Chuck is probably the least educational out of all of them, but he just loves trucks SO much, so we let him watch it on occasion.

So, I’ve obviously never had another child, so I have nothing to compare it to, but Emmett is really smart! He knows all of his colors and can recognized them, he knows most of his shapes and is pretty good at naming them, and is slowly learning his numbers. He’s great at counting when you do it along with him, when he does it alone, he tends to start around 3 and count up. Either way, I was very impressed when I realized he could do this. He also can recognize the letter “E,” and knows it is the first letter of his name, and can also recognized M, for momma, G for grandma and D for daddy, about 80% of the time

Oh! And his memory is exploding! He is beginning to remember things you tell him in the beginning of the day, or even days before. For instance, we went to Trader Joe’s and they gave him stickers, now, every time we go he knows to ask for stickers, and we don’t go there that frequently, maybe once every two weeks. I love it! I just need to be MUCH more careful of what he is promised. haha

WOW! This is long!! I’m going to go ahead and publish anyway, this post is partially to provide my readers with an update on the person that was the inspiration for this blog, but also as a way to remember everything that is going on with him. He’ll love having this later in life and I look forward to reminiscing with him. 🙂

If you’re interested in reading all of the Dear Emmett posts, just click on HERE! 

I also want to wish all of my readers a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope that you ALL have an amazing day and enjoy being surrounding by those that love you most.


Your turn!

What are some of your favorite memories of your two year old child??

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Share in the comments below!

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10 Reasons Having a Boy Rocks!

My little boy is my world! This is why having a boy rocks!


When I was a little girl, I always wanted a daughter. I’d think about how I would dress her, play dolls with her, put on make-up, etc, but then as I got older, I realized how much fun boys are. Girls still are awesome, but boys rock!

Here is 10 reasons why I love having a boy:

1. Rough and tumble play is the norm. I don’t think there’s a single day that passes, where Emmett doesn’t egg me on to chase him and push him to the ground and tickle him. I love this! I love the high pitched giggles that ensue while he’s being chased and then him begging with his sweet “again” “again,” every single time!

2. His toys are pretty awesome! I’ve definitely always been a doll person, but I’m realizing that there is nothing cooler than pushing a car down the track and hearing the mechanical roar of the engine, or seeing who can build the biggest spaceship with his legos. Seriously, so much fun!

3. The love we have for one another is very different than mother/daughter love. I can’t explain it, but the love I have for my own mom is very different than what I feel between Emmett and myself. Now, I do realize that’s partially because he’s my child, but boys need their moms in different ways and it’s really exciting to get to know this new aspect of love.

4. Realizing that there is a whole new realm of things associated with having a boy. Man, as I read more and more about what boys go through as they grow, develop and change, I realize how easy it was (at times) to be a girl. Being a girl definitely has it’s own set of pressures, but believe it or not, being a boy is hard work.

Boys are mischievous and energetic!  They need to move, and can’t just be still (unless you put in a good episode of Daniel Tiger). LOL That’s not something I’m used to. I remember loving to read and enjoying peace and quiet, as I was growing up. Emmett is the total opposite, he wants to move ALWAYS!

5. No need to do their hair. Sure, I comb Emmett’s hair every morning and after his bath, but I don’t spend any time making pony tails, or putting in bows. Not only does it save the time of needing to fix hair, but also the frustration of getting your toddler to sit still long enough to get their hair done. And, OH MAN! If there are knots (my mom used to call them snarls, anyone else?), the kid will be crying for mercy! Getting my hair done in the morning was the pits, until I did it myself.

6. Dresses are cute, but a well dressed little boy will knock your socks off! I won’t lie, there have been a few moment when I’ve wandered over to the girly side of Carter’s and wished I had a little girl to put in one of those adorable dresses, but then I put my son in a button down shirt, tie, and sweater vest and WOOO-WEE!! I’m in awe of his handsome-ness! There’s just something about a well dressed man. 🙂

7. I love dress shoes, but in order to keep up with Emmett it’s flats, preferably sneakers ALL THE TIME! As I mentioned earlier, Emmett’s a busy busy boy, it is absolutely necessary to own several pairs of good flats. When we’re out in the backyard playing, I opt for sneakers, they keep me quick on my feet and ready to move about. If we’re shopping, I’ll wear a cute pair of flats, or in the summer, flip flops. Heels and dress shoes don’t really have a place in my wardrobe, except for in the office.

8. Little boys love their mommies like nothing else. There’s no doubt that Emmett loves his dad, but (not to brag) he’s totally hooked on me. I’m the one he comes to for comfort, to cuddle or to kiss it better and I wouldn’t trade that for ANYTHING. There’s just something very special about the bond that Emmett and I have.

9. I don’t stress about whether Emmett is chubby or not. Granted, any child at the age of 2 should not be worried about what they’re eating, so long as it a mostly balanced diet, but as he gets older, he is less likely to have body image issues than a little girl. I’ve dealt with weight issues and self-esteem issues since I can remember, I’d love for my child to never have to suffer through that and just enjoy every minute of his beautiful life.

10. Watching him slowly grow into a sweet, gentle and loving boy warms my heart. Seamus and I do our very best to ensure that Emmett gets a plethora of hugs, kisses and cuddles whenever he needs them. Our hope is that he turns into the a kind gentleman to whoever comes into his life as he gets older.

Your turn!

What are YOUR favorite things about having a boy?

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Sunday Meal Plan – Week 11

Hi everyone! I apologize for this being a few days late, things haven’t been going so well with our apartment and the noise and when one part of my life is sucking, I often let it spill into other areas. In this case, just the thought of putting any effort into blogging sounded awful. What makes this the most sad, is that I love blogging, I know I do, but when things start to overwhelm me I just lose any joy I felt in everything. 🙁

Likewise, since I was feeling so down, my Sunday meal plan was lacking. Seamus and I just barely pulled together enough ideas to fill the week, and it’s a pretty easy week. We went to my parent’s for dinner Sunday, and my birthday is Wednesday, we needed 5 meals and it took forever to create our menu. Oh well, we’re finding we don’t have a lot we can do to get them to stop the noise, which makes the whole situation even worse. However, if anyone is a lawyer or specializes in this sort of thing, and can offer some advice, please email me.

I really am sorry for being so depressing, I know most people don’t come to someone’s blog to read the negative crap, they come to be lifted up, but I’m feeling really lost and wanted to be real with my readers. I hope you can all understand.


Now… Here’s our Sunday Meal Plan

Breakfast for the Week: GF bagel with Egg and Cheese

Lunch: Romaine lettuce leaves wrapped with Ham and Cheese, Grapes, Watermelon and Baby Carrots

Sunday: Mom and dad’s house

Monday: Leftover Chicken Fried Rice with Veggies

Tuesday: Steak with chick pea and tomato salad

Wednesday: Out to celebrate my birthday!

Thursday: Marinated Chicken and Zucchini

Friday: Hot Dogs and Fries

Saturday: Leftover Pulled Pork and Mac ‘n Cheese

Certainly not the healthiest menu we’ve ever created, but at least we made a menu, shopped and are sticking to it. You have to focus your happiness on something, I’m going to focus on the fact that we still made a menu and that we’re not just eating our emotions.

And for the fun of it, because he’s just so darn cute – here’s a little picture of my Emmett, playing at grandma’s.


As usual, I’m linking up with Mommy Run Fast and JillConyers.com. Check them out, and link-up!

Your turn!

Do you struggle to find focus for the things you enjoy, when other parts of your life are a little bleak?

What are some of your fun eats for this week?


Dear Emmett – {16, 17 and 18 Months}

My sweet sweet Emmett, it’s been three months since I sat down and wrote to you.

You’ve grown and changed SO much in the past three months and I cannot wait to share it all with you.

Dear Emmett

The last time we met up was when you had just turned 15 months, and now you just turned 18 month, a whole year and a half old. It’s amazing how that happens! 😉 Three months ago, you were only say “Hi” and “banana,” now you say all sorts of things like milk, you pump your fist in sign language version of milk, and say “no no no.” You use the “no” sound for milk, snow and to say no, it’s tough to decipher which you want to use, but your dad and I have become pros.


Other favorite words of yours include, sock, cheese, fish, hello, crackers, shoes, momma, dada, up, down, uh oh, oh no, car, truck, night night, blocks, thank you, and mine. I’m probably forgetting some but you do a really good job of communicating, even if you don’t know the word. You’ll point, or nudge and most of the time your dad or I can figure it out.


You still have this obsession with shoes and slippers. Sometimes its your own shoes, but mostly it’s my shoes or slippers. Before you just liked placing them on your hands, but now you try and put them on and walk in them. The other day you sat down, put them on, and trudged across the house and the slipper stayed on. It really made me laugh!


You’re really good at mimicking. This started probably around your 16th month, now you’re a pro. You seem to mimic your daddy the most, which is just about the cutest thing in the world to see. If your dad picks up his yogurt to read the label, so do you. Or if your daddy’s making dinner and drops something and says sh*t, you say “shhhh.” We’ve realized how much more careful we need to be with what we say and do around you. It is pretty darn amazing see how much you grow month to month.


Want to know what else you’re really good at? Following directions! If we ask you to pick something up, or to help clean-up your toys, with a little prompting you jump right in and help. The only time we really struggle, is when we tell you no or ask you not to do something. You have a mind of your own and want to do whatever you want, we manage to figure it out, though. One of the new, most adorable things you do is putting your clothes in the hamper on your own. Your daddy will get you undressed, and then put your clothes in front of you. He tells you it’s time to pick them up and put them in the hamper and you listen, you pick them all up and bundle them in your arms and then walk off to put them where they belong. After you throw everything in, you turn around and start to clap, looking for us to do the same. It’s so so adorable!


Bath time is a blast with you now. You’ve always been one to enjoy the end of the day bath, but now you love to get in and play. You’ll flop on your belly or splash me, but either way, you never ever want to get out. You are also very good at brushing your teeth. You’ll take the toothbrush and move it around (mimicking what you saw your daddy and I do), then after you’re done, you’ll give it to me to go around and do another good scrub. I’m impressed with how well you do with it.


You no longer sit in an infant carseat, and you weigh enough to have it face forward. We switched to a big boy carseat, but it was facing backward. I just wasn’t confident enough that you would be safe forward since you were only 15 months. However, we went to the doctor’s at the end of your 15th month and found out you weigh nearly 30 pounds and the safe zone is like 25 or 26 lbs. We went ahead and made the flip, and you have never been as happy riding in the car. You love, in the mornings, to tell me all about the cars zooming past us.


You had your second Christmas and it was a blast! We spent Christmas Eve at our house, and then woke up Christmas morning and opened gifts together. It was so much fun! You are starting to get the hang of opening gifts, but still need someone to get it going for you. I bet, by the time your second birthday rolls around in July, you will be a pro.

Merry Christmas 4

You were enamored with the Christmas tree. We decided to get a real one this year and you just loved that. You loved touching the needles and then pulling your hand away quickly, when they would tickle you. You also loved the beautiful lights, and the pretty ornaments that I hung. It was tough to keep you from pulling the tree, but we managed. 🙂


In the beginning of January, your day care decided that you were ready to be moved up to the next classroom. I’ll be honest, I was really nervous. I didn’t think you were ready, but I was wrong! You have thrived in the new room. You love your teacher and are learning all sorts of new things. It’s obvious that it’s done you well because of how much you’ve changed in the last month, becoming more of a little boy than a baby (but you will still ALWAYS be momma’s baby).


Going along with day care, we had our first parent/teacher conference, with your teacher. I was really excited to meet her one on one, plus I wanted to see all of your art work and hear how you are doing in the classroom. She had only wonderful things to say about you, Emmett! You have met so many of the milestones set for your age, and you continue to soar.


You still love books. You love looking at them on your own, and you love handing them to us to read. You don’t always make it through an entire book before you are off and playing with something else. But the fact that you love the books, even if it only lasts a second, makes me happy.


Oh my goodness! I almost forgot, you got your first haircut. It was a scary experience for you, but you looked really really cute. And overall, you did a great job of sitting still and letting the lady cut your hair.


There are probably many more things that I’m forgetting but this does a pretty good job of rounding up everything that we’ve experienced with you, over the past 3 months, Emmmett. I truly cannot wait to see what else your beautiful life has in store for us!


I love you more than I will ever be able to express.


Our Trip to the Zoo

I’m finally sharing our pics from our trip to the Buffalo zoo!

**Fair Warning – This is a picture heavy post.**

Before our vacation had rolled around (in October) we knew we wanted to take Emmett to the zoo. It is so much easier to go during the day on a weekday than on a weekend, fewer crowds means we have the opportunity to spend more time looking at the animals without being pushed away. We wanted to give that experience to Emmett, so off we went on a chilly Thursday afternoon.

zoo-12It was such an awesome day! Emmett was in a great mood and the sun was shining, we had absolutely nothing but a beautiful, perfect day in front of us.

When you first come through the gate at the Buffalo Zoo, to your right are the elephants so we head right over there. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any, they weren’t outside and they weren’t up front in their building. They did have a note saying that occasionally they had to be pulled for training, so that’s likely where they were. Either way, Emmett was in great spirits, we tried to get him to pose with the poster. 🙂

zoo-15It didn’t go so well. lol He just kept looking through it or grabbing at the edges, but it did make a cute photo.

Our next stop was over to the giraffes! We were hoping one of them would be outside, but no such luck. They were available inside, though. We came right in as they were enjoying their breakfast.

zoo-14While we were standing there a couple of the giraffes (there were a total of 5) came over to us and poked their heads and neck as far as it could through the fence. Probably wanted to give us a good smell. Emmett enjoyed watching them just move about their holders.

We made our way slowly around the zoo, stopping to look at any animal that might be out, Emmett seemed to be in awe of them all. I think my favorite picture we got of him was when we were looking at the monkeys in the rain forest exhibit, we told him what they were and he got VERY excited (he loves monkeys)!

zoo-10Isn’t that an awesome picture!? It’s one of my all-time favorites of Baby Doodah.

zoo-9We visited with the lions, too. We were able to get SO close, they were sitting right on a window ledge, even I was pretty wow’d by that.

zoo-8 zoo-7

We spent some time indoors looking at the different reptiles and we stopped to have a snack since they had benches. Emmett liked it because he was allowed to get out of his stroller and stretch his legs a bit.

zoo-18 zoo-5Next was over to see the gorillas, where there was a mommy and baby (toddler) gorilla hanging out. It was really sweet to see the momma and baby so attached to each other.

zoo-6Emmett was pretty impressed too!

Towards the end we walked by the Baboons. They were all clustered on one large rock, picking the bugs off of one another. We stood there for awhile, just watching them, one little guy came over, very close to the fence to get a good look at us too.

zoo-20 zoo-19Seamus got some really great pictures of Emmett and I. Sadly, I’m not in a lot of photos with Emmett, but Seamus got some good ones this time around.

zoo-1 zoo-3 zoo-2And of course, I have to share the next ones because Emmett is just so gosh darn cute!

zoo-16 zoo

We really had a fantastic time. I’d love to go back during the summer so that we could see more animals that were likely all cozied up in their homes for the cooler weather that has slowly moved in.

Your turn!

Have you taken your kids to the zoo?

What were your favorite exhibits?

Dear Emmett (12 months),

12 months! You have been alive for 12 months, this amazes and thrills me to no end.

This has been a busy month for you, but truthfully you’re busy every month, you just accomplish something knew. Emmett, I cannot believe that you have turned a year, that 365 days have passed since the very moment that I gave birth to you. We have had our ups and downs, but I’ve learned so much and grown even more, I wouldn’t change a moment of the past 12 months.

Birthday-12 months

They made him a birthday crown at day care.

Last month, you were pulling yourself up, cruising along the edges of things, this month you’ve begun to take your first steps. We were actually doing FaceTime with your paternal grandparents when you decided there was something across the room that you wanted to check out. You pulled yourself up on your crib, wobbled a bit and then decided to take 4 stiff-legged steps to the toy you were looking for. I squealed (as I almost always do for your accomplishments), I was just so excited! Your grandparents thought you had fallen or gotten hurt because at the moment, your daddy had the camera facing him. Whoops! We were able to get you to do it again but only for 2 steps, you just know that crawling is so much faster.

As the month has progressed you’ve taken more and more unassisted steps, but crawling remains your main mode of transportation. I don’t blame you, you move so SO fast when crawling. You’ll get there before we know it and then the real trouble begins! 🙂


Another major physical development has been that you can now stand up from sitting without any assistance. You more frequently use the couch, but you are able to sit, then move into a squatting position and finally stand up, sometimes you’ll take a step or two but most of the time you’ll plop back down to play.

You also, sadly, had your first real fever this month, it happened so quick too. The day after the fourth of July your dad and I had taken off and were going to have a ‘date day,’ so we got up early and took you to day care. When I dropped you off, you were fine, happy and sweet but by the time I had gotten nearly home, your day care had called me to let me know you had a fever of 102.1. I turned around and went back and got you. Your fever got pretty high (104.1), so we went to the doctors but other than that, we spent the next 3 days just cuddling you and making you comfortable. Poor guy, just wanted to be held.


You’re a pro mimicker! It started with kissy noises. I had been nursing you and sat you up and blew you a kiss, you stared at me for a few seconds and then kind of puckered up your lips and made the kiss sound. It was adorable! I kept kissing your sweet little cheeks and you kept making the sound in response, but it has since developed into more. Now any time your father or I do anything, you try and do the exact same thing. The other morning, we were all in bed cuddling and your dad touched my nose, he knows I hate having my nosed touched but he did it so you would see and repeat it. Guess what? You did. Your dad was thrilled. Me? Not so much! Either way, it’s really cute having you try and repeat the things we do whether it be a sound or an action, you will try anything.

Most babies around your age start waving hello when someone walks into a room and waves at them. You are no exception, only thing is that you do it a bit differently and it’s THE cutest thing. You throw your arm and hand in the air, like you’re about to present someone and just hold it there. There’s no, flapping or waving of the hand, just a straight, stiff arm. So cute! Toward the end of the month you’ve changed how you hold your hand and now, sometimes you will actually wave. It’s amazing how just (less than) 30 days can change you.


You continue to be fearless when it comes to food, you will try just about anything we give to you. Some days you might not eat much or may not like the way something tastes but if we give it to you again, you’ll love the way it tastes the second time. Case in point, blueberries… you hated them the first time I gave them to you. However, I kept sending them for lunch and putting them on your tray for dinner. After about a week of doing that, you started devouring them, now we are forced (not that we mind) to buy the 2 pound container of blueberries so that there’s enough for the week. You almost always eat what we do, things like salmon couscous, grilled chicken, asparagus, ravioli, Naan, etc. etc. The only time we have to come up with an alternate meal for you, is when we’re eating something spicy and that’s mainly because we figure something hot (in spice) like that may hurt you and you wouldn’t understand why.

For Christmas, you received these Fisher Price Snap Lock Beads and you love them. You get so excited when we connect them all together and then you’re able to break them apart and look in the hole that is on one end. You also love putting them on your fingers, you’ll put one on your index finger and one on your pinky finger and shake your hand around, it pretty adorable and very silly. But anything that has a hole or indentation you love.


Your dad and I haven’t really baby-proofed anything up until the last week of the month. You were mobile, but we were able to wrangle, you in one way or another, so we avoided getting rid of or moving things that weren’t safe for you to play with. However, during the last week, you started pulling down daddy’s DVDs almost daily and getting into things that were completely unsafe, so we immediately started reorganizing and getting the house ready for a baby that is very active.

Has it truly been 12 months? Have I really written 11 different “Dear Emmett’s”? Holy cow! I find that so hard to believe but it’s very obviously true. You’ve come so SO far from that bitty baby that was born and would only eat, sleep and pee/poop. Now you play, hug, cuddle and love. You’re amazing and I have no doubt that you will continue to be this way for the rest of your life.

Happy 1 year birthday, sweet sweet Emmett! Mommy loves you to the moon and back!


First Birthday Video

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m so glad the weekend is here and I get to spend time with my guys, but tonight I am tired and just going to make a quick post before relaxing on the couch with some TV.

We took this video on Emmett’s actual first birthday, when we were at Friendly’s.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt by the straw, it had just tickled him.

I’ll share more this weekend, but today was such an AMAZING day!

Question of the day:

How did you spend your Friday?

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