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Weekend Adventures

We had some serious fun this weekend!

Since our week pretty much stunk (like I mentioned in this post), I really wanted to make sure we had a good weekend. I wanted to spend time together as a family, both being productive and getting out of the house and enjoying the slowly warming weather. However, I kept our weekend free of set plans, it always seems when we plan something in advance, those plans fall through (well, other than my pedicure, but more on that in a bit), and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I wanted to have a really lovely time with my guys!

We all know Spring is here and the temperatures are slowly warming, which means one thing in my world… Sandals! I love them, but during the winter I let my feet go. I rarely lotion them, and I definitely don’t paint my toe nails, so an intense pedicure was needed. My friend and I booked an “Excuria Ultimate Pedicure” at Excuria Salon and Med Spa. Oh my goodness! Not only do my toenails now look gorgeous, this was one of the most relaxing pedicures I have ever experienced. They have massaging chairs, and the products they use are to die for. It was heaven! I will definitely be going back (and I recommend anyone who lives in the WNY area, plan a visit to Excuria). We then had a lovely brunch at Milos. I am so grateful to Seamus for handling Emmett, while I went out and enjoyed some relaxing lady time.


Cuddling while momma got a pedicure.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking some more boxes (we still have so much to go), Emmett napping, and then a trip to Home Depot. We’re planning on painting our laminate bookcases. I know you’re all probably thinking I’m crazy, but I found a great article on how to do it properly so that the paint actually sticks and lasts. We’re going to use a new backing on it, rather than the cardboard that it currently has. We got that yesterday, our paint brushes, primer and color swatches, so we can choose the color that best matches our TV console. We still need to get some sandpaper and the paint. I’m really hoping for a nice weekend, next week, so we can get started on this project (I’m really excited).

And our Sunday was just as good!

Emmett had us up early, cuddled up in bed, watching TV, so there are no complaints from me. We spent a lot of the morning coloring, and when we weren’t coloring we were running around like a chicken with our head cut off. LOL Eventually we sat down and made our shopping list and hit Wegmans for our weekly grocery trip. We grabbed some Little Ceasar’s for lunch (because you know you can’t make any of the food you just bought). 😉 And then lil E took a nap.


Emmett has these alphabet cards, when he got to “M for Monkey” he decided he needed to go on a monkey hunt and find each monkey he owns, and pile them all on daddy.

While he was sleeping I did a great deal of laundry, organized some things around the house and spent some time blogging / perusing the internet. I was super excited for Emmett to wake up, though, because I was looking forward to a trip to Anderson’s and the playground.


It was my first Anderson’s of the season, and MAN! did it hit the spot. My vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles was just delicious. Emmett had a baby-sized vanilla ice cream that he very obviously enjoyed. Then it was off to the playground for some epic swinging. 🙂 Emmett loves loves LOVES swinging right now! He squeals and giggles and has the biggest smile on his face while he goes up and down. It makes me endlessly happy. He also did some sliding, playing in the sandbox and running with mom and dad. He was one happy little boy!


This ended up being a bit longer than I had intended, but as you can see it was an awesome weekend!

Your turn!

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!



PS: I completely forgot to mention – WE GOT OUR COUCH ON FRIDAY!!! And it fit!!

It's growing on me. When we first got it in, I hated it. But as we slowly rearrange things and make this a home, I'm liking it more and more.

It’s growing on me. When we first got it in, I hated it. But as we slowly rearrange things and make this a home, I’m liking it more and more.

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