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Munchkin Meals #4 and Some Updates

Emmett’s Munchkin Meals for today!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably been wondering what happened to my weekly Munchkin Meals post. And if you’re a new reader, WELCOME! Well, after completing my last post about Emmett’s food, I realized that it was a monthly post, not weekly. Whoops! So going forward, every first Thursday of the month will be designated as Munchkin Meals day. Sound good!? 🙂

I have a confession to make, I’m a bad blogger, I forgot that it was Munchkin Meals week this morning and completely forgot to take pictures of Emmett’s breakfast, lunch and snack, I did manage to remember dinner, though. Sorry about that!

Today’s breakfast was similar to most days, he had some Wegmans Greek yogurt and a banana and some breastmilk. This kid LOVES bananas, he will devour a whole one in just moments and he could probably eat them multiple times a day, if we allowed it. But the last thing we need is a baby who can’t poop because he ate too many bananas. Ha!

Lunch was some grilled chicken, fresh blueberries, a couple chunks of Colby jack cheese and a couple animal crackers. Oh! And of course a glass of milk.

When he got home from school, he had a couple small pieces of cheese and some graham crackers. Just enough to tide him over until after our walk.

Our dinner was so so yummy, but I’m not sure Emmett agreed. We made carnitas! We cooked a pork shoulder in the crock-pot all day and then cut up some avocados, tomatoes, red onion and lime. We throw that all into a tortilla (well just a squirt of the lime) and enjoy. We tried it two different ways with Emmett, we put some pieces of pork, avocado and tomato on his tray separately and I also made him a regular carnita like we were eating but he wanted nothing to do with either. He ended up having some yogurt and blueberries.

munchkin-meals-95 munchkin-meals-95-1

He’s going through a picky food phase and even though he may not eat what we put on his tray, we keep offering him everything. This often ends up being cyclical and even though he doesn’t want the avocado today, tomorrow he’ll love it (hypothetically). My thought is, if it’s there he will eventually want it.



  • Day care continues to be rough on Emmett. I dropped him off this morning and my heart was just breaking when I put him down and he started to bawl. There’s nothing that can be done, other than allowing it time but this is probably the hardest leaving him has EVER been. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets better!
  • I’m pretty sure that I’m done pumping, not breastfeeding, just pumping. For the last month I’ve been just pumping once a day, which was providing one bottle a day, but he’s starting to drink less and less at each feeding, so I felt like it was time. I’ll still nurse him in the morning, before work and again in the evenings but he’ll just be taking whole milk to school. I’m very sad, it’s been such a wonderful journey, and it’s really hard to imagine not nursing him.
  • My summer allergies are kicking my butt this year. I’m constantly either sneezing or rubbing my eyes, I hate it!
  • We had fun family exercise night, tonight. Seamus, Emmett and I all went to the park. I walked with Emmett and Seamus ran. So much fun!

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite Munchkin Meals for you kids?

Thank you to Brittany of A Healthy Slice of Life for hosting Munchkin Meals.

A Visit With Auntie!

What a wonderful rainy, gloomy Tuesday!

I loved that when I woke up with Emmett at quarter to 6, that I heard the rain. We had a phenomenal sunny and warm summer and now I am ready for the chillier weather that Autumn will bring.

Breakfast this morning was pretty much the same as yesterday.

Zucchini Cornbread Quiche – Today I added cheese for no other reason than I LOVE cheese!

1 whole tomato

glass of OJ

Once I return to work, Emmett will need to be taken care of because unfortunately we cannot afford to be a single income family. E will go to day care on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, Tuesdays his Aunt Bridget (my baby sister) will watch him for us and Wednesdays I will be working from home.

When Bridget suggested she watch E one day a week, back when I was about 6 months pregnant, I thought she was joking around but she was very serious. She worked with her college adviser and created a schedule that gave her one day off a week, which worked out to be Tuesdays. We are so grateful for this because it will help save us $50+ a day by not having to take E to day care on that day.

Since college started almost a month ago and I still have not returned to work, Bridget has come up to visit us on Tuesdays since she has them free anyhow. It’s always nice having Bridget come up because while she’s playing with E, I can shower or get some things done around the house. It’s also great because it gives Emmett the chance to get to know his Aunt Bridget before just being left with her when I return to work.

It looks like Emmett is saying, “No more pictures, please!”

Emmett was in a pretty good mood while Bridget was here, so she got to spend some quality time with him. He has days where he is very cranky and is constantly blowing off steam but not today, today was a good day! There were coos and wiggles and lots of love!

So how about you, who did or will care for your child/children when you return(ed) to work?

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