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My 2014 Intentions

I’m sharing my 2014 Intentions.

I don’t know if anyone is like me, but every year I make resolutions (you can read last year’s here), and nearly every year I fail to follow-through. It’s pretty depressing, and I have absolutely no one to blame but myself. I want 2014 to be different, beyond all else, I’d love for this to be the year that I stop making excuses.

So in an effort to stick to this overarching goal, my theme for the year is (just like Nike), Just Do It!

2014-IntentionsWithout further ado, my 2014 Intentions:

Grow My Blog – Baby Doodah is slowly but surely growing in readership, but I need to put more time into the behind the scenes organization. This includes, completing my editorial calendar, getting a notebook (or a great app) to keep with me always to keep track of ideas that pop into my head at a moments notice.

I want to continue writing consistently, since July I’ve been writing about 5 to 7 posts a week, and I really want to keep up with that. I feel so great when I sit down and dedicate time to writing a post, it inspires me to write more. What better way to keep blogging, then to dedicate myself to writing AT LEAST 30 minutes a day? Nothing! So that’s what I’ll do.

Stop being obsessed with the numbers! Right now, I’m so concerned with how many views my blog gets each day, that I am checking my stats constantly. I recently read a tip that you should check your stats once a month, and take that time to, instead write great posts. I’d like to adopt this philosophy.

Work on my focus and time management, in regards to my blog. Right now, every time I sit down to write, I think of everything else I need to do, and it overwhelms me. If I’ve sat down to write, I start flipping through email, or reading one of the many bookmarked sites I have, and the last thing I work on is the blog post. I’d like to have dedicated time to do emails, write, and read things I’ve bookmarked – if I stick to these dedicated times, I believe I’ll gain some serious focus.

I am also considering a few new blog series, but for now, they’re still in development, so I can’t share anything more about them. 😉

Take My Health Seriously – I need to stop futzing around with my health. I’m extremely overweight, probably in the morbidly obese category, and that needs to stop. I want more children, and I am just not at a weight that I am comfortable with. I put myself, and the future child in so much danger being so high in weight. Honestly, there is no better motivation, than losing weight so that I can be around a long, long time for my children. I am going to be taking part in the Genetix Program (more to come on this in future posts), and I’m hoping it will help assist in the motivation to get healthy, once and for all! I need to wrangle in my eating and start breaking a sweat in the gym.

Focus on ME – I am a person who is always concerned with what others think of me, and I struggle when I feel like someone doesn’t like me or is thinking negatively about me. I need to stop, what is most important is what I think of me. There are times when people’s opinions are important, but other times I worry unnecessarily. I need to work on changing this, but I’m not quite sure how, research is needed. Of my intentions for the year, this will likely be the most difficult.

Those are my 2014 Intentions, I’m keeping it to three so that I can truly focus on them, and accomplish great things.

Your turn!

What are your 2014 Intentions? Let’s keep each other accountable!


Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends that I want to catch you all up on.

Happy Saturday, all! I have a few odds and ends that I wanted to make sure I shared out on the blog, none of them are really long enough for their own post, so I’m just going to combine it into one big update.

  1. I’ve been live with the new blog design for about 2 weeks now and I am finally getting the hang of all the different pages, and widgets I now have. With the new blog design I’ve been able to set up a sponsorship program through Passionfruit Ads. What this means, is that if you like my blog and would like to have your ad placed on my sidebar, you can do so by clicking on the Sponsor Me! at the top of my blog (or click here). All of my monthly stats are listed there, so you know what you’re paying for, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or comment.
  2. I also now have a blog button. Yay! You can find it on my right hand panel. If you love my blog and want to grab my button, please feel free to do so. This is MUCH appreciated!button250
  3. I was recently contacted by Mark of Kairos Life, they’ve created this fantastic website where you can save digital memories and heirlooms, and have them set to release on a specific date, essentially a digital time capsule. I’m really excited to share with you, that Kairos Life is currently in “Beta” testing and is offering my readers the ability to have a free membership, simply by signing-up to assist with some of the testing. Stop on over today and sign-up, who doesn’t love free stuff?
  4. A friend of mine recently opened Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue, they are a volunteer run, foster-based, no-kill dog rescue serving the Wisconsin area. Since they are just newly opened, they are working hard to raise money for any medical costs or supplies that may come up. If you are able to, why not stop over and donate and help save a dog’s life. Also, be sure to visit their Facebook page and like Unforgettable Underdogs Dog Rescue.

Alright! That’s about it, I think I’m all caught up now – I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends.

Your turn!

Have you come across any new websites giving out free trials, or any new places to donate?


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