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My Finds Friday – A New Take – Link up

Time to switch My Finds Friday up a bit!

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ve probably noticed that for the past few weeks I’ve skipped posting My Finds Friday, and you may be wondering why.

Simply put – I was getting bored with it.

I was still finding articles and blogs that I wanted to share with you, I just had no desire to come to my blog and post about it. When you start to feel like you don’t want to blog about something, you need to either stop writing about that, or take a break because that lack of desire, is a scary road. It can often lead to a blogger dreading writing altogether, and I didn’t want to reach that point, so I went on hiatus.

However I’m back, and I’m switching things up a smidge.

In previous My Finds Friday, I would only share links to articles from around the web that I was finding interesting. Now, my goal is to share ANYTHING that I see over the past week that I feel my readers would benefit from. So let’s get this party started, and liven things up around here!

My Finds Friday – Lovin’ on You!

Top three Blog Articles I’m lovin’

Video of the Week

This is hilarious! Here’s an article that talks a little bit about it, I recommend you read the article first, before you watch the video.

Workout of The Week

7-Minute HIIT Workout by FitSugar

As I continue to progress My Finds Friday, things may get switched up or added, but I want it to be more comprehensive, so I want to experiment.

Baby Doodah

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite finds from the past week?

Do you like the new My Finds Friday format? What do you think should be added or removed?

Please join in and link-up below!



Weekly Wishes – New Beginnings

Hooray! We’re talkin’ New Beginnings today, with Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes is a link-up started by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. It is a place where you can post and share you wishes and goals for the week ahead on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc and then link it up on Melyssa’s blog. I LOVE doing this because it holds me accountable for the week ahead. I’ve shared my goals with the world (through my blog) and I know people will read and wonder whether I stuck to my goals. It definitely keeps me honest!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a magnificent weekend and that you’re holiday week is shaping up to be a good one. Our weekend was really great, mainly because it was so low-key. I had shared what our plans were for the weekend on Friday, and we pretty much stuck to those plans.

Saturday, Emmett slept in until almost 8 (I was up before him), we had breakfast, watched Bob the Builder and played. When Seamus went to the gym, Emmett and I went outside to play, it was chilly and windy but it was good to get outside and get some fresh air. I got some fantastic pictures of Emmett, that I’ll eventually share, but sadly our fun time ended with some big tears. We were chasing each other around the back yard and Emmett went out onto the driveway, I was going after him to get him back on the grass and he tripped and bonked his head pretty hard. He cried for a good long while, but after some hugs and kisses he was back to himself, with just an added lump 🙁

Once Seamus was home, I went had my hair cut and styled. You might recall that I was struggling to decide whether to cut my hair short again, or allow it to continue growing out. Well, I decided to cut it. I’ve really enjoyed having it short and it is SO much easier to maintain, so I went with it and I’m really happy I did. We ended our night at Frank’s Sunny Italy, it is my FAVORITE Italian food place in the area. In my opinion, there isn’t a single other Italian restaurant in (over) 50 miles that compares. Yummy!!

Sunday, was definitely an easy day. Emmett slept later again, and I was up before him again and then we just lounged around the house and eventually took showers. We did get to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping, and other odds and ends. So, I love Wegmans, but TJs is proving to be cheaper as far as weekly grocery shopping goes, it’s worth the 20 minute drive just to get there. The rest of the day was spent finishing up laundry, making lunches and prepping for the week and relaxing as a family. Though, Emmett isn’t much of a relaxer, he prefers to be on the go CONSTANTLY! 😉

weekly-wishes-new-beginningsThis week’s theme for Weekly Wishes is New Beginnings. I took the picture above on Saturday, when Emmett and I were playing. I chose it because it was snowing, and it was the first time it was snowing AND sticking this year. Our chair is still out from the Summer, so it is showing the end of Summer/Fall and the beginnings of Winter.

And now… Weekly Wishes!

I had three goals last week, the first was to cut all gluten out of my breakfast. How did I do? Awesome! I did so so great! I took eggs and some chopped up avocado all week and only had an English muffin on Saturday morning with my eggs. I’m really pleased with myself.

Next was to do one load of laundry a night. I wasn’t perfect with this one, but I did do laundry a couple of times throughout the week, so I’ll take it as a win!

Third, was to take two walks. I did it! I did it!

This Week’s Goals:

  • Get an oil change. I need to do this before we head out to the in-laws on Thursday. It will likely happen Wednesday on lunch, but it NEEDS to get done!
  • Not eat like a glutton on Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the variety of foods that are only around this time of year, but I do not want to pig out to the point that I feel disgusting, then I just don’t enjoy my time.

That’s it, those are my two goals for the week, hopefully they’ll set me up for another successful next week.

Be sure to stop on over to The Nectar Collective and link-up with Weekly Wishes.

The Nectar Collective

Your turn!

What are some New Beginnings that you’ve experienced throughout your life?

The Thankful Project – Day 5 – Talent

Today’s Thankful Project Prompt is Talent.


I am linking up with Chasing Happy and her Thankful Project. I’m really excited to be joining in on this link-up because I so often forget all of the things that I have to be thankful for, and there are tons.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Time for another installment of The Thankful Project! Since I am a bit behind, today’s post will include two days of thankfulness.

First up, is an “experience” that I am most thankful for. Wow! This is a good one because there have been so many times in my life that have been wonderful and the memories from those experiences are so filled with emotion and love and make me endlessly happy. But there is one day that stands out above all else, my wedding day. I had been dreaming of my wedding day since I was a little girl; ask my mom, she’ll tell you the same thing, so the actual day had big dreams to fill.

From the moment Seamus asked me to marry him, to the moment I walked down the aisle, there were so many memorable moments. Sure there were ups and downs with wedding planning and it wasn’t all fun and games, but I definitely wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. So much of life is about the experiences, our opinions and thoughts are shaped by these moments so when asked if I regretted anything, I always hesitate because there were times when things could have been easier but would I trade it in? No, I absolutely would not. My memories would not be complete without even those moments.

I felt like a princess from the very minute I woke up. I had my hair done professionally, I had to be assisted in getting dressed and then I got to spend the entire night with the love of my life and our beautiful families. We got to dance, sing and be in love. Every single moment, was living up to the dreams I’d had since I was 5 years old, I was so happy! It was an absolutely perfect day, one that I look back on very frequently.

Feeling Like a Princess

Feeling Like a Princess

Today’s prompt is for a “talent” I am thankful for. This is a tough one, probably the first one where I feel stumped. When I think of talents, I think of hidden talents, like a double jointed thumb or being able to swallow fire, and I don’t have any of those (to my knowledge). What I do have is a big heart; when I meet someone that I care about, I feel as though I would do anything for that person. I don’t trust easily but once I do, I will be loyal to you till the end of time.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it feels great to have people in my life that I am close to and that I can share experiences with, but at the same time it’s a bad thing because you could get burnt. If you put yourself out there and trust in someone and they use you or use it against you, you’ll end up hurt or bitter. My advice is to really get to know a person before jumping in and trusting them 100%.

Alright, that’s it for tonight! I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Your turn!

What are you thankful for?

What is a secret (or not so secret) talent of yours?

My Finds Friday – Thankful

Let’s be thankful!

I believe that you should always be thankful for things in your life, but November is an especially good time to look back over your life and share what you are grateful for. I thought this week’s My Finds Friday would be dedicated to being thankful and how to celebrate the thanks you want to give.

thankful projectI am also linking up up with Chasing Happy blog and her Thankful Project. Today’s prompt is to share “A Person” you are thankful for. This is such a difficult prompt for me, I am so fortunate to have some amazing people in my life and there is a reason to be grateful for each one of them.


Since I write so much about Emmett on this blog and you know how much I love him, because I spew it constantly, I’m going to go with Seamus. He has been an amazing person in my life since we met, but especially over the last year as we’ve grown together as parents. We’ve absolutely had our growing pains, but overall, there is so much love between us. He is so good at taking me from a deep, dark mood to one where I am laughing hysterically. He almost always instinctively knows what I need in a situation or even how to diffuse a one, if it should get blown out of proportion. I love him and am thankful nearly everyday that he answered the email I sent him (yes, we met online). I look forward to seeing what our long, exciting life will bring us.

Next up, My Finds Friday – Thankful

  • Some of these steps might seem like common sense, but sometimes we all need a reminder on how we can be more content with what we have and where we are in our lives. wikiHow provides some great ways to be more thankful for things in your life.
  • Every so often we need a reminder on what things in our lives that are good and should be thought of as such. This is a list of 60 Things to be Grateful for in Life.
  • A list of 8 Things You Forgot to be Thankful For. Seriously, check this list out!
  • I’m thankful for the blog, Outfit Posts. The author posts an outfit almost everyday and I have gotten COUNTLESS work outfit ideas from her blog. I love mixing up my outfits and she has helped me do that! Check her out!
  • And finally, I am thankful for recipes like this Stuffed Acorn Squash, from Emily Bites.

Alrighty, that about rounds out My Finds Friday for this week. Be sure to click on over to all the links above and the share any of your finds, using the link below.

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