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Favorite way to cool off – {August NaBloPoMo}

I hate being hot, so knowing how to cool off is of prime importance in my world.

Being hot is one of my least favorite feelings in the world, feeling the sweat form and drip down my forehead and back just skeeves me out and makes me super uncomfortable. I accept it when I’m working out, it’s expected then, but when you’re just sitting outside, in the sun, trying to relax, I hate it!

I think my number 1 favorite way to cool off in the summer time is to jump in a great big pool or lake. When we were kids, my parents lived exactly 2 blocks from Lake Erie, so a huge portion of our summers were spent down at the beach and splashing in the lake. Our city also had a public pool that was pretty well kept (at the time) and offered swim lessons, most of our summer mornings were spent at the pool learning each new swim stroke. As a side note, it’s because of those lessons that I’m such a good swimmer today. Anyhow, while growing up we never had A/C so we would head to the swimming pool every chance we got. But when it was closed and STILL hot, we’d set up a sprinkler or a baby pool outside, that wasn’t the greatest but at least it allowed us to stay cool.

My sister also had a friend down the street that had an above ground pool, she was invited over often but on occasion I’d also be invited to join. I LOVED those days! It gave us more opportunity to be in a pool and keep cool and not need to deal with only having a sprinkler or baby pool.

Another favorite of mine, are ice cold beverages. Specifically, iced coffee and even more specifically, Starbucks iced venti coffee with vanilla and cream. Just sitting here thinking about that cool, delicious beverage trickling down my throat can illicit a chilly response. Pure love!

There are the obvious ways to stay cool, sitting in a beautifully icy air conditioned room, or in front of a fan blowing wildly but my absolute favorite is sitting in a cool (unheated) pool. Sure you might jump in and be shocked by the coldness but once you’re in, you adjust and soon it just feels like heaven on earth.

Your turn!

What are your favorite ways to cool off?

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Hot Forever? {August NaBloPoMo}

Is someone hot forever once they’re labeled hot? Or is hotness fleeting?

Well, certainly not forever, but I don’t think hot is fleeting. Despite what I said in my post yesterday, I do believe just about anyone can be hot because it comes more from the person’s attitude than it does their actual features or clothes.

The thing that makes me laugh is that the individuals who think they are most hot, typically are those who have negative awful attitudes and come across as very superficial. Sure they may be hot, but do they have any more than that? Do people actually want to be friends with them? I wouldn’t, I’m more interested in being friends with someone who is honest and true, than someone who is attractive (that’s not to say my friends are ugly, they’re not).

I know it’s cliché, but in my opinion, age truly is just a number. There are older actresses who are absolutely beautiful, it has so much to do with their confidence. One of my favorite instances of an actress who was likely labeled as hot at a young age and continues to be today is Helen Mirren. She is stunning, then AND now! Just Google her and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of gorgeous pictures that come up.

So, no, hotness is not fleeting. If you’re beautiful on the outside and as you age, continue to be beautiful on the inside your tag of hotness will remain. I can almost guarantee it.

Your turn to weigh-in, do you believe that someone is always considered hot or is it fleeting?

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