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Our Movie Night & Popcorn with Family

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my opinions are all my own. Pop Secret now has an app called Perfect Pop (more about this in the my post).

family-movie-night---baby-doodah-1Seamus and I are movie lovers through and through. Before we met, we’d separately rent movies from Blockbuster (so sad that it’s no longer around), and then once we started dating one of our most common dates was to the movies, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Emmett is totally into movies. 🙂 He loves them! We’ve watched a handful of different ones, kind of testing out what he likes, but I’m ecstatic that he loves them too. Movie night in our family will rock!!

It should also go without saying, that the snack that you eat along with your movie is AS important as the movie you choose to watch. We’re purists, so our number 1 movie night snack of choice is popcorn. We love it! The hotter and fresher the better!


Here’s the problem – so many times when you go to pop your popcorn, you’ll hit the popcorn button or just listen closely, thinking you’re timing it just right. You’ll stop the microwave, open the bag of pop corn and sure enough, the kernels are burnt! Ugh! Am I right!?

I have a solution for you!

family movie night - baby doodah5

The Perfect Pop app created by Pop Secret. Who knows popcorn and how to cook it better than the popcorn company themselves?

Anyhoo – it’s super simple, you download the FREE app onto your phone, place your un-microwaved bag of popcorn in the microwave, place your phone by the micro (with the speakers facing it), hit start on your microwave and app at the same time, and watch it work.


It’s seriously so cool! The app listens to your bag popping, but also provides you with fun trivia and an image of your bag slowly popping. I know it’s not magic, but it seems almost magical! LOL The image on your phone has little kernels that pop at the nearly the same time that your real bag is popping. The app told me specifically when it was finished, but I was still apprehensive, it’s really hard to get that perfect bag of popcorn, but it was perfect! Literally! Not one burnt kernel, and nearly all of the kernels were popped, leaving very little to be thrown out (other than the bag).


Even Emmett approved!

Please excuse our messy house and the booboo on his head (he fell at day care).

Please excuse our messy house and the booboo on his head (he fell at day care).

Needless to say, as Emmett continues to get older and more into movies, I’m sure we’ll be sharing more and more of our popcorn with him (the kid loves it).


Here’s my advice, if you love popcorn and you love free apps, try Perfect Pop and prepare yourself for delicious popcorn, and be sure to add in your favorite movie too, for a family movie night.

Your turn!

Did you try the Perfect Pop app? Did it work for you?

What’s your favorite movie of all time? We need some new ones to add to our mix!

signatureThis post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but all opinions are my own. I love popcorn and I love the new Perfect Pop app.

Additionally, if you’re interested in completing a survey about popcorn, please click here!

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