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Blogs I Read – Mommy Blogs

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly on the lookout for new, quality blogs to read. AND since word of mouth is the best way to share great blogs, I thought I’d dedicate this post entirely to some of my favorite Mommy Blogs. Enjoy!


My Favorite Mommy Blogs

A Healthy Slice of Life  – I think my favorite thing about Brittany and A Healthy Slice of life is her Munchkin Meals link-up. Every first Thursday of the month she shares what her daughter is eating and provides a link-up for other mommies to share what they’re feeding their children. She also shares so much about her daughter, meal prep, the foods she eats and the different products she likes.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans – One of my absolute favorites! Shana shares great fashion finds for the momma. Clothes that are flattering to the leftover baby pooch, bras for saggy boobs and so much more. Shana was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing chemo. Stop in, read her blog and wish her well. She is an inspiration!

BuyModernBaby.com – A great site for all the new modern finds for babies and kids. Some of the room designs they feature, are items I’d love to buy and decorate my next child’s room with. They’re so beautiful!

Fitness Cheerleader – Janice’s blog is a new find to me, but I’m thrilled that I found it. She’s a working mom with three little girls who also manages to workout and stay in great shape. This blog is highly motivational for me because I’m always struggling with balancing work, exercise, being a wife and being a mom.

Healthy Tipping Point – A favorite and an old standby. I love Caitlin’s blog, always have, always will! She is currently training for a half Iron Man and seeing how much she works out and continues to be a great mom is so SO inspirational.

Kath Eats Real Food – Kath’s blog has so much food inspiration. She shares all the foods she feeds her family and since she is a Registered Dietitian everything is very healthy AND it looks so delicious.

The Alpha Parent – If you’re considering breastfeeding, bookmark this blog! It is pro-breastfeeding, and helps you believe in yourself and your ability as a mother to nurse your baby. There are weekly stories called Triumphant Tuesdays, where mothers share their birth stories and how outside forces tried to thwart their efforts to breastfeed. Reading this blog helped me to understand there is NO excuse not to breastfeed. Check it out!

The Art of Making a Baby – Another standby for me! I’ve been reading this blog since just after Emmett was born. Elena’s photos are stunning (and her daughter is so flippin’ adorable), her articles are always full of great information for new and old moms.

This Little Chickpea – A new find I found while reading A Healthy Slice of Life’s Munchkin Meals link-up. She’s also a working mom, with two kids and manages to keep things healthy in her house. There’s some great motivation to be found here!

There you have it, my current favorite Mommy Blogs.

Your turn!

What mommy blogs do you read that I haven’t mentioned?

My Finds Friday – Motivation

My have Friday’s changed…

I’m sitting on my porch typing this, while up and down my street are younger folks, on their porches (because tonight is gorgeous) having what I can only guess are dinner parties. Laughing loudly, drinking wine, plainly enjoying themselves. I’m sure they’re all having fun, but me? I’d rather sit on my porch and quietly write a blog post, that is fun to me. 😀

Boy do I have some great Friday finds for you this week, so much motivation! Be sure to click the links and give everyone some love.

(These are in no particular order.)

  • As I continue on my quest to find a healthy and motivational balance when it comes to working out, I love reading things about different workouts. Reading what others have done to lose weight and get on the right track to health is so motivational. This week I came across this post on Fitocracy about a guy (the author of the article) who lost 150 lbs, just by getting into running. Check the post out here, I swear you’ll be moved to put on your shoes and head out the door.
  • Carrots ‘n’ Cake made the list again this week, this girl seriously inspires me to be my best! Every single one of her posts is about working out hard and eating healthy, what’s more motivational than that?! Check it out here. Tina’s a crossfitter, so she is frequently writing about her WODs and her Paleo diet, both of which interest me to no end.
  • I think most of us are trying to live a full life but also save money in the process, one my favorite blogs that deals with issues like these is Living Well Spending Less. Recently the author, Ruth, made a post about a service that assists in meal planning called eMeals.com. I haven’t signed up yet, but from what I gather the meal plan and list are pretty comprehensive and will work with whatever kind of diet restrictions you have (including Gluten-Free and Paleo). If you’re interested, you can visit her post here, and use her coupon code to get 15% off your new membership.
  • If you’re looking for a serious calorie burner that you can do in about 30 minutes, check out She Rocks Fitness. She recently posted a workout that looks like an extreme calorie torcher, you can check it out here.
  • Finally, one of my favorite mom fashion blogs is Ain’t No Mom Jeans. She recently made a post with tips on how to layer necklaces, check it out here. I love the look of layered necklaces but am never really sure how to do it so it looks right, this post has some really fantastic advice on how to do it.

It’s your turn…

Have you worked with or used eMeals before? If so, weigh-in below.

What are some of your favorite fast workouts that get you moving and provide you motivation?


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