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A Trip to Rochester and Other Friday Happenings


Am I right?

I really can’t complain, it’s been a pretty awesome week but I’m perpetually happy for Fridays and weekends with my family. Today started out bright and early because I needed to head out to Rochester for work. My company has offices across New York State, and today I provided some training to staff in our Rochester office.

I never mind my Rochester trips because I always get to see people I don’t see often enough, being in a new place (even if I’ve been there before) is always fun and their cafeteria is amazeballs! They have loads of options but not all of them healthy, however their salad bar is to die for. Don’t believe me, see below…

71913-3I think my favorite part about it is the different colored tongs, they each mean something different. Green means to eat liberally, yellow says that you can enjoy that option moderately and red is to use sparingly. I realize that most people can probably go to a salad bar and know which options fall into which category without color coded tongs but, now everyone can! As tempting as the sandwich bar was, I stuck with the salad bar and ended up with an absolutely delicious mix.


71913-5I filled my plate with romaine lettuce, baby spinach, shredded carrots, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, black olives, raw sunflower seeds and a sprinkle of bleu cheese, for dressing I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Om nom nom!

My training went really well, which made me happy. As I was walking out of the computer room I noticed what an amazing view this building has, check it out.


That’s the Genesee River!


It’s probably a good thing I’m not based in Rochester or I’d be distracted by this view daily.

We don’t yet have a Trader Joe’s in Buffalo, so about once a month we try to make a trip. Since I was already out that way I decided to make a quick trip on the way home and grab some of our favorites, I sadly forgot to take pictures of any of my purchases. Sure I could pull it all back out but I just don’t have it in my tonight, sorry! Suffice to say, I had a full cart and now we have a full fridge and freezer.


After my stop to Trader Joe’s I snagged up Emmett from day care and we were on our way home. So. Much. Driving!

Once home, Seamus made us an extra yummy dinner with another one of my farmer’s market finds.

71913-1The noodles are from a little locally owned business called The Pasta Peddler, his pasta is drool-worthy! I’m embarrassed to admit this but I never realized that pasta could come flavored, I always just assumed it was plain or whole-wheat, but The Pasta Peddler has so many different flavors. In the picture you see garlic and herb and I would definitely recommend them to anyone! If you’re in or around the Buffalo area or want to have some shipped to you, I recommend you do so.

71913The garlic bread is just from Wegmans, but it’s really really good!

And finally, my boy and I were feeling silly while we waited for dinner to finish up.

71913-2How can you not love him?

How was your Friday? Any fun plans for the weekend?


What I Ate Wednesday #1

One of my favorite blogs, Peas and Crayons does a weekly post all about the food and drinks that she had throughout the day. I’ve been meaning to join in on the fun for a few weeks but every time I think to take pictures of my food or make a post, Wednesday has passed. However, I have remembered to write a post this week, I know you’re thrilled. 😉 If you are interested in doing your own “What I Ate Wednesday” post, check out her blog for all the details, everyone is welcome!

Onto my day…

Wednesdays tend to be a bit hectic because I work from home, but this one was even more crazy because we had to follow Seamus to the car dealership so he could take it in to be repaired AND I had to get home to work. Some weeks are better than others, it really depends on Emmett’s mood and whether he’s more or less content to sit and play by himself. This was a good week! He was curious over everything and I was able to give him a toy and he’d sit and examine it while I worked. Some weeks he’s really clingy and I can’t even walk away for a second without him freaking out, those are the weeks that I work with a baby on my lap. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m glad this was a good week because I had a lot going on that needed to get done.

First up, our breakfast:

WIAW6I had two hard boiled eggs, some plain yogurt (that was a Farmer’s Market find) and some fresh strawberries.

Let me tell you about this yogurt, it’s amazing! It’s from a local farm called First Light Farm & Creamery  and tastes so yummy. I often get their Chevre but this past weekend the gentlemen selling his wares suggested their plain yogurt, I figured I’d give it a try since I was going to be buying some at Wegmans the next day anyhow. I’m so glad I did, and will likely continue for weeks to come. When the guy from first light was describing the yogurt, he said it was naturally sweet, but I was skeptical. I was thinking, how can plain yogurt be sweet? Well, I don’t have an answer for the how but it is! It is just ever so slightly sweet and pairs perfectly with the fresh fruit I also picked up at the market. Seriously though, if you live in Buffalo go, to the Bidwell Farmer’s Market and get yourself some of this yogurt.

Emmett went down for his usual morning nap and I charged right into my work and got a ton accomplished, but while plowing through I needed a pick me up. I had one of my favorite new(ish) snacks, a green smoothie!


In this afternoon’s smoothie there was a handful (or 2) of baby spinach, a cup of frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, frozen nectarines, a cup of almond milk and a splash of water, just so it was wet enough to blend well.

It was a really productive morning. I love that feeling you get when you accomplish everything you set out to do.

When naptime was over, I went into Emmett’s room to get him and this is what I saw.


…fluffy nap hair, I adore it!

Emmett is still nursing, so after he had some milk we sat down to have lunch together. In the future I’ll be sure to get pictures of what he is eating but it was pretty similar to my plate.

photo (13)

Lunch was a Wasa cracker with First Light Farm & Creamery garlic and dill chevre smeared on it, along with a couple more hard boiled eggs, yes I had four hard boiled eggs today, but when you’re busy you’ll grab whatever you can out of the fridge that is healthy and filling. I also had some delicious watermelon, that had the perfect flavor.

Emmett was still in a great mood, so he played and I got more work done and before we knew it, it was time to go pick up Seamus and take him to get his car. Car repairs suck and are so expensive, but at least we know he’s safe.

Once home again, Seamus made dinner while Emmett played and I tried to get a bit more work done. I know I mentioned before that Emmett was in a great mood, but here’s proof.

WIAW-7He was so content to just hang out near me and play. I love when he’s like this because I know he’s confident enough to be independent and play but also that he loves me and wants to be near because there are a million other places he could play, but he chose one nearest me.

Dinner tonight was a Polish feast (alright, not really a feast but it was Polish food). We had Polish sausage and pierogis from Redlinski’s. Seamus did an awesome job throwing it together and it was delicious but sadly I devoured it before I could get a picture, sorry.

Phew! What a busy day, but a really good one too.

What was your favorite part of the day?


11 Month Pictures


Mr. Monkey told a funny joke!

11-months-2 11-months






2 month-2

Baby Emmett at 2 Months

11-months-7 11-months-6 11-months-5 11-months-4 11-months-8 11-months-9 11-months-10 11-months-11 11-months-12

Emmett’s Baby Led Weaning

Around four months of age the topic of solids was broached at Emmett’s doctor’s appointment but we let his pediatrician know that we had no plans of introducing solids until he was 6 months old. We wanted his stomach to be as developed and ready for solid foods as possible. Plus I knew that he could sleep through the night without a “midnight snack” so solids seemed unnecessary for that reason. I will admit that he didn’t always sleep through the night but I knew that he was physically able to.

I have previously mentioned and did a book review of, Baby Led Weaning, you can see my review here. When I came across this method of introducing solids, it seemed like the best decision for us but I still had to convince Seamus that it was the right thing to do for our baby. I’ll be honest, I was concerned it would be tough to convince him but with my solid level of knowledge and armed with answers to all of his questions, it was pretty easy to sway him.

There’s nothing magical that happens on the exact date that a baby turns 6 months but we wanted to wait until that specific date. Well, unfortunately it had to be postponed for a couple extra nights because our power went out on his 6 month birthday and then again the next day. I was disappointed but also it just prolonged the excitement of giving my baby his first solids.


The book talks about what foods are best to start with and the one they recommend most frequently is broccoli, so we went with that. I was really curious on how Emmett would react to his first taste of food, he’s been breastfed since birth so he’s not used to the exact same flavored drink like formula fed babies are, so I wasn’t nervous but I couldn’t wait to see his facial expressions.


Seamus cut the head of broccoli into long stalks and we roasted it plain for about 10 minutes. Once it cooled, we placed a couple stalks in front of him; he almost instantly picked one up and put it to his mouth. He sucked on the florets and his face was instantly covered in the little buds, it was adorable but there wasn’t a single funny expression. He didn’t cringe or look grossed out, he just ate. I was shocked! I truly expected him to have even a slightly negative reaction but there was none. At that moment, I knew I had chosen the correct path for Emmett.

We continued to have success with each of the new foods we introduced to him. He didn’t turn anything away until we gave him plain chicken breast. I’m not sure whether it was bland or he just didn’t like it but he just would have nothing to do with it that night. The next time we gave him chicken we seasoned it and he was fine with it. Who knows, maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for chicken; I know I’m not always in the mood for chicken.  🙂


There were a couple of times where I almost called it quits with BLW because the gagging and choking was making me nervous. Seamus, being a wonderful and supportive husband, encouraged me to skim the book again to look for any tips on how to handle gagging and whether it was normal. Being the nervous first time mom I was, I had read AND HIGHLIGHTED the section all about how gagging was normal, but had forgotten I’d done this. After rereading and see that it was completely normal and even expected, I was right back on the BLW bandwagon. That has pretty much been my only time faltering.


We did hit a few roadblocks with Emmett eating this way while at day care, but we overcame them with the help of our center’s director. This was the first time they had ever heard of a baby being fed this way and because they needed to remain compliant with many different standards they were leery of how things would go. Seamus and I met with the director to explain the process and the reasoning behind Emmett eating this way and after a couple of weeks things were up and running smoothly. They ensured us that someone would sit and watch Emmett while he. As he’s become more and more proficient with food, they’ve begun feeding him while watching other babies at the same time. Not all day care centers may be willing to work with you if you choose this method, but I encourage you to at least check with them and fully educate them before completely writing the idea off. I promise you, that feeding a baby this way is as easy as feeding them pureed food with a spoon and sometimes even easier.


This method may not be right for everyone but it has been nothing but successful for us. Emmett eats pretty much everything and we rarely have to make a separate meal for him, so it saves time in meal prep. Plus, Seamus and I are able to eat our food when it’s hot since Emmett is feeding himself and we don’t need to take extra time to feed him separately. The benefits of a baby eating this way are pretty much endless and I absolutely would recommend this to any parent who will be introducing solids to their baby soon.



To date, Emmett has tried and enjoyed (in no particular order), broccoli, sweet potatoes, corn bread, bananas, rolled oats (prepared), plums, red potatoes, chicken, mini-meatloaf, mini-quesadillas, mini-hamburgers, sweet peppers, apples, avocado, spaghetti, yogurt, mum mums, pierogi, pickles, ham, sausage, eggs, bread, cheese, pizza crust (with a tiny amount of sauce and cheese left on it), asparagus, tomato, peaches, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, pears, cabbage, corned beef, pork tenderloin, grilled cheese sandwiches and applesauce (which he surprising did not like at all). There very well may be more but this is all that I can recall at this moment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!! Go ahead and use the ‘Contact Me’ button at the top of the page.

6 Month Pictures

I’m finally getting around to sharing Emmett’s 6 month pictures! Enjoy!



6-months-10 6-months-9 6-months-8 6-months-7 6-months-6 6-months-126-months-11 6-months-56-months-4 6-months-3



No more pictures, please!

No more pictures, please!

And for comparison’s sake, Emmett at 1 month on the left and 6 months on the right!



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