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Dear Emmett – 22 Months

Can you believe it!? This little pip squeak is 22 months old today!

E 3But, believe it or not he is. He lights up my life in every possible way, and I simply cannot imagine my life without him. I’ve been feeling like this blog, named after this cutie, has been lacking a lot of Emmett-centric posts, so I thought I’d write one today.

Since my last update so much has changed! Your vocabulary has blossomed, and I can’t even begin to remember every single word you know. You know the names of so many things, and can ask for what you want with ease. Any time that you’re not sure of the name of something, if we ask you to show us, you have no trouble getting up and pointing out what you want.

And sentences!? They’re no match for you! You can easily put together short sentences, without any trouble. Things like, “Turn off!” or “Emmett’s Shoes” Each new thing you do or say just blows me away. Every time you comprehend something I say, I’m nearly moved to tears with the pride I feel for you. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to be a blubbering mess at every milestone along the way.

Physically, you’re a whirlwind. Bouncing from one thing to the next, hardly slowing down. You enjoy activities like coloring, quite a bit, but they seem to hold your attention for a short while before you’re off onto the next activity. You love legos (which you can say), trucks, cars, animals (monkeys especially), Elmo, Daniel Tiger and being chased. You have a blast sliding down a slide or swinging really REALLY high in a swing. You can spend hours in your bike trailer, as I pull you around the city, and on the rare occasion when we have nothing else going on, you’ll sit and watch a little bit of TV.

You love to move, and I’m not going to try and slow you down. I’m simply going to work hard to keep up!


As soon as we pull in the driveway, the first words out of your mouth on a near daily basis are,  “run run run.” You want to go in the backyard and run! And, as much as I’d like to be a lazy bum, I remember how important it is to keep you up and moving, so out we go. We’ve had really great spring, cool and enjoyable. I’ve been trying to make sure we take full advantage.

We also had our second Mother’s Day together. You made me a couple adorable things at day care, a poem and a sweet, I love you card. You sang a little song along with your classmates, and also got to spend the evening with grandma and Aunt Bridget. On the actual day, you and daddy gave me beautifully decorated cards and a gift certificate to get my hair cut. You both spoiled me! I feel very lucky!

You also had a teacher change in your classroom. I like your new teacher, but the transition from who you previously had to the new one, hasn’t been going smoothly. It is obvious to me that your care hasn’t been as top notch, as it previously had been. I’m trying to allow the school time to adjust, but I only want the best for you.

It has been a really fun month! And even though sometimes you are a maniac (in a good way), you still give your dad and I loads of hugs, kisses and cuddles. There is absolutely NO WAY that we could love you more. You’re amazing, and you make each day worth living.

I love you!

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