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My Finds Friday – The Year in Review

Today I’m sharing Baby Doodah’s Year in Review.

Happy Friday everyone!

Is anyone else kind of, sort of glad that the holidays are over, or is that just me? I do enjoy the holidays, the warm fuzzy feelings and the wonderful traditions we’re making with Emmett, but I am a creature of habit and I’m missing my routine. I’m looking forward to getting some extra down time and I’m sure my bank account could use a holiday break too. HAHA I really don’t mean this to be negative, we had a nice holiday season, but I do enjoy not having anything to worry about in the evenings, other then spending time with my family and blogging (my current two favorite things).

Anyhow, this is my first My Finds Friday of the new year, and I’m going to do things a bit differently today. I’m going to share Baby Doodah’s year in review, and highlight some of my most popular or most favorite posts of the past year. So buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride BACK IN TIME! (Not really, just being really goofy.)

year in review

Baby Doodah’s Year in Review


1. My number one most popular post from 2013, was my a post that is very dear to my heart, because of what is included in that post. My post, titled 5 Tips I Wish I’d Know as a New Mom, is my most popular AND my personal favorite!


2. Next up, you have my post about perfect Toddler Stocking Stuffer ideas. We got Emmett almost everything on the list and he loved it all!

pizza dip 3

3.Then we had my Ooey Gooey Pizza Dip recipe. I love making this dip for a quick lunch on the weekends, but it is also phenomenal party dip.

Baked-Potato-Soup4. I love this soup! My number 4 most popular post is my Baked Potato Soup recipe.

life hacks Lettuce-and-Papertowel-

5. And finally, my fifth most popular post of the year was my Life Hacks post, I use every single one of these almost weekly.

Alright folks, those are my top 5 most popular posts from the past year – I’d love to hear your top posts, or any of your other finds from the past week. Link-up below!

Baby Doodah


My Resolutions

For the past five or so years I’ve said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions because I never keep them and figured what’s the point but I’ve decided that I want this year to be different. That’s not saying that the past 5 years haven’t been amazing, they most certainly have (getting engaged, getting married, having a beautiful baby) but I want to also do some things that are solely for me. Things that will lift my spirits and make my life feel fuller.

1. Be Happier

This is kind of a catch-all for a lot of things so I’ll kind of give a run down. I want to be more content with the things I have and to stop yearning for the things I don’t. I don’t expect this to one day just up and stop, I expect it to be work but I’m willing to work on it, I just need to figure out where and HOW to start. (Advice is welcome.)

I also want to be happier overall, it is no secret that I’ve been suffering with depression on and off since Emmett was born, so I want to tackle that and get my moods under control. I don’t need to be obnoxiously happy nor do I expect to never have a bad day but I want to feel happy the majority of the time, not down, like I have been lately (Again, if anyone has any advice, books or articles, please share).

2. Invest More Time In Me

I know that eating better and working out will make me feel better so I need to take the time for myself and for my family to make my lunch or get in a workout. There is nothing stopping me but myself and I’m sick of that being the reason. By investing in myself I will make myself feel more whole, I’ll also be a better mother and wife.

3. Stop Mourning the Past

I struggle with this beyond anyone’s imagination. I try very hard to live in the moment but even when I do I struggle with moving forward when big momentous things occur because I can’t seem to let them go. I’ll relive them over and over again or mourn the fact that they are over and it needs to stop.

Let me give you a for instance, I had a really hard time transitioning Emmett out of his newborn sized clothing. Eventually I did it and he started wearing his 3 month outfits BUT I can’t bring myself to box up and store his newborn clothes, they’re still sitting on his dresser, just waiting, because I am mourning the fact that my small baby has progressed on. The better response is to celebrate his health and growth but I struggle with this (obviously).

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? And if anyone has any advice or books they’d recommend reading, please feel free to leave a comment below…I am open to anything.

Here’s to the most amazing 2013 possible!

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