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Dear Emmett – 19 Months

Happy 19 Months, Emmett!dear-emmett-19-months-8

You’re 19 months. Let me repeat that… You are 19 months old! How is that possible? How is it possible that almost 600 days has past us by, when I feel like it was only just yesterday that I was holding you for the very first time? Well, regardless of whether I want it to be true or not, you’re growing up! 
This has been a fun month! You continue to be super active, getting into everything, always managing to find the one thing that you should not be playing with, and causing your father and I to chase you around from one room to the next.


Early in the month you had your 18 month doctor’s appointment, and for the most part you are a healthy little guy. Your ears, throat and heart all sounded and looked good, the only problem was that you lost a pound and babies shouldn’t be losing weight. The loss could be due to multiple different things, you moved up to the older baby room and are way more active in there, plus you don’t always eat a ton of the food that you’re given at day care. Or it could have been that you had a fever about two weeks before your appointment, and you don’t eat much when you’re sick. Either way, we have another appointment in a few weeks to see if you’re gaining, if not we’ll need to investigate some new ways of getting you to gain. Here’s hoping you gain!


This is often how he’ll ride his sit ‘n spin, with all his blankets and toys along for the ride.

We also had your second Valentine’s Day! You’re really REALLY into Elmo right now, so the “Love Bug” got you a little stuffed Elmo to hold and cuddle. It doesn’t do anything but look cute, but you love it. When your dad first handed it to you, you grabbed it and tucked it right under your chin. It was really really sweet! Your day care also held an ice cream social, which we all went to. It was fun to watch you interact with some of your friends and the toys there. You also got to enjoy a couple yummy bites of ice cream. Lucky boy!

Mommy and daddy had a week of vacation, so we all went out to The Strong – Rochester Museum of Play. This was our second trip here, but the first time you weren’t quite old enough to understand all the fun that was to be had, this time you totally got it. You were ready to go the second you rolled in (you were in your stroller). We spent a good hour in the Sesame Street section, going from one activity to the next and you got to meet Elmo! Well, not really, but the video is still pretty cool. They have this button that you press that makes Elmo come up on the screen, while you sit on a stool with a green screen behind you. It’s very cute to watch, but you lost interest quickly.

dear-emmett-19-months-1 dear-emmett-19-months

You were then off to sit in the pretend taxi they have, which is where you probably had the most fun. You sat in there, pressing the different buttons and smiling for probably 15 minutes. It was very cute to watch and gave your dad and me a second to sit back and relax while you played. After we finished with all of the Sesame Street stuff, you and your dad road the train (or as you like to say choo choo) and you ran around like a crazy person for a bit. Haha Since we went on a weekday afternoon, it was pretty dead and you had a lot of free-reign of the place. I love watching you play!

We took you for your second haircut and I kind of feel like this one was more traumatic for you, then the first one was. You cried and fought a lot harder than you did the first time, but it wasn’t like you got hurt last time, you just don’t like the scissors close to your face. I had to hold your head still, which made you more upset and it was all just a downwards spiral, poor guy. The one plus, is that you look completely adorable!

Emmett and Daddy on Sesame Street!

Emmett and Daddy on Sesame Street!

You finally like snow! When winter started, you were terrified of snow and wouldn’t go near it, or if I put you down in it you would cry and whine, until I picked you up. Now, you love it and try to step in it, even if you aren’t wearing your boots.


Sadly towards the end of the month you got another fever. It lasted for about 4 days and was no fun. You are pretty cuddly when you’re sick, but I would rather have you healthy then sick and cuddly. You got to spend some time with your Aunt Bridget on one of the days, and despite being sick, you managed to be uber cute and take some adorable pictures.


You’ve also learned a new set of words; let’s see if I can remember them all:

Duddle         =        cuddle
boo             =        blueberry
mmm-nai     =        binkie
night night   =        Your blanket
Melmo         =         Elmo
Co-co          =         cookie
ray-shh        =         raisin
nilk             =          milk
tay-do         =          potato
choo choo   =          train
wah-shh      =          wash

I think one of my favorite new things is that you call yourself “you.” When we show you pictures, or talk about you, your dad and I obviously say “you” when we’re referring to you. So now, when you look at pictures of yourself, you point and say “yoooou,” or if you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll do the same thing. So cute! We’ve started to try and call you Emmett more, as in “that’s Emmett!”

Your obsession with shoes continues. You love taking my slippers and putting them on and trying to walk with them, but you’ll do the same things with daddy’s sneakers or my boots. I have no idea what it is about shoes that interests you, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


You are now more than proficient with running. For a while, you’d walk fast and any time you attempted to run, you’d kind of stumble but now you’re busy running from one activity to the next and it’s often difficult to keep up with you.

He will not sleep unless he has all of the items that are shown here. I'm completely NOT kidding. :)

He will not sleep unless he has all of the items that are shown here. I’m completely NOT kidding. 🙂

If there is one thing that I want you to take away from this month’s post, it’s that you are loved more than any parent can express. I can sit and stare at you for hours on end, and everything you do amazes me. I hope you continue to grow and develop into one of the sweetest little boys. I’m so happy I’m your momma!! I love you! 


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