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What I Ate Wednesday – #13

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

It has been an incredibly stressful week so far but I wanted to make sure I linked-up!

First up, breakfast.

Does anyone else do the same exact breakfast every single day? I feel like there’s something wrong with me that I literally eat 1 egg, a slice of Canadian bacon and a slice of American Cheese on a Whole Wheat English muffin everyday. I guess I tend to switch things up on the weekends, but overall it’s the same thing and I’m not sick of it in the least. I guess I just keep doing what I’m doing, huh?what-i-ate-wednesday-109-3

Man do I look forward to snack time!

Today’s snack was a yummy Clif Bar and a cup of coffee. When you were a kid do you remember adults eating cookies with their coffee, or (gasp) even dunking them? My grandma used to do this a lot and I thought it was disgusting. Now, one of my favorite things to do is to have coffee and something sweet. Yum!



I totally had leftovers. Last night we ordered pizza for dinner and it was all I could do to simply put the slices in a bag for lunch today. Like I mentioned earlier, things are really stressful at work and it’s causing me to feel extremely worn out by the time I get home from work, which ends up meaning leftover pizza for lunch. However, I’m definitely NOT complaining! 😉

what-i-ate-wednesday-109-6 what-i-ate-wednesday-109-7Lots of stuff going on at work leads to…

Stress eating!


And finally, dinner.

We marinated some chicken and cooked that on the grill, we had that with some homemade potato pancakes. They were SO good! What can I say? My husband LOVES to cook!

what-i-ate-wednesday-109-2 what-i-ate-wednesday-109-5

Remember last week when I shared that I’d be joining in with the Spooky Snack & Healthy Halloween Treats, What I Ate Wednesday? Well, instead of sharing pictures of what I’ve made for Halloween, I’ll be sharing links to some of my favorite finds for Halloween treats from around the web. I unfortunately haven’t had any time to make any special treats but I still wanted to join in on the fun.

Emmett loves grapes, so making these grape caterpillars would be so much fun!

Oh my gosh! I wish I was having a Halloween party for kids OR adults. I love the idea of putting plastic spiders in the ice cube trays. It looks so awesome in the drinks!

And just for fun…


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What I Ate Wednesday – #12

You guessed it, it’s What I Ate Wednesday, time again.

Happy day to you all! Yesterday marked the first day of the ecourse I’m taking, Everyday Happy. I’ll share more about it in a separate post, but I love what the hosts have in store and am really excited to get started on this 6-week journey. If you’re interested in learning more about the class and what it entails, check out their website, and why not sign-up? Everyone could stand to be a little happier, can’t they?

Alright, time for What I Ate Wednesday.

My workdays tend to include the same food over and over again. It isn’t that I have a boring pallet, it’s just that it’s easier to pack a lunch when you know exactly what you have to pack and not think through everything. When I get sick of what I’ve currently been eating, and switch things up, I tend to forget some part of my lunch because it’s new and I have a terrible short-term memory. Anyhoo – with all that said, if you notice that some of the foods are repetitive, or seem like they’re from previous weeks, now you know why.

Breakfast was my usual, egg, cheese (American) and Canadian bacon sandwich on a whole grain muffin. I love this because it is just like what I would stop at Tim Horton’s  and order, just a bit healthier. Plus it’s pretty filling, which is always a benefit when it comes to breakfast, since I find I’m most hungry then. As per usual, I forgot to snap a pic before I ate it, sorry! I swear one of these weeks I will manage to get a photo.

Snack was a delicious combination for Trader Joe’s 0% Greek Yogurt, with organic, unsweetened coconut and Goji berries mixed in, and then topped with some granola. I am loving Goji berries right now, I had been seeing a lot of them in people’s Instagram photos so I thought I’d give them a try and I REALLY like them! They add a nice sweet touch and since I use them dried, they’re nice and chewy, which causes me to eat slower and allows my belly to fill up faster.


Unsweetened Coconut and Goji Berries

Unsweetened Coconut and Goji Berries


For lunch I had my typical salad. Romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, sunflower seeds, ham, chicken and honey mustard dressing. See, I told you I eat the same things almost every week! 😀

what-i-ate-wednesday-102-9 what-i-ate-wednesday-102-5

I ate a little something just before I left work.  I hate when I leave hungry because then I am more apt to stop and get fast food. I had two Wasa Crisps topped with First Light Farm and Creamery Garlic and Dill Chevre (yum!), tomotes and radishes (all from the farmer’s market). This has been my go to snack for the last week, I dare you to give it a try!

what-i-ate-wednesday-102-4 what-i-ate-wednesday-102-2

Finally, dinner, we just had some pasta and garlic bread. Definitely not the healthiest of meals but it tasted good. I just did some pasta water mixed with olive oil and garlic powder. I’m very particular about my pasta sauces and haven’t found that I love (except for Frank’s), so I tend to gravitate towards white sauces or plain olive oil.

what-i-ate-wednesday-102 what-i-ate-wednesday-102-1

So, that’s it, that was my day of food. Pretty yummy if you ask me!

Your turn!

Have you tried Goji berries before? If so, what do you think?

What are some of your eats from the past week?

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And for the fun of it!


I’ll be joining in for this next week!

What I Ate Wednesday – #11

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Yes, this is a day late and for that I apologize. 🙁 I have just been very tired this week, yesterday after Emmett was in bed, I took my make-up off and fell asleep on the couch until quarter after ten when Seamus came and woke me up. My schedule has been the same for months, so I have no idea why I’m so tired this week but it has definitely hit me. I’m still feeling pretty tired today, hopefully I can use the weekend to catch up on some deep, delicious sleep.

I tried something new today, normally I don’t start drinking my water until 9 or so, instead I started drinking it on my ride into work. Prior to yesterday, I would have two cups of coffee and that’s it. I was often feeling hungry as soon as I got to work, even though I had just finished eating a homemade (filling) breakfast sandwich. I now realize that what I was thinking were hunger pains were actually my stomach and head working together to tell me I was thirsty. (You can read an article I wrote about how you can tell the difference between hunger and thirst.)


Breakfast was my typical sandwich of whole wheat English muffin, 1 scrambled egg and a slice of American Cheese. And, as usual, I forgot to take a picture of it. Seamus makes it and I literally grab it and scarf it down on my ride in, so there’s really no opportune moment for a pic.

But that’s okay because I did manage to get pics of everything else. First up was my delicious cup of coffee! I’ve been crushing hard on Trader Joe’s Fair Trade coffee. This stuff is outstanding! I don’t need a single sweetener and only add a splash of half & half. This particular coffee is so dark and rich and it’s so wonderful to just sit back and enjoy a cup.


I’ve also been crushing pretty hard on Clif Bars, which were my morning snack. My favorites so far are the chocolate chip and the crunchy peanut butter. They’re not the cheapest of bars but the ingredient list is pretty decent and they’re super filling. They’ll stick around for awhile until I get bored with them, like every other bar I’ve tried.


Lunch was a yummy salad! A mix of Boston and Romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, blue cheese crumbles, ham and chicken and then topped with Ken’s Light Honey Mustard dressing. I was also freezing, so I grabbed a cup of soup from the cafeteria, Italian Wedding Soup, it was REALLY good.




I skipped an afternoon snack and had a decaf coffee instead. It wasn’t really that good, though. I really like strong coffee but this almost had a burnt taste to it, which is no good.

what-i-ate-wednesday-926-4Dinner was pizza from Zetti’s. We were supposed to have fresh Polish sausage but I had been craving pizza all day, so that’s what we went with. It wasn’t bad, but not great.

what-i-ate-wednesday-926-2Alrighty, That’s it for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Your turn!

What were your favorite eats from the past week?

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What I Ate Wednesday – #10

Happy 10 week anniversary to me and What I Ate Wednesday!

Oh my, what an AMAZING day I’ve had! I have absolutely been sticking to my Weekly Wishes goals that I’ve set for myself. I have today, tomorrow and Friday off and I swore to myself (and put it on my blog), that I would NOT waste these days being a bum on the couch and I have (proudly) stuck to that.

I woke up early with Seamus, got everything ready for Emmett to go to day care and then off we went. He got there at just about his normal time, I wanted to maximize my alone time. I’ll admit to feeling slightly guilty about leaving him there, when he could have stayed home with me but I reminded myself how much I have been looking forward to these days without work and a few hours without baby. I stopped for coffee on my way home, once home again I opened my laptop to blog. It has been wonderful being able to type away without interruption! Don’t get me wrong I love Emmett so so so sooooo much, but it’s nice to have some uninterrupted time, I’m sure other momma’s understand.

I just can’t believe I have two more glorious days! I know that it probably seems like I won’t stop talking about this vacation time but I literally cannot remember the last time I’ve been home completely by myself, with no work and not pregnant. I was sitting on the porch this morning, typing away and it hit me, the last time I was home alone was last summer, however I was (very) pregnant so I didn’t really get up off the couch except to pee. And while I (really) love my job, I needed some days away. I haven’t had longer than a day away since my maternity leave last October (other than weekends), I really think I was due. This way I will go back calmer (hopefully) and refreshed and ready to take on all the craziness ahead.

Alright – Onto What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast was a couple delicious oozy sunny side up eggs on 100% whole wheat toast with First Light Farm and Creamery Garlic and Dill Chevre, strawberries, blueberries and half an avocado. Seriously, my favorite breakfast!


It was a very busy day, I spent time on the porch blogging, watched some TV, worked out and relaxed. I was so busy that I didn’t even think about a snack and just went right into lunch around 1 PM. I had some delicious Trader Joe’s Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread. If you haven’t tried it, I would absolutely recommend that you go out and buy some now, it is so very delicious!



what-i-ate-wednesday-918-2 what-i-want-wednesday-918Dinner was some leftover pulled pork on a Ciabatta roll and some boiled potatoes. Certainly not the healthiest of meals, but it was so good.

what-i-ate-wednesday-918-7 what-I-ate-wednesday-918-6Even though Emmett’s been pretty finicky with his food, he is still so darn adorable!

Emmett singing for his meal.

Emmett singing for his supper.

Your turn!

What yummy eats have you had this week?

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What I Ate Wednesday – #9

We are entering our third month of What I Ate Wednesday! How fun!

I woke up in a stupendous (there’s a word you don’t hear regularly) mood. My alarm went off and I dreaded crawling out from my cozy blanket, but I did it anyway. BUT don’t think of me as any kind of hero, because I just went to the couch and slept until quarter to 6. 😀 I just didn’t want to reset my alarm and have it go off again and wake Seamus up. I knew the couch would work just as well for additional sleep for me.

My What I Ate Wednesday Eats:

Breakfast was the same as last week and just like last week, I was so hungry that I ate it before I thought to snap a picture. Either way, I had a whole wheat english muffin with a slice of cheese and a scrambled egg. It was (and always is) delicious!

Snack, (OH MY!) let me tell you about my snack. It was an extremely decadent maple bacon donut. Oh how delicious, and dare I even say pretty, it was. Mmmmm


what-i-ate-wednesday-911-6Does anyone else plan 1 meal for lunch and then just eat that for everyday? I used to try and choose something different so I didn’t get bored but I was spending so much money on groceries and having so much waste, since I wasn’t using everything, that now I just choose one meal for the week. I either make enough for the week on Sundays, or choose something that I can throw together each night while I pack my lunch. This week I did the baked potato and some yogurt.




I grabbed a couple of carrots and a scoop of hummus before I left work. I hate getting hungry in the car, it makes it really difficult to avoid stopping for junk.

what-i-ate-wednesday-911 what-i-ate-wednesday-911-8

I decided to give Wegmans Cilantro Jalapeno hummus a try! It was really really good, I definitely recommend it.

Dinner was something quick and comforting, ravioli and garlic bread. With getting home from work so late and trying to get in some workouts (or at least a walk), we just don’t have a lot of time. That’s when we tend to settle for something quick and maybe not quite so healthy, we try to have a nice balance. Unfortunately, I forgot to get any pics of dinner. Sorry about that!

I’m pretty sure Emmett enjoyed his meal, what do you think?

what-i-ate-wednesday-911-7And finally, I’m super excited because we finally ordered Emmett’s big boy car seat and it came in today. We haven’t put it in my car yet, but I can’t wait to be done with the infant one, no more lugging that thing (and Emmett) around.


Your turn!

Share your What I Ate Wednesdays!

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What I Ate Wednesday – #8

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Today was Emmett’s second day at his day care and it seems to be going pretty well. When I dropped him off yesterday and set him on the floor, he looked like a little lost puppy. Just staring at me, trying to figure out where he was and who everyone around him was. He had met the teachers before, but it was 2 weeks earlier and in a span of 10 minutes, no way he’d have any recollection of that. I felt terrible leaving him, even though he was fully engulfed in a toy when I walked out. I knew that he would likely be confused later, after he realized I was gone and wonder where his normal teachers were. 🙁

When I picked him up they said he had done alright. He’d whined a little in the beginning but had warmed up as the day went on and they’d even had him sleep in a cot, instead of a crib. What a big boy! I was thrilled to hear that he had done pretty well despite being around new folks.

Today seemed to go even better! He was pretty clingy when I dropped him off and didn’t want to be left, but his teacher distracted him with breakfast and he was fine. Today’s report for the day was that of smiles and happiness, I am thrilled to hear this. I want him to adjust and be happy, that is most important, it is just an added benefit that my ride to and from day care has been chopped in half. Woohoo!

Now onto the food…

Since today was my first Wednesday back in the office since July of 2012 (I had previously been working from home on Wednesdays) my pictures are a little lackluster.

I scarfed down breakfast too quickly to get a picture, but I had a whole wheat English muffin, a slice of cheese and 1 egg. Yummy and very filling! I also had some coffee in my new Starbucks mug, I love it!

what-i-ate-wednesday-943 what-i-ate-wednesday-94-2

My snack was something new and oh so very delicious. I had plain Greek yogurt with a squirt of honey, a handful of blueberries, a half cup of unsweetened coconut and some Bear Naked banana nut granola. Oh my YUM!




Lunch was quick but very good. I had some romaine hearts, unsalted sunflower seeds, blue cheese crumbles, Krakus Ham and a drizzle of Ken’s Light Honey Mustard. Oh! And a hunk of Tuscan garlic bread from Wegmans.

what-i-ate-wednesday-94-5 what-i-ate-wednesday-94-4

Once again, I completely forgot to snap a pic of dinner. I really apologize, I was not used to having to work so I was thrown off my routine. Either way, I had a delicious burger and some broccoli.

It was a really tasty and reasonably healthy What I Ate Wednesday, I’ll take it!

Want to read some of my other What I Ate Wednesday posts? See them here.

Your turn!

Share some of your eats, on this What I Ate Wednesday.

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What I Ate Wednesday – #7

What I Ate Wednesday, week 7!? I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 7 weeks already.

This Wednesday, is my last Wednesday working from home, regularly. My promotion is showing itself to be one that I need to be in the office 5 days a week for. I’m really sad, not because I don’t like my job or because I resent needing to go in for 5 days but because I love spending time with Emmett, even if he’s on the floor by my feet playing and I’m working. It was a hard decision and one that I did not take lightly, but Emmett deserves to have someone pay direct attention to him, to play with him and I can’t do that when I’m working. I tried to make the most of the day, by getting in a few extra cuddles and having him sit on my lap while I worked through some emails. Next week will be hard, it will be the first week in over a year of life that I will be away from him for 5 days. I really should stop looking at the negative, it’s only making me feel worse.

Onto What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast today was so delicious! I had a couple slices of Wegmans 100% Whole Grain bread with First Light Farm and Creamery’s Garlic and Dill Chevre, which was topped with 2 eggs scrambed and a juicy, delicious tomato from this past weekend’s farmer’s market and also a handful of blueberries. I love healthy meals, that are delicious and hit the spot. It helps me realize that you can eat healthy and still enjoy your food.



My snack was some First Light Farm and Creamery (I swear I don’t work them, just love their dairy products) Garlic and Herb Jack cheese and a handful of Keebler Sea Salt and Olive Oil crispbread.


Lunch, oh goodness lunch was so so good! I’ve been stuck on this salad… It includes romaine hearts, fresher farmer’s market tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, 1 hard boiled egg, an ounce of Krakus Ham, Wegmans sliced chicken and unsalted sunflower seeds. Pure yumminess! I’ve been really into Ken’s light Honey Mustard, it’s very flavorful and tangy so I don’t need a whole lot to beef up the salad. Doesn’t it look amazing? I also had some Polar Seltzer, I gave the ginger lemonade flavor a try based on a friend’s recommendation and I’m glad I did. It tastes a like a mix of 7-UP and ginger ale but without all the added sugars. Mmmm

what-i-ate-wednesday-828-8 what-i-ate-wednesday-828-7


As always, Seamus made a delicious meal for dinner. We had Buffalo salmon and Israeli couscous, with a few cut up carrots. It was so so good!


what-i-ate-wednesday-828-2 what-i-ate-wednesday-828-1

When Seamus got home from work, we went to a local gym to sign-up for a family membership, I’m super excited! It will be rare that Seamus and I go together (just based on time constraints) but it’s nice to have us both working out again.


Now we’re about to watch some TV and relax! Night!

Your turn!

What did you eat on this, What I Ate Wednesday?

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