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What I Ate Wednesday – #20

It’s definitely What I Ate Wednesday time, again!

Hey there! It’s 5 am and I’m feeling energetic, positive and ready to tackle today. It’s likely to be a busy one at work, so I’m glad that I have this energy now.

Guess how I started my morning? With a cup of coffee, on the porch! For those of you that live in Buffalo (or the surrounding areas), know that we got a decent amount of snow last night and are probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this crazy woman. 🙂 Well, I only spent about 10 minutes outside, took some really pretty pics and then came back in. It’s just too lovely outside to even think of missing it. It is early, so very little of the snow on the ground has been touched (though, our plow guy has already come and gone, whoop whoop), and I just love the look of untouched snow. Plus, it is really light snow and is sitting prettily on the tree branches.
When that happens, I always feel like I’m walking in a winter wonderland. So, yes, I did take a sip of coffee while on the porch, but the rest of it was enjoyed with my butt firmly planted on the couch, under my warm blanket.

I’ve already mentioned it, but here’s my yummy morning coffee.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1127Okay, so I have to admit that I haven’t taken a picture of one single other item of food from today. It’s been a busy day and I didn’t even think to take any photos of my food. I can tell you what I ate, though. Breakfast was my usual hard boiled eggs and avocado, lunch was a chicken sandwich that I grabbed from BK on my way back from getting my oil changed and dinner was pizza with family.

My sister and her family arrived this evening! They flew in around 5:30 and everyone came over for dinner. It was Seamus, Emmett and I, my mom and dad, my brother, and baby sister, and of course, my other sister, her husband and daughter. It was so much fun to have our house full to the brim with people. We ordered pizza from Zetti’s, and spent a wonderful couple hours visiting and watching the babies play. They were really cute with one another, not quite playing together but playing in the same area. So much fun! I can’t wait till Saturday to see them again.

Alright, that’s it for today, folks! Be sure to stop on over to Peas and Crayons and link-up with What I Ate Wednesday.

Your turn!

Do you get snow? Do you love it, like I do?

What I Ate Wednesday – #19

Woohoo – It’s What I Ate Wednesday time!

Hi everyone! I’m feeling super duper peppy tonight! That might be because I had a cup of coffee at 7, after we finished dinner. You might think I’m crazy but I like being able to write at night and the only way to stay conscious is by having a cup. I’m sure by 10:30 I’ll be ready to hit the hay.

Today was another fantastic day! Busy, with lots going on at work but all good stuff and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, it makes everything so much better. I also had a doctor’s appointment this morning and my blood pressure was perfect, I was very pleased. Granted, I am taking BP meds, but either way at least it is in a healthy zone.

Alright, time for my eats.

I started my day off the way I usually do, with a cup of coffee. Yum!

what-i-ate-wednesday-1120That beauty right there is what gets me pumping right from the get go. I know some people may say I drink too much, but I never feel jittery and I don’t load it with sugar or milk (just a splash), and my doctor isn’t concerned, so I’ll keep on, keepin’ on.

And just because I want to prove how much I love coffee, I had a second cup when I got to work. 😉

what-i-ate-wednesday-1120-2After I finished my second cup, I had my breakfast. As I mentioned in my Weekly Wishes post on Monday, I wanted to cut all gluten out of my breakfasts, so far so good. I’ve been having an organic avocado, cubed up with 2 hard boiled eggs and then topped with Frank’s Red Hot. A good friend of mine eats this frequently for breakfast and it sounded right up my alley, so I gave it a try. I love it! And so far, I’m 3 days in with no gluten at breakfast! Go me!

All morning, I kept reminding myself to get a picture of my breakfast but I ended up forgetting until it was all gone. Here’s a pic of the empty container, for the fun of it.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1120-3Lunch was my typical salad; romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, blue cheese, ham, turkey and some Ken’s Honey Mustard.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1113Dinner was something simple and thrown together at the last minute, Seamus worked out tonight and Emmett and I got home late. We ended up having chicken fingers and french fries, straight out of the oven. Not the top most healthy meal ever, but at least it’s better than a Big Mac and fries, right?

what-i-ate-wednesday-1120-1And that’s about it, folks. No dessert for me tonight, I just wasn’t in the mood. Be sure to stop on over to Peas and Crayons and link up with What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

What I Ate Wednesday – #18

Oh yeah! Time again for What I Ate Wednesday!

My day typically starts at 4:45, my alarm goes off and I get right out of bed. I never snooze because that just keeps waking Seamus up (who doesn’t wake up until around 6), and that’s not really fair. He doesn’t need to adopt my lifestyle of getting up super early. Anyway, I always have my coffee set to start brewing at 4:40, so that by the time I’m rolling out of bed, using the bathroom and making Emmett’s sippys for school, it’s done brewing. That first cup tastes like liquid gold!


I won one of those Starbucks reusable mugs from a drawing at work and I’ve been using it at home. I love it because it keeps my coffee pretty warm (but also not scalding) and also is a Starbucks mug (yes, I drank the Kool-aid). I love Starbucks! My coffee of choice is Trader Joe’s Fair Trade French Roast, it is dark and rich and really really good. I recommend adding just a splash of whole milk (thanks Emmett!) or half & half. Yum!

Breakfast was my typical Egg McSeamus, an english muffin, 1 egg and a slice of American cheese. Yum! I also had another delicious cup of coffee when I got settled at my desk. I love coffee!!

Lunch was my usual, delicious salad. Romaine lettuce, topped with blue cheese crumbles, sunflower seeds, Krakus ham and oven roasted turkey and then drizzled with Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard. Mmmmm


And WAY too many of these, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramels.


Dinner was grilled chicken and sauteed zucchini. Problem was, I rrrrrreally didn’t want grilled chicken so I made myself a chicken sandwich, and voila, dinner was saved for me.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1113-3 what-i-ate-wednesday-1113-2

Thanks for hosting, Jenn! Be sure to stop over to Peas and Crayons and link-up.

What I Ate Wednesday – #17

Time for What I Ate Wednesday!

What a day we had. Well, actually, it wasn’t all that bad just a whirlwind, which seems to happen a lot with a toddler. Anyway, yesterday when I was picking Emmett up from day care, I got a note stating that he had a fever of 102.4 and would not be able to return to day care the next day without a doctor’s note, but could return on 11/7. Thankfully my awesome sister was able to babysit for us, so Emmett got to stay home with her, in his PJs (so adorable!) all day.

According to my sister he was pretty low-key all day, not wanting to do much but cuddle and sleep, which sounds about how any adult would feel if they had a fever. We had been giving him Tylenol every 6 hours, but after Bridget left he got really hot again and started to whine over anything that touched him. I took his temperature and it was 104.4, which REALLY high for a toddler. As soon as Seamus walked in the door, we called Emmett’s doctor and because they’re awesome, they are open until 7 pm and could squeeze us in. I was so thankful that we didn’t need to go to the ER!

The doctor looked at him, took his temp (it had gotten down to 102, by the time we got to the doctor’s), checked his ears, throat and eyes and everything (except his temp) looked perfect. She ended up giving us a list of about 4 different things that it could be and the advice was just to keep an eye on it. I am perfectly okay with that being her only answer, in fact, I’m glad that it is. If it’s just a fever, hopefully it will just go away on its own in a few days.

Today was a crap food day, though. I perpetually put everyone and their needs ahead of mine, meaning, that when Emmett was sick on Tuesday night, I didn’t take the time to make myself a lunch for Wednesday. I just cared for him and then essentially went to bed, which meant that I ate like poop all day long. Ugh.  No one to be mad at but myself, though.

Onto, What I Ate Wednesday.

Breakfast was my usual Seamus McMuffin. He is so good at making sure we both have a reasonably healthy breakfast from home. We have an english muffin, with 1 egg, a slice of American cheese and a piece of meat, I have Canadian bacon and he has regular bacon.

what-i-ate-wednesday-109-3Lunch was a not so healthy soft taco from the cafeteria at work. It wasn’t even that great. 🙁

what-i-ate-wednesday-116-4No snack, but I did stop for Starbucks on my way home from work to relieve my sister so she could go to her meeting. I didn’t get a picture of that, though.

Since we had to take Emmett to the doctor’s and we were there for a long time, waiting (because it was a squeezed in sick call), we stopped and got Little Caesars. Yum! I love their Crazy Bread. We used to get Little Caesars a lot when we were kids and I swear it is just as good now. For cheap pizza, they really know what they’re doing.

what-i-ate-wednesday-116-6That’s it for food, but I have to share these pictures with you. The first three are pictures my sister took and sent to me throughout the day of E-dawg and how he was just crashing anywhere.

what-i-ate-wednesday-116-5 what-i-ate-wednesday-116-2 what-i-ate-wednesday-116-1This last picture is of Emmett and I when I got home from work. He just wanted to cuddle, he curled up on me and fell asleep until Seamus got home from work. I dozed with him, it was pure heaven!

what-i-ate-wednesday-116Don’t you just love him???

Okay, folks, that’s it for What I Ate Wednesday this week. Be sure to stop on over and visit Peas and Crayons and link-up your eats for the week.

Your turn!

How do you manage to keep your diet healthy when you have sick kids /family on your hands, or do you just make do as well?

What I Ate Wednesday – #16

Holy cow! We’re on our 16th What I Ate Wednesday! That’s impressive!

First off, let me admit immediately that this was a really crappy food picture day. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of anything I ate, I ended up with a shot of my coffee and a shot of my dinner. Whoops! BUT to make up for my lack of food pics, I’ll share a really cute picture of Emmett. Deal? Great!

So what’s been going on in our household?

We all went back to work and school this week and it actually hasn’t been too bad. I’ve missed Emmett like crazy but overall it hasn’t been terrible. I got right back into the swing of things at work and got caught up quickly (love when I can do that). The past three evenings have just been wonderful! Emmett’s been in (mostly) super cute moods, cuddly and wanting to read. Three of my favorite things! He’s still obsessed with flap books, loves opening them, closing them, and then pointing to them. It’s adorable, and I love the fact that it is becoming repetitive because he’s learning words that way (just wish the story was more exciting 😉 ).

Today was tough, Emmett had his 15 month doctor’s appointment, he’s growing just fine, no worries there, it was just all the shots he needed to get. He needed 4 shots and a finger prick. We got behind in his shots because he had a couple of ear infections at his last appointments, and the doctor didn’t want to give him the shots while he was ill, so they did them all today. Oh my goodness! I have NEVER seen Emmett so upset, it broke my heart. Seamus held him and the nurse did 2 shots in each arm and it seemed like it took forever. He got so upset, he couldn’t catch his breath, I was so worried he was going to hyperventilate. Thankfully after it was all over he came home a very cute boy!

Onto the food!

Breakfast was my typical breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, 1 egg, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a slice of cheese. Super yummy and super filling (that’s why it sticks around)! I also had this delicious cup of coffee…

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030I’ve still been making the Trader Joe’s Fair Trade, French Roast, it’s so so good with just a splash of milk.

Lunch was on the road. I had to run and get Emmett from day care for his doctor’s appointment so I just had a couple of slices of leftover pizza. It was Little Caesar’s and it was really good! I skipped a snack because I was still feeling pretty full from lunch and I was really busy with work stuff.

Dinner was a quick and easy Mexican pizza, it’s a Wegmans recipe and so delicious. They really know what they’re doing! I recommend making this tomorrow and then many more times after that.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030-2And finally, that adorable picture of Emmett that I promised you. Are you ready!? Here it comes…

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030-3I love this boy! So deeply in love. This was a shot that I grabbed at the zoo last week (I know, I still owe you a post from that).

Alright folks, that’s all I have for tonight. Enjoy your evening and be sure to link up your What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite eats from the past week?

What I Ate Wednesday – Anniversary Edition

I’m so excited to share my What I Ate Wednesday, this week!

As some of you might have read, yesterday was my anniversary! Seamus and I are on vacation, so we took the day and just spent it together. We cuddled, talked and just flat out relaxed, it was one of those days that you dream about later on when things get stressful. We also went out for a delicious lunch to one of our favorite restaurants, Sea Bar. The first time we ever went to Sea Bar was for our first anniversary, last year. Sea Bar isn’t baby friendly, so we don’t get there a lot, but the second an opportunity presents itself, we go. Since we had decided to take Emmett to day care for the day, we ventured out on an adult date to Sea Bar, in downtown Buffalo.


We’ve probably only been to Sea Bar 4 or 5 times, but every time we go the food is out of this world! I’m a creature of habit, so I order the exact same thing every single time, and it never gets old. My thought is, if you find something you like and that tastes good, why switch it up? Stick with what you know! 🙂

While we waited for our table to be ready I realized two things; one was that I was no longer nursing and could order an alcoholic drink with lunch and two, this would be my first drink with alcohol, in almost two years. Yikes!! I was super excited about ordering a Bloody Mary, my absolute favorite drink and Sea Bar did not disappoint. It was unbelievable, spicy and tangy with just enough vodka to give it a kick. I was worried that Seamus would need to drive us home (since it had been 2 years without any liquor), but I ended up being just fine.


what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-7I apologize for the low quality pictures, but the wall to my right has light displays that switch colors so it’s hard to capture something well. You’ll notice it more in the next couple of photos where things look very blue.

I love the table settings at Sea Bar, simple but elegant and slightly modern.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-8 what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-11

I started with a bowl of Sesame Noodles and we split a spider roll. Just looking at these pictures makes me drool all over again!

what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-1 what-I-ate-wednesday-1023Alright, let me tell you about my  main course. It’s call The Cuban, and it is to die for! It’s freshly cooked and shredded pork, ham, thinly sliced dill pickles, and some hearty spicy mustard smothered with cheese and then placed between pieces of crusty bread. I think they throw it on the panini press for a bit too, but, OH MY GOD! This thing is amazing! Oh, and the french fries are pretty damn good too. The coleslaw looking salad on the plate, is actually Kim Chi. It is VERY hot, so I always avoid it but I’m sure that would be good too, if I ate that sort of thing.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-6 what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-10I didn’t get any photos of it, but Seamus got delicious Pork Enchiladas. His reaction to the food is similar to mine. I’m telling you, if you live in Buffalo, GO TO SEA BAR! Their menu isn’t extensive but every single thing on there is mouthwatering. We’ve never gone for dinner, or had anything off of their dinner menu, but I’m sure it is equally incredible.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and then eventually going out to get Emmett. Before we headed home we went to the mall to grab a few things we needed and to get some Cheesecake for dessert. Last year for our dessert we had our wedding cake from the year before, since we didn’t have it this year, we opted for a close second…Cheesecake! Yummy!

Once home, Seamus headed out to the gym and I stayed home with our little bugga-boo. Emmett and I read and then FaceTimed with my mom and dad for a little bit. Oh! And Emmett wanted everyone to see his What I Ate Wednesday.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1023-5He loves apples and does a pretty fantastic job of eating most of it, once he gets going.

Okay, folks! That’s it for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. Be sure to stop in at Peas and Crayons and check out Jenn’s blog and link-up.


Your turn!

What are some of your favorite eats from the past week?

What I Ate Wednesday – #14

Yay! It’s What I Ate Wednesday!

So how’s everyone’s week going? Has it been as productive as mine? I hope so! I’ve been really good about sticking to this week’s Weekly Wishes. I’ve been doing laundry almost every night, I’ve worked out a couple of times and I’ve started the ‘to-do’ list, I’m feeling good. Much better than last Wednesday.

Let’s see, what’s been going on in the Doodah household? Well, Emmett is definitely getting some new teeth. He’s been grinding like crazy, we try to keep him with a binkie as much as possible because it helps ease his discomfort, sometimes it doesn’t work out, though. There are times when he just doesn’t want it. He’s also been in a pretty good mood, which is always nice. It gives us the opportunity to spend time as a family, and play or cuddle while we talk about our days. As Emmett gets older, realizing how much better he is at communicating is pretty amazing! Not much else to report. We’re always busy but it’s with work and just being a family. 🙂

Alright, now it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday.

Breakfast today, was one of my favorites! I had some 9 grain toast from Wegmans, which was topped with some First Light Farm & Creamery Garlic and Dill Chevre and two over-hard eggs. Om nom nom.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1016 what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-1 what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-3

Snack consisted of some Wegmans Greek Yogurt, I love the plain because I’ll mix in unsweetened coconut, Goji berries and granola. I don’t need anything else to sweeten it up, it is music to my mouth.


Oh and I also had an apple!! This one of the ones we picked together as a family. They’re all starting to get a little soft, so we’ll likely head back to the apple farm soon.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-2There was a pot luck lunch at work today and I grabbed some of the yummy eats from there. I had a delicious beef stew that was Paleo. It was really good, I’d never had a beef stew that was tomato based but I highly recommend it and will likely be asking Seamus to make one soon. I also grabbed a couple scoops of broccoli salad because I love that stuff. The salad is definitely not healthy but it was so so good!

what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-4 what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-7We had a quickly put together dinner of ravioli and garlic bread, which I forgot to get a picture of (sorry). Since Wednesdays are Seamus’ day off from working out, we tend to spend a lot of time together as a family and make dinner something quick and easy. It’s a nice trade off, in my opinion.

And, how cute is he?

what-i-ate-wednesday-1016-5We got him his own little chair because he’s always trying to climb up on the couch and thought it would be fun for him to have his own thing. He loved it! We ended up going with the Melissa & Doug, Happy Giddy Chair, it is adorable and since it is fold-able, it’s easy to store.

So that’s that, my yummy What I Ate Wednesday.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting! Be sure to stop over to Peas and Crayons and link-up.

Your turn!

What are some of your great eats from the past week?

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