About Me

Hi, I’m Jillian!

I’ve been a creative person my entire life. But, I can remember the exact moment when I realized that I liked writing. It was like a light bulb went off!

I’m pretty sure I was in the third grade, and the Little Mermaid was a super popular movie at the time, my best friend and I decided that we would write another version of the Little Mermaid. 🙂 She could draw so well, so she was illustrating, and I wrote. Now, I’ll be honest, our storyline wasn’t all that different than that of Disney’s, but the point was that I loved what I was doing.

As time wore on, I forgot how much I enjoyed writing. You go through grade school, high school and college, writing research papers – and I simply forgot my love for writing. I did experiment with a few different blogs before Emmett’s birth, but none of them stuck, I just didn’t have enough interest in the topic to keep writing, so they fizzled out. Once, I had Emmett I realized how much I wanted to help other moms have a smoother transition to motherhood, so I started writing. On the outside, my first few posts may not look like much, but on the inside they felt amazing! I was getting back to true love of mine.


My inspiration comes from a million different places and there are many times when it hits, that I had no idea it was coming. Oddly enough, I tend to get most of my ideas while I’m showering, being occupied with something where my mind can wander, allows me to day dream and come up with fun new ideas.

However, my biggest inspiration is Emmett. He is my reason for doing everything, but learning more to make his life amazing – is a huge driver in me writing Baby Doodah!

My Journey

As I said earlier, I’ve always loved writing, the problem was that I forgot all about that love for many many years. In college and after, I tried starting a number of different blogs, but none of them stuck. They failed quickly because I ran out of interesting ideas to write about. Looking back, I should have spent some time brainstorming, but I felt like I had failed because I no longer had anything to say.

When I decided to create Baby Doodah! I knew I’d have ongoing content because I’d be writing about my son, or things in regards to his development. That would be ever changing, and give me constant new content.

As this blog has evolved, I’ve shifted the focus from just about Emmett, to anything to do with busy moms who work inside or outside the home. So, I write about things like losing weight and getting healthy, or how to get better with time management. I want to help the moms succeed in whatever journey they choose!

This blog is going to be around for a long, LONG time. I have so many different things I look forward to writing about and there is no way I’m going to let my passion for writing wane ever again!! I’m here to stay! 😀

My Family

They are what makes me feel complete, without my husband and my baby boy, I would be lost.

Here we are at a photo shoot we had over the summer at my parent’s house…

About Me - Family Image
Daddy - Emmett - About Me
Emmett Image - About Me


We live in Buffalo, NY, where it can be 50 degrees one day, and the next it’s 15. It’s cold here, but it’s home. It would be tough to ever consider leaving, even with the brutal winters.

Where Are We Headed?

I have to be honest with you, I don’t have a set path. I want to share more and more quality content for a long, long time, and all I know is that it will be content that will help busy moms. Outside of that, the sky is the limit!! I want to learn and share with you, my lovely readers!

With that said, if you ever have questions for me, or would like more information on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to reach out. I love helping my readers and would invite any inquiries you have.

You can reach me at:

Thanks for visiting!

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