5 Quick Tips to Organize the Playroom

It is common for playrooms to have lots of toys. Toys on the floors, toys on the table, toys everywhere. However, just because it is a playroom doesn’t mean toys have to be all over the place. On the contrary, organized and tidy playrooms are much more fun to be in. If you want your kids’ playroom to feel that way too, you need to find a way to keep it tidy and neat. For the sake of happy kids and a happy mum, here are some quick and easy tips for organizing your playroom. Enjoy!

Quick Tips for Organizing the Playroom  Baby Doodah

Tips to Organize the Playroom

1. Clean together

It is essential to teach your kids the importance of a clean and organized space. They need to learn how to tidy their rooms. If you explain to them that they will be able to find their toys quickly and easily that way, they may be more prone to organizing their playrooms. The best way to coax your kids into tidying is to make cleaning fun. There are dozens of cleaning games for children available online. You can think of something yourself. For example, host a cleaning race and whoever gets to clean their rooms first, should win a prize. This may encourage your offspring to clean.

2. Send stuff animals home

Every kid, no matter if a boy or girl, has plenty of stuffed animals. For some reason everybody ends up giving stuffed toys as a gift. Soon they become so many that it’s hard to keep them organized. But here is the key. Make your stuffed animals a home. The best home is a net. Just hang a net on the ceiling and put all the stuffed toys in there. There’s little chance they will fall from there. Plus, if you are short on floor space, this is the best option. You can make your own net from shower curtain rings, or other fun methods.

3. Label storage

It is always a good idea to label your storage containers. However, when it comes to younger kids, it is best to stick with pictures because this is the one thing they can easily identify. Yes, you can write words but don’t forget to include a picture as well so that your kids find their stuff easily. You don’t have to be an artist to draw nice pictures. Just print out clip art on plain paper and glue it to the container. Easy breezy.

4. Use clear bins

With huge bins, your kids will have to dive into a sea of toys to find the one they want to play with. Even worse, they will dump out all the stuff until they find the Toy. In the meantime, their playroom will become worse than a pig sty. Using see-through bins will save all the effort and all the mess. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in transparent containers.

5. Keep it simple

Simplicity is key. When it comes to playrooms, the best thing you can do is to store only a few things there. Use appropriate storage containers and make sure to get rid of all the things that are never used. Keep an eye on the toys; toss all broken items in the garbage. Also, at the start of every season take a trip to the playroom and check for anything that is out of place or that should be disposed of. Take a good look at the room. Does it stress you out? Chances are it will stress out your children as well. Make it a habit to declutter every week and keep it organized with a few simple rules. Make sure to get your children involved in the cleaning routine.

With a little bit of organizing you can keep the playroom tidy and clean.

Your turn!

What cleaning tips do you use when organizing the playroom?

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