Reasons to Love Yourself Again

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. –Lucille Ball

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Not just thinking about nothing in particular, but really being self-reflective about myself, don’t worry, I’m being kind, but there are some things I’ve been realizing, mainly… I love myself behind closed doors.

When I am home with Emmett or Seamus, I feel beautiful. Emmett, right now, sees me as the most important person in his life and fawns over me (yes, even at 2 years old). Seamus, is always complementary. The other day he told me how gorgeous I looked, which made me feel amazing, because I wasn’t wearing any make-up, and he still thought I was beautiful.

But, then I step outside, go to the grocery store, or maybe just for a walk, and I see all these other people (women mostly), who are thin. I admire, almost all of these women, but I am partial to those who obviously workout and stay fit. I am envious of their muscles, the way their clothes fit, the confidence that just seems to exude from them – pretty much everything about them, I want to be.

Here’s the thing, I need to be that way NOW, in order to be that way later – Whether it be after I lose weight, or get fit, or have another baby, etc. etc. I can’t wait for this grand showing to be happy with myself. Eventually, it will show through and could rub off on Emmett, and I don’t want him to EVER have to deal with body image issues. I want him to love himself every single day of his life. And, when he struggles during those teenage years, I want to be there for him, to remind him of all that makes him who he is.

So, because I am working on loving myself outdoors, as much as I do indoors – I wanted to share reasons why I should love myself. My guess, is that many people will also be able to love themselves for some of the same reasons.

Reasons to Love Yourself Again - Baby Doodah

Reasons to love ME!

  1. I am creative. I had to list as number one, because it is my all-time favorite thing about myself. I love everything about my creativity. I love writing, I love drawing (yes, even though, I’m not great, I love doing it), I love how my brain thinks – constantly running, with loads of ideas spilling out. I just adore it!
  2. I am full of love, and I give it generously. I have a big heart, and I easily give it away. This may seem like a detriment, but it’s not. Here’s why… I love so fully, and so deeply that I get to enjoy how great that feels, even if fleeting. I often don’t think before I start loving, I just love – sure it’s bitten me in the ass, but I don’t regret it for a second, because in every situation I learned something from it.
  3. I am strong! Both physically and emotionally. I know that I am strong physically because any time that I’ve started to get in shape, my muscles form rapidly. Even now, in not so great shape, I am strong (except for my lower back, need to work on this). Emotionally, I know I am strong because I have been through the ringer a couple times in relationships, and have come out the better, wiser one. I also don’t dwell on any of that, my past is my past. I look at it as things that have happened to me, to shape the person that I am today. Each and every situation was necessary.
  4. I have an amazing sense of humor. I am quick to laugh, at almost anything. It’s easier to deal with a difficult situation by laughing, then it is to over-think it (though, I also do this, on occasion). I love this about myself. It is easy to make me laugh and one of my favorite things to do is make Seamus laugh, who in turn, will make me laugh. It’s an endless cycle, but it’s THE best! I love all sorts of comedy, too – I’m not that particular. So, if you bump into me, feel free to make me laugh! 🙂
  5. I am intelligent. This one has taken me awhile to get used to, and to believe. I always thought I was kind of dumb, because I just don’t know things that most other people know. Like, Geography – it is a foreign topic to me. I know that may seem silly, but I have always struggled with it. But, I’ve stopped pushing myself to know it, or learn it, and because of that, over time, I’ve actually learned more than I ever did in high school.
  6. I am true and honest friend. I take on friend’s issues or concerns as if they are my own. I listen attentively, when necessary and offer advice if it’s needed, but I don’t push it. It’s not my place to advise someone if they are just looking to vent.
  7. I am a positive person. My general nature is to be positive and upbeat. That does get challenged from time to time, especially lately, when we’ve been dealing with the terror in our apartment. But, I tend to look at the bright side of things, and focus my energy there. As I mentioned earlier, I see no reason to dwell – especially on the negative.
  8. I am beautiful. When I look in the mirror, I don’t always see it, but I am. I love the color of my eyes and my hair, even when it hasn’t been highlighted in awhile. 😛 I feel most beautiful when I see Emmett look at me and smile – I know I made him, and he is perfect.

It was very difficult to write this post. As I typed, my brain kept telling me to stop, delete that, change the wording, or maybe make this post a little less about you and more a generality. But, I knew that voice had no idea what it was talking about! This post was needed, for me and for any of my readers who may be or have been struggling with something similar in the past.

We are beautiful!

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Your turn!

Why do you love yourself?

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