How to Sanitize and Store Your Baby Stuff

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent, well I’ve been pack pack packin’ away. We move on Thursday and I’ve been busy! Since I’m preoccupied with moving, I’ve got a lovely guest post for you today. Enjoy! ūüôā

You have probably noticed, that with the appearance of your baby, there is certainly a huge list of things to buy. All the baby equipment such as chairs, strollers as well as other tiny items need to be bought if you want to ensure the utmost comfort for your infant. However, you also need to be well informed on how to sanitize and to store all the baby stuff that you may want to preserve for your next baby.

Instead of throwing away all the items, you can preserve them in an immaculate condition, simply by taking into account the following tips.

You would probably say that there is a never-ending list of items that need to be sanitized and stored, but thanks to this article you will be able to make a list of all the basic baby stuff that you should clean and store in a safe and appropriate place.

How to Clean Your Baby Stuff - Baby Doodah

How to Clean Baby Stuff

The Stroller

You can start with one of your biggest investments for your baby ‚Äď the stoller. As you have probably put in countless hours to determine the kind of stroller you’d need, now you can give some thought¬†to how to¬†sanitize and store it. If you have decided to invest in another stroller, or If your baby no longer needs to use one, you can do a¬†complete cleaning and storage.

The first thing to do is to brush the stroller’s tiers from the sand and dirt. After that, by using a wet towel, you can clean the surface of the stroller. If there are any stains, you can use a spray bottle, filled with stain remover. With the help of a¬† vacuum cleaner you can effectively remove the dirt from the fabric surfaces. As far as storage is concerned, the best option for the stroller is to place¬†it in a¬†cool and dry¬†place.

The High Chair

Every baby adores its comfortable high chair where it can freely spill all the food and milk that you have prepared. High chairs for babies are usually covered with spills and dirt from the food that you have prepared for your infant. The best way to sanitize the high chair is to do a quick wipe down on regular basis or in other words, every single day.

For this purpose you need a wet and clean wipe for the cleaning of the stains and the seat area. As far as the crevices are concerned, do not hesitate to use the removable nozzle of your vacuum machine to be able to remove all the crumbs. An excellent substitution for the vacuum cleaner could be a cotton swab or a simple toothbrush. The high chair should also be stored in a cool and dry place where it can preserve its immaculate look for the next baby.

The Breast Pump 

Breast pumps also need to be sanitized in an thorough way, especially if you want to use them for any future children. However, if you plan to use it for the next baby you had better replace the connectors, the tubing as well as the breast shields, as those parts are usually the ones that get dirty. You can keep the motor of the breast pump, as it is the most expensive part of all, and is reusuable. Remember store in a closet where you have arranged all of the other baby items.

These are¬†just some basic tips on how you can sanitize and store your baby equipment in an safe and secure¬†way. Choose a clean¬†place, where the baby’s stuff won’t get dirty, and you’ll be able to store them until you need to use them again. Sanitize the equipment on a regular basis to keep the baby’s items sparkling clean and spotless.

Your turn!

What other sanitizing or storage tips do you have?

Fun question: How frequently do you clean your child’s high chair!? That things gets SO dirty!

I’d love if you shared in the comments below!

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  1. DSI says:

    Another way of cleaning your breastpump parts away from home is with the Medela Quick Clean. It works like your usual baby wipes but it does the cleaning for your breastpump parts. Again, it will cost you more.

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