7 Business Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

I am a podcast junkie!

Even though I’m not working a regular day job, I still seem to spend a significant amount of time in my car, driving around. And, since I prefer to listen to talk radio, or podcasts – I went on a hunt to find some of the best podcasts around. I like to feel like I’m using my time wisely, which means that when I have idle brain time (while driving, for instance), I want something that is going to enlighten me and help me in the long run.

I’m sure there are other individuals out there who feel the same, so I thought I’d share my list of AWESOME podcasts! Maybe you’ll find a new one that you can subscribe to.

Here we go…

7 Business Podcasts that Will Change Your Life - Baby Doodah

My Favorite Business Podcasts

  1. The Solopreneur Hour – Michael O’Neal – This is one of my absolute favorites! Michael has fantastic guests on, asks really great questions and makes me feel like my brain (which is always full of a million ideas), is quite normal. Not to mention, that I am PROUDLY unemployable and he has taught me to embrace it!
  2. Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn – Another must listen! Pat Flynn is one hell of a successful man! He shares everything, he is completely transparent, and I’ve learned SO much from listening to him.
  3. Entrepreneur On Fire – John Lee Dumas – This is a daily podcast, and I learn something from every single one!
  4. The Side Hustle Show – Nick Loper – This podcast was a HUGE part of me getting started with my (at the time) side business. If you’ve been thinking of starting a business in your off hours, this is definitely the podcast I’d recommend listening to.
  5. Screw the 9 to 5 Podcast – Josh & Jill Stanton – Another podcast that I absolutely love from my head to my toes. Jill is fantastic, tells it like it is and makes you laugh, and Josh complements her so well. Thinking of leaving your job to start a business, listen to this!
  6. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield – Love Amy! She is so incredibly knowledgeable, and has an amazing way of getting me to understand the ins and outs of marketing, that sometimes flip my brain on its end. Plus, I love listening to her voice!
  7. The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes – Love love love! I never thought LinkedIn would be a major player in my social media world, but it is slowly becoming more and more important. So glad I found Lewis!

These are my absolute favorite business podcasts, but I have many many others that I love. Sooo, over the next couple of weeks, I’ll sharing my favorites in each different topic! Stay tuned!

Your turn!

Do you have any favorite business podcasts, that I haven’t listed above, but need to check out?


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