On Starting a Business – Part 2

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Well, you can believe me, with hard work and determination, it is possible!

On Monday, I shared with you how I had gotten to the point of needing a performance coach and some of the ins and outs of working with her. Today, I wanted to take some time and dive a little deeper, but starting back at the beginning…

On Starting a Business - Baby Doodah!

The Beginning…

I’m an idea person. You might be wondering, what does that even mean!? Well, what I mean is, I have ideas flowing into my head on a near constant basis. Not all are winners, but I get many of them a day. So, when it comes to ideas for this blog or a business, I wasn’t lacking. I had plenty. I actually have a notebook dedicated simply to the ideas that pop into my head. As soon as I get an idea that I’m not going to act on immediately, I pop it in there so I don’t forget.

Anyway, back on topic, I had a TON of different ideas on businesses I could start. I mentioned that I started with Beachbody, in my Monday post. But, beyond that I had SO many ideas! Here are a few, I thought about creating a video series on YouTube, teaching people how to organize their lives. I’m a pretty organized person and am obsessed with my planner, so I figured this would be a given. However, once I got started with trying to figure out where to start, or even how to get going, I lost my drive. That told me it wasn’t the right fit, so I moved on.

Next, I thought about becoming a Freelance writer. This one is still actually on the table, but is on the backburner until I get everything up and running with my virtual assistance / social media management business.

I’ve also thought about writing an eBook, creating a second blog that would be focused on social media tips, and creating an eCourse about how to master social media, or how to become a social media manager.

So, yeah, ideas weren’t my issue. Finding which would work and then creating my path to completion, was.

I needed guidance. Taking one of these great ideas I had, and moving towards action – THAT’S where I struggle!

Enter Tara.

One thing I love about Tara is that she is action focused. She allows your sessions to start and flow as you want them to, but she keeps it focused on the actionable part of the plan.

As I look through my notes from our first session, everything in there focuses on setting my goals, and then the actions I can take to make sure I achieve those goals. One of my favorite things that Tara frequently says is, what 3 goals can you set for yourself, that you will absolutely complete this week. She was never looking for complex goals like, I’m going to end world hunger, but instead for things like research other virtual assistants and see how they package up their services.

See! Super achievable, and these were not goals she set for me, but rather goals I had set for myself with her guidance. Every decision that was made or direction I took, was mine. She’d ask the right questions, get me thinking about what I really wanted, and then the task would jump out at me.

I still definitely struggled at times, but my struggle was productive. It told me where I should be working and focusing my energy. I learned which ideas I should focus on now, or in the future. I became laser focused and within the 6 weeks of working with her, I was able to put in my 30 day notice at my job.

If that doesn’t speak to Tara’s coaching, I don’t know what would!

In closing

I am still an ideas person. I still have my notebook. And, I still write everything down, only now I have a clear path, and a growing business.

I couldn’t get away from Tara and her coaching, so I joined her private Facebook group (it’s Free, and you get access directly to her!). I’m looking forward to continuing my work with her, and growing even further as an entrepreneur!

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to continue sharing the steps I took to get to the point of going “live” with my virtual assistant / social media marketing business.

Your turn!

Are you an ideas person, or do you find it easy to get focused and drill down to what you really want?

How do you feel about this new part of the blog? Do you like hearing about my journey from the beginning?

Share in the comments below!


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4 Responses to On Starting a Business – Part 2

  1. Kim says:

    Fun to read your 2 posts on starting a business. I’m sad that we didn’t end up “meeting” each other during our 6 weeks workshop with Tara. I am a Beachbody coach but I told the coach I signed up under that I was only joining to get the discount on the programs because I LOVE all of them!!!
    I hope that you figure out exactly what you want to do because I know that when you find your passion and get started you will have lots of success!!!

    • Jillian416 says:

      Hi Kim! My initial 6 weeks was working 1:1 with Tara, after that I did her Stuck to Unstoppable, which just ended a week or two ago. It was a great session! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been “stalking” Tara’s pages tonight and that led me here. I’m an ideas person, too, so I totally relate. I’ll be interested to see your progression, I’m excited for you.

    • Jillian416 says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! You should definitely check out her FB group. We’re already in there relating to one another and giving feedback, it’s great!! And, thank you for stopping by!!

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