Happy 500 Posts!

Holy moley! Baby Doodah has hit the BIG 500!?!

You read that correctly, folks! I hit 500 posts late last week, which means it is time to celebrate…. 😀

Happy 500 Posts Baby Doodah! - Baby Doodah

My favorites from the last 100 posts

Time Management

I think on of my favorite series, was my time management. This series is sure to continue to grow, but for now I had 3 favorite posts.

Time Management: What’s It All About?
Time Management: Pomodoro Technique
Time Management: Using To-Do Lists Effectively

Time management is something that almost everyone works towards, or can somehow improve. We all have so much to do in our days and just want more time to do it, but if you are more effective with your time management, and cut out the truly unnecessary things, you WILL have the time that you desire.


I know the holidays are behind us for this year, but I really love the post that I wrote about celebrating the holidays, and not the food.

Celebrate the Holidays – Not the Food

I work hard to have a holidays season that wasn’t so focused on the food, but more on being around family – celebrating and having a good time!


I’m sure it comes as no shock, but Emmett’s growing. Mentally and physically, he is becoming more and more of a little boy. Yes, he’s still a toddler, one of the cutest ones around… 😉 but he’s getting older and I needed to write a post to remember the silly toddler things he’s doing right now.

Things to Remember About Toddler Emmett

On Children

I’ve shared several times, throughout the life of this blog, that I love the Baby Led Weaning Method of feeding, for babies. It has worked extremely well for us, Emmett truly thrived. So, I decided to write a post on why you should follow Baby Led Weaning.

Why Should I Follow Baby Led Weaning?

One thing new parents don’t ever learn about, until it’s already happening, is toddler sleep regression. It’s a real thing, and I had NO clue, until Emmett stopped sleeping through the night at 20’ish months. I started doing some research and found out about the 18 month sleep regression. Emmett was a little older, but it was still a tough time… we managed, though!

Toddler Sleep Regression – Why Your Toddler Wakes at Night

Healthy Marriage

Once the kids arrive, it becomes difficult to find time for just you and your significant other. I shared some easy ways to ensure that the love stays strong in your marriage!

7 Ways to Love Your Spouse Again

To Your Health

I’ve been swimming since I was very young. My mom enrolled myself and all of my siblings into swim lessons during Summer vacation, I loved it and I am very good at it. Granted, I’m no Olympic star, but I am strong and efficient.

So when Kaitlin approached me about writing a post about the health benefits of swimming, I was ALL in!

The Health Benefits of a Consistent Swimming Routine

Your turn!

I’d love if you shared YOUR favorite post, either from the last hundred, or overall!

Share in the comments below!


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